Swami ji’s Sandesh…

( Excerpts from ‘ Divine Grace ‘ – a book authored by a devotee on Swami ji.)

” This world of which you are an inhabitant is nothing but an ocean of turbulence and disquiet. Nothing could be more untrue, false and illusionary than this ‘sansar’. Everything that you see around you is ‘maya’.You wrongly believe that everything you see around you is the only reality. You are farthest from reality when you think on such lines. You believe everything that your eyes see as you have always been looking ‘outwards’. You have to turn your eyes ‘inwards’ and see the ‘Real’ you.”

” Everything ; ‘all’ and ‘sundry’ that we see around is ‘mithya’…a mirage, a false, imaginary creation of our mind as ‘it’ is all that we desire to see. We nurse the wrong notion that everything we see around us is Real – that it ‘is’ there ; it exists; that things are actually happening and taking place.The truth is that nothing really exists. We imagine that we have this body with which we relate ourselves. We relate our existence, our experiences, every little thing with this ‘body’ and hardly pay any attention to our ‘soul’. We fail to understand that the only element truly alive and eternal about us is our ‘soul’. We must accept this as the Absolute Truth… ‘sampoorna satya’…and our foremost goal in this lifetime should be to liberate the ‘soul’, release it from this cage ; our body, and, attain ‘moksha’ by focussing on God.”

” We associate ourselves purely with the body and allow it to take precedence over everything else. We relate ourselves with our physical entity and identity to such an extent that our intent remains only to clean the outer self of our being – which is visible to the world, and , foolishly forget to give importance to the cleansing of our inner self ; the ‘soul’ … which is most vital.”

” As we are trapped in a web of ‘moh maya’ … attachment and illusion…we willingly and happily reside within the confines of this comfort zone , as our ignorance of the Real Truth , our limited knowledge has instilled within us, that ‘moh maya’ is the only world that actually exists. ‘Moh’… Affection, deep love, and attachment for our family members and friends makes it difficult for us to understand that we have come only to part. It is extremely necessary for us to comprehend that ‘maya’ also refers to every action that is made by us , by our body ; our limbs, our eyes, eyelashes, fingers. The flickering movement of our eyelids, the sensations that we feel ; the actions made while eating, talking…every little movement made by us is nothing but ‘maya’, and blissfully unaware that we are of this eternal fact, we choose to remain embroiled in this illusion of ‘maya’ that is all around us , within us… till the time we are in this body , till our dying breath.”

” People who say that they have freed themselves from ‘moh maya’ are speaking the untruth as it is not possible for us to free ourselves from ‘moh maya’ till the last breath in our body. You are dependent on others, in every which way for your very existence. Can you think of standing even for a second without the support that the Earth provides you with ! Aren’t you dependent on farmers, industries etc.to fulfil all your needs and requirements ? One just can’t live all by himself, all alone. It is not possible even for a saint or sage to live all by himself. He too is dependent on nature and others for his survival.”

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  1. स्वामी जी के चरणों में नमन करता हूँ।

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