“Prayaas karte jaao… nek ichcha zaroor poori hogi…”

Swamiji says …

” Aspirations, desires and dreams keep us motivated ; on the go ;  beguile us with the sense of satisfaction that the scent of success could bring to us. Our desires challenge us to test our own limits ; to raise the bar constantly so that the gap between the twin parallels of – effort and achievement,  could, one day, meet in the field of our choice. And, aplenty are the fields of interest, that each one of us has the inclination and initiative to dapple in ! ‘Jivan mein hamesha prayas karte raho, chahe tum kisi bhi field mein ho !’ But, it is only the right key, with the right teeth, even though, mixed up in a set of keys, which finally is able to unlock the door, destined to show us the path leading us to our final destination ! So our effort, approach and attitude while focusing on whatever our final aim is ; should be correct, clear and concerted … irrespective of its result.”

“Similar are situations in life, when despite our best efforts; the sweat and toil ; the blood and tears that go into the planning, preparation and presentation of our aim, we are, at times, unable to achieve what our heart is set on. Our desire could be artistic, ritualistic or spiritual in nature. Just like an artist’s keen eye can critically detect imperfections in the painting on which although new lines and fresh colours have been added by him again ; he continues to paint and improve on his work of art, until his creative spark sees no further flaws. Similarly, a pious worshipper of God could try to test his endurance level, by practising severe austerities, during certain auspicious days. A ‘sadhak’ will try to better his skills of meditation by further curbing all means of distraction, controlling his materialistic desires and look inwards constantly”.

“The sorrow, sadness and grief experienced on seeing our efforts come crashing down, and the bitter truth of not achieving the desired result, the required outcome, can break our spirit, and we allow setbacks and lost opportunities to get the better of us. Failures can get under our skin and leave us dejected and depressed. And, this is exactly what we must never allow to happen to us! We cannot just hold our head in our hands and cry in despair and frustration. No. Not at all. We are made of sterner stuff. All such negative emotions should be brushed under the carpet and, a new rejuvenated, recharged, energetic ‘me’ should emerge, with fresh, innovative ideas, to meet the challenges ahead with confidence…’ Ek aur prayaas karna hai ; iss dridha nishchay ke saath, poori himmat ke saath, phir koshish karenge apni manzil ko paane ke liye, yeh humey thaan lena hai ! “

” During such durations of stress and pressure we tend to completely forget that in our lifetime we don’t get what we hope for ; but we certainly get – what we deserve. No logic seems to make sense during such trying moments, when dilemma about the future and self – doubt have a stranglehold on us and,we, give up rather than putting up a valiant fight against such weakening thoughts. If we have dared to dream, then we should dare ourselves to put in that one more effort …’Agar humari ichcha nek hai ; humara iraada achcha hai, toh woh zaroor poori hogi ! Humey ek aur prayaas zaroor karna chahiye! Jab humara iraada nek hota hai , toh humare ‘karma’ bhi achche hote hain !’ Remember , a desire of ours which is not intended to harm or hurt anyone will always be fulfilled ; no matter how long it takes to be fulfilled.”

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  1. Encouraging and truthful message. Thank you very much dear Swamiji for everything… Jai Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha…

  2. What a timely advice!!!
    We may not get what we desire , but we definitely get what we deserve!!!
    Any desire of ours that is not going to harm others is definitely going to get fulfilled….if not today , then tomorrow.
    Pranam Swamiji 🙏

  3. With your blessings our spirits to improve upon the past shall never break down whatever be the present situation that we are in.

    Thank you Swamiji for your guidance.

    Grateful as always.

  4. Om Gurudevo Namaha. Every word of your means to me a lot to me.It has always touched my heart and soul.With your blessings and wonderful guidance’s i have learnt a lot always tried to apply in my life,which has always helped me to grow spiritually and be a good and compassionate human being. Your words have always inspired me and has always directed me to the right path. I was just an ordinary person your love,preachings and showing me always the right path has helped me to take an action to serve the humanity by teaching little ones and imparting them good values and quality education. Your teaching of today has really inspired me a lot has brought a change in my life.I am sure with your devine grace and blessings i will be able to accomplish my mission. “Raha Apney Dikhai,Sapna aapney jagaya aur aap ki kripa sey meney eek kadam utthaya”
    You all have to agree it is really important to have a Guru in life.without Guru life is incomplete He is the only one who is your well wisher and always keep on guiding you.Guru is the only one who will and has always stood with me whether in my good or bad times.He is my source of life .It has taken me 20 years to take this decision and bring into action
    Today his inspiring words inspired ne sooo much and left an impact on me.I felt as it was written for me only.It changed my life by taking such a major step .Its all Swamijis blessings which has helped me to realize my potential and take this major step.
    Guru Kripa.

  5. Thank you Swamiji 🙏🙏🌺 for constant guidance and support. Your words always inspire to inculcate positive and pure thoughts in times of distress. Always indebted for your blessings!!

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