‘Apne ‘gunn’ aur ‘avgunon’ ko apne ‘tann’ aur ‘mann’ se matho …’

Swamiji says…

“As God’s creation, each one of us is unique and special in a particular way, displaying a distinctive brand of personality and showcasing traits that epitomise each one of us. But, all traits possessed by us are not admirable. Some could be good. Few, great ; and a few certainly questionable. Even on knowing very well that it is our traits which help people in forming an impression about us, some of us deviate from God’s original plan ; in which He had envisaged each one of us as an embodiment of honesty, purity and goodness. Unfortunately, we have instead strayed onto greyer paths of dishonesty, hypocrisy and unforgiveness, knowingly, citing feeble excuses for opting for them; and compromised on age old values,without a trace of remorse.”

“‘Hum sab mein ‘gunn’ aur ‘avgunn’, dono, hote hain!
Aur har insaan apne ‘gunn’ aur ‘avgunno’ ke baare mein jaanta hai kyunki inhi se humari pehchan hoti hai! Agar hum sacche man se inko apne andar utaar te hain, tabhi hum aagey badh sakte hain! Parantu agar hum apne ‘aham’ mein aakar, apne ‘avgunno’ ko dabate chale jaate hai aur ‘guno’ ka naash karte hain, toh hum patan ki oer hi jaate hain!'”

“God too had always wanted man to be perfect but man wavered, and the result is here for us to see. None of us is perfect! A few among us long to be perfect; but then, wouldn’t the mere thought of attaining a state of perfection in today’s world be utopian, a sure-shot faulty thought? We have made ourselves susceptible to embracing weakness over strength; bad over good. It is simply not possible to imagine any of us; a single one of us, without any flaws, blemishes and imperfections.We speak the untruth, at times; are prone to be deceitful, disrespectful and devious. But we should not turn a blind eye to these faults ; fail to acknowledge them and outrightly deny the existence of these ‘avguns’ in us, by arrogantly questioning the very people who point out our failings to us.”

“Rather than trying to conceal our ‘avguns’ in a space that we do not like to visit and frequent often, we must have the strength to undergo the journey of trying to discover the kind of individual we truly are …’Aur sochein ki apne ‘avguno’ ka hausley se samna kaise kar sakte hain aur unko hara kar aagey kaise badh sakte hain !’ There is no harm in accepting that ‘I am NOT faultless!”

“Our conscience never lies. Listen to it when it reminds us that our ‘avguns’ outweigh our ‘guns’. Stop feigning ignorance of the indisputable fact, that come what may, we will have to bear the consequences of every …’ ‘Karma’ jo humare ‘gunn’ aur ‘avgun’ ki wajah se hum karte hain !’ We must ensure that the veiled bitterness of our ‘avguns’ does not overwhelm the positivity of our ‘guns’ and destroy them forever. Instead … ‘Mann’ mein yeh vishwas jagaein…’ that we will always encourage our ‘guns’ to flourish and bloom; by speaking the truth; by bearing a soft, gentle nature and temperament; be compassionate and forgiving…’ Aur ‘mann’ mein prem aur karuna jagaa kar, ‘tann’ se nishchal seva aur nek ‘karma’ karenge…aur ‘Ishwar’ ke diye huey ‘guno’ ke kaaran prashansa ka paatra baneingein !’ “

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    1. Thank you Swamiji for reminding and enlightening us time and again.. Om Shri Ajay Guru Devaya

  1. We are grateful of another inspiring message.
    Gratitude Swamiji.
    Jai Gurudev.

  2. Grateful to swamiji for his each word of wisdom and knowledge.
    Thank you swamiji
    Koti koti pranam

    1. Sur Asur war is always going on without us. We have to take pains to ensure that Sur wins. It needs introspection and effort to achieve that. Blessings of our Gurudev is there to ensure that we achieve that.
      Joa Gurudev 🙏

  3. Om Gurudevo Namaha, it is a wonderful preaching which is really enlightening, It is very difficult to accept our Avgun as we all are scared of spoiling our image and are scared that our near and dear ones will not accept us ,if they come to know about our negative traits.
    This notion is extremely wrong, If we accept our avguns rather than talking and thinking about them,we can work on our negative traits by our actions an deeds and turn our weaknesses into positive behavior .One should learn to accept the facts.
    I am glad that under the guidance of our dear Swamiji I have learnt soo many things in life.,that today I live without ego,help the needy and always there for serving each and everyone in the world, whether rich or poor.
    I am open to learning and changing myself according to the situation in life by his Grace and blessings.
    I am a lucky to have Swamiji as mentor in my life.

    गुरू गोविन्द दोऊ खड़े, काके लागूं पांय।
    बलिहारी गुरू अपने गोविन्द दियो बताय।।



  4. पूर्णतः सत्य है। अवगुणों पर पर्दा डालने से क्या परिणति मिलती है इसका अनुभव हम सभी ने जीवन में किया ही है।आपने हमें सत्य का अवलोकन हमेशा ही कराया है।
    स्वामी जी के चरणों में नमन करता हूँ।

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