Swami ji’s Sandesh… “Do not lose your ‘peace’ of ‘mind’ at any cost…”

Swami ji said …

” ‘How is that person doing better than me? Why did he get that promotion? Where did I go wrong in managing my finances? ‘ – are some of the questions that haunt us, make us toss and turn, as they plague our ‘mind’, night and day. The human mind – touched, created and gifted by God- should have retained the qualities of happiness, bliss and contentment – that ‘He’ had gifted it with. ‘He’ must have been convinced that the mind blessed by Him would always be at peace – with itself and with the happenings around it, but, unfortunately each one of us had a ‘mind’ of our own and begged to differ from God’s plan. The mind was meant to love, to care, to empathise, to create, but, we, being the way we are refused to accept the mind in its existential state, and, behaved in a manner which was a far cry from what was expected of us.”

“We refused to allow our minds to rest and relax in the cradle of calmness, love, compassion, care, empathy and other beautiful, pure and positive emotions that God had placed it in; and, instead, turned it into a boiling cauldron of envy, rage, restlessness and allowed it to run amok in a thousand directions at the same time.”

” We pay the price for this monumental mistake on a daily basis as our mind seems to draw some morbid pleasure by behaving in a manner that is poles apart from its inherent nature – by making us lose our peace of mind. ‘Peace of mind’ – which cannot be bought at any price , and , yet the easiest thing to lose. Just about anyone and anything can cause a flurry of turbulent emotions to rise in our mind and disrupt its peace.The worst part is that we surrender to the onslaught of these unwarranted emotions that cause unrest and turbulence in our mind.”

” The mind would love to function in a simple, uncomplicated manner, but, we have fine tuned our ‘mind’ to run on a frequency that is complex and greatly disturbing ; in which it loves to ‘fret’ about the future ; ‘fears’ the unknown and is ‘filled’ with ‘anxiety’ and ‘stress’ about the present. It only sees problems around it and tires itself by pondering over them incessantly, so much so, that it is unable to find a solution to these problems. Gradually it begins to lose confidence in its ability to deal with various day to day issues, which results in losing its most precious quality – that of being at peace, tranquil and serene – a quality which is priceless.”

” Why does the mind persist in stirring the dust from issues that should be long forgotten, done with and dusted is known only to it ! Our aim should be to ‘seek’ and ‘see’ a moment, frozen in time; when all is calm and peaceful within us…in our mind. Remember , the ‘Truth’ can be heard only in a peaceful, well rested mind.”

“A meditative mind, untouched by bias and impure thoughts, alone can understand the true role that God has planned for it in a particular lifetime. We need to keep our mind happy, healthy and at peace by understanding that irrespective of what ‘it’ wants, ‘it’ will get only that what God wills to give ‘it’. All the time that is wasted in harbouring negativity, hatred and jealousy in our mind will only make it unhealthy. Remember, we can’t live with hate in our mind. Hate harms us, devours us. Rather, let the mind enrich itself with knowledge from the ‘Holy scriptures’ and bloom with love, gratitude and positivity that will help it attain peace and lead us to live a disciplined, purposeful life.”

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  1. Swamiji.
    Is message ko padh kar aisa laga jaise aap bol rahe hain. .

    Kaash hum apke awaz sun bhi paate..

    Aap ki kripa bani rahe.
    Jab tak yeh saanse hain. .aap ki yaad dil main basi rahegi.

    Pranam swamiji.

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