Swami ji’s Sandesh …
( Excerpts from ‘Divine Grace’ – a book authored by a devotee on Swami ji )

” A ‘sadguru’…’a saccha sant ‘ should be in an eternal state of gratitude and thankfulness to God for blessing him with a life that enables him to make God his focal point, his epicentre. No other talk, except conversation related to God, ‘dharma’ – religion, and , spirituality interests a ‘guru’ and can hold his attention for long. He should seek detachment from ‘ I ‘ – his ego and also inculcate in his devotees the necessity of comprehending the Real Truth; the fact that the life and existence with which they relate themselves is just a myth. Since none of us ‘really’ exist, then with ‘which’ and ‘whose’ ego do we attach and associate ourselves.”

” Gradually, an enlightened ‘guru’ starts developing a sense of detachment from his exterior self, his physical being, his family, his loved ones and reaches a stage when no worldly possessions matter to him. He is able to master his emotions and senses and does not depend on any external factor to gain happiness. His happiness lies in the happiness of his devotees.”

” God loves us all equally and it is thus the duty of a ‘guru’, too, to treat all his devotees in an equal , fair and impartial manner. It does not befit a ‘guru’ to give more importance and special blessings to devotees from an influential and affluent background and treat the less fortunate devotees in a discriminatory manner. So involved, should a ‘sachcha sant’ be in doing good for his devotees, that he should willingly take upon himself the suffering of his devotees – heedless, uncaring about the cycle of life and death. His sole intent should be to be ‘connected’ with every devotee of his – every moment of the day and night. When his devotees are fast asleep, after a hard day’s work, it is then the time for the ‘guru’ to remain awake and keep watch on each one of them. It is during those unguarded moments , when his devotees are asleep that a ‘guru’ should ward off the obstacles that could come their way , thereby ensuring from his side that all is well with his devotees. A ‘guru’ should be willing to have poison’ – so that his devotees can have ‘amrit’ – holy nectar !”

” ‘Gyaan’…True Knowledge imparted by a self realised ‘guru’ to one pure, good soul – one who derives great joy in meditating, experiences ecstasy in God’s presence, doesn’t tire of chanting God’s name repeatedly, whose sole aim in life is to attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death…can benefit ten other people by propagating the sacred words that had been passed on, bequeathed to ‘him’ by his ‘guru’ and continue his selfless, noble work.Ten to twenty dedicated, devoted and disciplined followers of a ‘guru’ can ensure that the divine words and work of their ‘guru’ can be preserved for posterity. The divine love and commitment borne by a disciple for his ‘guru’ can galvanize him to move mountains in order to immortalise his ‘guru’s’ name for eternity.”

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( Excerpts from ‘Divine Grace’ – a book authored by a devotee on Swami ji )

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