‘Bezuban pashu-pakshiyon ko mat satao… ‘

Swamiji says…

“Man has always taken great pride in being God’s most magnificent creation – strong, intelligent, wise and has done everything that his cunning mind could think of, to make it clear to the entire animal species, that he is the ‘real’ King of the Jungle ; the one in control. The mute, silent creatures of the wilderness – be it an ant or an elephant – in their innocence, and unaware of man’s vile designs, have always, in a subtle manner, conveyed their desire to co-exist and co – habit with him in a peaceful manner! But man, intoxicated and drunk with the power of his superiority – always, foolishly, thought otherwise!”

“He convinced himself of his irrational thoughts by reinforcing – ‘How dare these inferior creatures, bereft of clothes and shelter, always at the mercy of nature, equate themselves with me! Who has given these creatures the right to think so? It is I … ‘man’ who is a force to reckon with ! I am way different from them, superior to them. I don’t loiter around the way they do – on their fours.’ No! No! That was not man’s style at all! He not only had a classy gait, walked on his feet with grace and dignity ; but he also did not prey on animals weaker than him. He was free, independent ; with no embargo on his thoughts, like the caged animals in a zoo. There were no similarities between him and these animals…who were not sure as to where their next meal would come from and who had no shelter over their head ; and apart from this , if needed ‘man’ could most happily do anything – dangerously different, fatal and brutal – to spell out and prove his might and authority over them !”

“And, then, the debate as to who was more notoriously nefarious, wicked and ruthless – man or animal ; unfortunately, weighed heavily in favour of man ; as man’s evil ingenuity, and streak of cruelty, could make him hunt them, poach them, harm them, kill them – with a specific intent of doing so deliberately; without a trace of remorse. Man let it be known to both ‘pashu – pakshi’ that he was the master and he could do what he wanted to do with them … skin, carve, stuff or sell them. The heart – rending, agonising whimpers, cries and trumpeting of these slain animals fell on deaf ears, as man, rejoiced, gleefully at the kill.”

“What disturbs and distresses me the most is the callous, unfeeling manner in which people; young or old – bored, having nothing to do – treat cattle, dogs and birds that they see grazing, sleeping and chirping. For no reason at all – out of sheer boredom…’ Woh udte hue kisi panchi ko gulel se maar denge ! ‘ and laugh while seeing it desperately flutter its wings and instead of flying, plummet to the ground and die. They throw stones at a dog or a pup and jeer on seeing it yelp in pain and limp away from them. They beat the hump or feet of cows and buffaloes that stray into their areas, with sticks and iron rods, and cheer if they end up breaking the bones of their feet. At times, if acts like these do not provide them with happiness, they even light a fire at the end of the tail of one of these ‘ bezubaan’ animals and see it suffer happily…’ Sab ko jeene ka adhikar hai ! Apne anand ke liye humain aisa karne ka koi haque nahi hai ! Tum kaise, kisi bhi jaanwar ko langda kar dete ho; uss ke paerr todh dete ho; uss ki poonch mein aag laga dete ho ? “Remember, you go searching for these very animals…’ jab tumhe koi ‘puja’ ya ‘punya’ se sambandhit koi kaarya karna hota hai ! Kisi bhi pashu-pakshi ko bewajah mat satao !'”

“Is this the only way to show your supremacy over these helpless creatures who are not harming you and do not want to fight you? Doesn’t their helplessness, their silent appeal for mercy, strike an emotional cord within you to let them be, and spare them from your vindictiveness ! The pleading look of innocence in their eyes for being punished for having done no wrong to us can melt many a hard hearted ! But man remains unfazed and unaffected, as he watches with sadistic interest, the fear in their eyes turn to anguish and horror, as he further rains brutal body blows on them. We need to introspect and question ourselves – Why are human beings becoming inhuman and turning into heartless, cold blooded creatures?”

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  1. Right.
    Our valour lies in protecting the weak.
    Tormenting them is actually our weakness.
    We should draw strength and means from God/Guru and use these resources to serve the animal kingdom / humanity , with all Tan Man and Dhan.
    That’s the only way of emancipation !!!

  2. Thank You Swamiji for teaching us to value the speech less and weak…important lesson of life to learn
    Om Shri Swami Ajaye Gurudevaye Namah 🙏🙏💐💐

  3. Om Gurudevo Namaha. Swamiji’s message is so enlightening and as part of this nature we as human being are blessed with brains to think and act upon.How truly said..When God created this earth he created with some purpose where human beings and animals,birds,insects and all living things were made to create a balance on this earth. As humans being powerful and having brains does not mean we have the rights to destroy the nature.Lets all learn from our Gurus vision and insight ,who is aware of the whole Universe and who has been taking care of us all and has been saving us from all the evils and has been protecting us from each and every calamities. Swamiji has been guiding us since ages to realize the importance of life and how to utilize our lives in the best way.
    The knowledge i have gained from him ,is beyond words.In this my journey of life i have realized so many things by his blessings. I have learned from him to protect nature by all means.My perspective of life has totally changed by his teachings.
    My perspective towards life has really changed since the day i meet him in my late twenties. Now i am 52.what i have learned and realized-i would love to Express.
    If we destroy nature which human being has been doing since ages is now coming back to all of us .I really believe in the theory of cause and effect. What we sow we shall reap.its happening now in this latter age which is called KALYUG.lets all take todays scenario where we are all going through this stage of Pandemic. Have we ever realized why is it happening and how many of us have realized that is also important .
    My honest opinion is we all of have been tampering with nature since ages and everything thing has a limit.As the nature got saturated by all the evils ,,its all coming back to us in the form of Pandemic where we are all are suffering because of evil snd cruelty of certain people’s deeds.Today the whole Universe is in a bad state.Its very easy to blame others for it.I feel one needs to introspect oneself and realize.
    Blaming,empowering the weak and needy does not make us Super human beings it is a gesture of showing our supremacy over the weak.We need to realize that we all have the rights to live and others live to keep a harmonious balance being humans.We all should work for the improving the destruction going on and take responsibility of saving each and everyone as we all have been send on this earth with some purpose.
    Here i would like to conclude as i can keep on writing with SWAMIJIS grace.
    Thank you soo much Swamiji for enlightening our minds and giving all of us the insight to think and take action.

    May you kerp showering ur blessings on all of us that as ur desciples we can make this earth a paradise again.
    Guru kirpa.
    Jai Gurudevo Namaha.

  4. अहिंसा परमो धर्मः।
    स्वामी जी के चरणों में नमन है।

  5. Jo bovoge so paavoge….abhi ka karam phal ,aanewale waqt mein bhugatnaa hi padegaa! Isliye zara sambhalke kadam chuniyegaa…
    Ishwar ki shakti har jeev mein moujood hai….kisi bhi prani ko sataana swayam Ishwar ko hi sataana hota hai. Aise paap hum se na ho…iski prarthana karen….
    Pranam Swamiji…..hum aapke sharan mein hai.

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