” ‘वक़्त’ से केवल ‘सीखा’ जाता है …”

” The clock ticks away – without a pause. Every moment lived by us – passes into eternity – leaving behind etched memories, impressions and experiences. Time is unconquerable. We cannot exercise any control over it. Rather, it is time that has the power to govern us and our fate ; the wisdom to keep us in check and the ability to discipline us in a subtle manner. Time is our greatest teacher. Surely, it teaches us to endure pain; it also endows us with the strength to accept a loss by standing with us. If it makes us sad, forlorn and cry on certain days, it also gives us an opportunity to beam, smile and rejoice on other days, trying to instil in us the core message that – ‘समय’ और ‘भाग्य’ दोनों ही परिवर्तनशील है, इन पर किसी को ‘अंहकार’ नहीं करना चाहिए …’”

“Time, fate, destiny are dynamic. Therefore, rather than turning arrogant on achieving success, or a nervous wreck in difficulty or despair; one must accept the varied nature and colours of life that time permits.Time elates us one day and can leave us broken and defeated the very next. Scoring continuous wins in life should not make us feel that “हम ने ‘वक्त’ पे ‘विजय’ पा ली है…or being unsuccessful shouldn’t deter our morale to such an extent that we start believing -‘कि हम ‘वक्त’ से ‘हार’ गए हैं।’ Rather, our aim should be to learn – from every win and loss; every tear of joy and every gasp of fear.”

” Time alone knows where it intends to take us and what it desires to lay out before us, as it is well versed with what is good and appropriate for us, and, accordingly serves the ‘best’ for us at the most appropriate time. And, although, all the while it does so, knowingly and lovingly, without nursing any malice against us for ‘wasting’ it, time is the happiest when it sees us learning from our missed chances. It is generous enough to give us as many opportunities and chances to reform and refine ourselves as long as we utilise it in a fruitful manner.”

” ‘वक़्त’ से ‘हारा’ या ‘जीता’ नही जाता…केवल ‘सीखा’ जाता है…’ But, when we refuse to understand this, at times, the consequences can be fatal and detrimental. The Mahabharata narrates the foolish and arrogant attitude of Shishupala, Lord Krishna’s cousin, who had always humiliated and insulted the Lord for no particular reason. On being abused by Shishupala constantly, Lord Krishna had warned him that He would bear not more than a hundred insults hurled by Shishupala at him. When Shishupala refused to pay heed to the words of the Lord and insulted the Lord more than a hundred times, he had to pay with his life as he was beheaded by Lord Krishna’s ‘sudarshan chakra’. Shishupala paid the price for not absorbing the warning underlying Lord Krishna’s words – for not seeing that time was willing to give him an opportunity to learn from his past mistakes and improve himself. He, thus, perished at the hands of Vishnu ‘avatar’ – Lord Krishna.”

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  1. Time itself is a Guru.
    स्वामी जी के चरणों में नमन है।

  2. Om Gurudevo Namaha. Such a wonderful Sandesh.Time is the best teacher n a healer.We should always work appropriately seeing the time.people who don’t value time are lossers as they don’t know what they are doing.who don’t Value time are not perfect as they are not open to learning they feel they are perfect. So make your move accordingly. People who do that are successful in their lives.
    Dhanyawad Swamiji.

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