‘ ‘Samay’ ka ‘sadupyog’ karo… ‘durupyog’ mat karo …’

Swamiji says…

“ The underlying message of the proverbial saying – ‘Time and tide wait for none !’ was instilled and reinforced in us from a very young age ; the memory of which , I am sure, is still vivid in our minds. As children and adolescents we wrote numerous essays on this subject too.Yet, its lessons seem to not have seeped through and been absorbed by us in a manner as adequate as they should have been !”

” Quite a many amongst us fail to give ‘time’ its due ! Not for a second should we forget to value time; to respect it ! A building razed to the ground can be rebuilt and refurbished again ; wealth lost, too, can be regained. But time lost once can never be retrieved or reclaimed! And it is herein that precedence should be given to living a life with an aim to achieve a time bound target ; a goal to pursue; a mission to accomplish. A person who does not give a specific direction to his life, by either following an educational dream , or , by working for the upliftment of society, will never understand the ‘worth’ and precious nature of time. He will find nothing unusual in wasting time by indulging in unproductive and fruitless activities.”

“How many times do we find ourselves scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and numerous other apps on our phone, ignoring the work at hand ? And then we complain about ‘not’ having enough time to complete our assignments or projects ; not having enough time to ‘relax’; oblivious to the fact, that we while away so much time ‘whatsapping’ others, ‘liking’ photos and ‘scrolling’ through gossip websites ; all of which eats into time, which we could otherwise have used constructively; by refuelling ourselves mentally ; by giving adequate time to our physical wellbeing or just by interacting with our near and dear ones…’Vyarth ki baaton mein hum sara din gawan dete hain !’

“Paradoxically, while we all crave ‘more’ time, we do not ‘value’ it.Time lost is nothing but a wasted opportunity. And every second that is lost in excessive sleep, gossip, entertainment etc. is an opportunity lost, missed – that prevents us from learning more, growing manifold and succeeding in our personal and professional lives. It thus becomes important to monitor how we use our time. Armies practice in ‘peacetime’ to bleed less in ‘time of war’. Similarly, we must use the time we have to prepare, to become stronger – mentally and physcially, to gain more knowledge ; so that in the time of crisis ,or , in the time of opportunity, we are not found wanting.”

” Much like a sadhu, who lives in a state of detachment, with no relationships and obligations to the physical word ; but, makes optimal use of the cycle of time from sunrise to sunset, and uses his time on earth, to take the name of God; so that when the time comes for him to leave this physical realm, he does so with God’s name in his last breath ; we too must utilize every moment to do good ‘karma’ ; something concrete, meaningful and of consequence ! ‘Har ek kshann ki kimat ka mahtav samjho aur uska sadupyog karo !”

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    1. Time waste is life waste!!!
      Every human being is given 24 hours a day. How to use these 24 hours properly is in our hands.
      Thank you Swamiji for guiding us once again with your divine message.

    1. Thanks Swamiji for guidance.We shouldn’t think that we have unlimited time to do whatever we plan to do.
      We need to be time-bound and plan our activities as per that.
      Jai Gurudev.

  1. Thank you Swamiji …

    “Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.”

    Gratitude !

  2. This message reflects the absolute reality of today’s scenario, But Swamiji 🙏🙏🙏once again your guidance and support has helped us overcome these obstacles and focus on our ultimate goal. Thank you Swamiji 🙏🌺

  3. Jai Gurudevo Namaha. Such a lovely and meaningful message. Time does not wait for anyone. It all depends on us how we make a proper utilization of time. The person who realizes this achives his or goal.People who donot know how to manage 24 hours in a day , is a person who loves to do waste time on things which are not meaningful and constructive. How beautifully Swamiji has explained the value of time.I really believe we have got a wonderful gift by God,which is our life. We all are born as human beings and we all are born with the purpose in this lifetime, so lets all try to identify our mission and work on it .
    Swamiji mentioned about the saints in the last paragraph which is so true.let me talk about Shirdi key Sai Baba .As a child he came to Shirdi at the age of 11yrs and he meditated under the tree for years.Till date none of us know whether he was a muslim or a Hindu.For him everyone was equal.He did sooo many sacrifices for us. If you read his leela’s then you sill realize what a true saint is.
    Let me be very honest when i meet Swamiji i would love to meet him again and again,as i definitely got soo much of peace whenever I visited him.As months and years passed by i use to see his love,compassion and care for each and everyone of us.
    His life has always been rotating around the welfare of his children as i was also growing tried to analyze it.The way he is attached with each one of us and how much pain he goes on healing each one of us.Each and every moment he is only concerned about all his desciples .I have honestly learned during this Pandemic sooooo many things from him.The love and compassion for each and everyone, the kind of contentment and so many things .with all his love, life has become more simpler and clearer.
    Its true Guru who can instill all these qualities of you .
    I would like to give a metaphor. “Jaisey sonarey ko asli soney ki pahchàn hoti hai,ussi taraha ekk Guru ko bhi apney sachey sishyevki pahechan hoti hai.
    I am very greatful to Swamiji. I have no words to describe and express his kripa and Mahima
    His each word means a lot to me.
    I bow my head on his lotus feet.Om Gurudevo Namaha.

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