Swami ji’s Sandesh… (Excerpts from ‘Divine Grace’ – a book authored by a devotee on Swami ji)

“A person’s thoughts play a vital role in shaping not only, him, but also, his future – as the thoughts that arise in his mind alone have the power to direct and guide him to pursue a particular course of action ; act in a particular manner; encourage him to achieve what he desires in the future. His optimistic thoughts mould him accordingly; propel and motivate him to design a better, brighter future. Our positive thoughts have the power to eliminate all negativity and negative elements within us enabling us to overcome the obstacles that stand in our path and change things for an improved tomorrow. Negative thoughts, on the other hand, only pull us down.”

“We do as we think and we become what we think. Everything is in our mind. Our mind has total control over us and, we, to a certain extent pamper it, by allowing it take complete possession over us. It is here that we need to be very careful. We must never permit our mind to gain supremacy over us. In fact, it is ‘we’ who need to put in everything possible to gain complete and absolute control over it and not allow it to control us. We cannot be enslaved by our mind. We should be the master of our mind and our mind should be our slave. Once we are able to conquer the whimsical mind, exercise restraint on our senses, we will experience great mental peace and equilibrium. We will see the best come out of us.”

“Don’t let emotions sway you. You cannot be a puppet in the hands of your emotions ; at the mercy of the many negative thoughts that your mind dwells on. Don’t let negative situations and circumstances gain an upper hand or a stranglehold on your mood. Be resolute and obdurate when you feel that things are not in your favour. Be stubborn while facing the challenge as you have made up your mind that you will not give up , and , instead face it boldly, filled with surety that your faith in your resolve, determination – will not blow away with the first gust of a strong wind heralding the brewing of a storm.”

“Always remember – the only thing permanent is ‘change’. Seasons change and so will things. Life could be placid or tumultous on different days. Be practical and logical in both situations. Work towards attaining complete mastery over your senses, your mind – which will tempt you, entice you and distract you to succumb to them…give in to them. You cannot be a weakling – enslaved and entrapped by them, at their beck and call. You have to master this skill, this art ; make your mind strong, as you progress on the spiritual path.”

” Your mind exults on seeing you acquire material comforts and benefits ; reach an exalted state in society, but ‘you’ must remind ‘it’ not to get too carried away on seeing the fulfilment of your materialistic desires. The ‘mind’ needs to be awakened to the fact that fulfilment of such desires is a clear indication that you are still some distance away from ‘realising’ God, but, if these desires are not fulfilled, then, there is a possibility that you might find ‘Him’ one day.”

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  1. Om Gurudevo Namaha. Very enlightening msg as always. I am greatly inspired by this wonderful Sandesh.

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