“Agyanta ke andhero se ubhro”

Swamjji says …

” Similar to the manner in which a lamp illuminates a dark room ; knowledge too illuminates the mind. The light of a few more lamps can illuminate a house ; and thousands of lamps can illuminate cities; similarly, every bit of knowledge that we gain, enables us to understand ourselves and the world around us all the more.”

” Yet, man has always had a false sense of contentment with the limited knowledge that he is able to acquire during the different stages of his life.Once he acquires a certain level of ‘academic education’ that is considered adequate enough for him to earn a good livelihood and to be accepted socially, he starts believing that his quest for knowledge is over, and doesn’t really make an earnest attempt to assess – whether what he ‘knows’ and has been ‘taught’ to him… does it, actually, equip him with all the required abilities to be a ‘better person’ or ‘understand – who or what – he, and, the world around him is!’ “

“Right from the moment he first steps into the premises of a school – the rat race begins. He is apprised with the harsh reality that the subject marks on his report cards can, strangely, either ‘make’ him or ‘break’ him. He is acquainted with the fact that he is now a part of a system which will rank him and solely, decide his future. He gets accustomed to the bait that is thrown at him repeatedly -‘ Aap jab first aaogey tab aapko chocolate milegi , gift milega!’ These words stay with him forever and serve as a grim reminder about the crucial part that the number game will always play in his life. “

“Mata, pita ki zimmedari hoti hai ki bachpan se hi bachchon ko achchi shiksha do…!’ But are they truly doing this? The blind faith that we have reposed in the need to excel and succeed in the expensive, and singularly bookish, and theoretical education system alone, is the only way which will enable our children to realize their materialistic and worldly dreams’… ‘aur yeh agyaanta joh badon mein bhi hoti hai …’ becomes the cause of their children’s undoing. Studying at a prestigious or renowned school alone doesn’t necessarily ensure that the child will turn out to ‘educated’ in the true sense of the word! ‘ Parantu insaan agyaanta ke andhere mein dooba huwa, ek pal ke liye bhi nahi sochta hai ki sampoorna shiksha kya hoti hai ! ‘ Yet, these days, nothing makes parents more proud than the opportunity that their offspring provides to them; when they are able to announce to the world that their child has secured admission in a premier school or a top ranking university. There is no doubt that such an occasion should be a cause of celebration, but can we vouch and say that expensive education can give a cent percent guarantee that young children will evolve into good human beings in the future!”

“While children possibly get tired of hearing it, their parents show no sign of exhaustion from repeatedly emphasising on how essential it is for them to ‘top the class’ and secure the highest marks possible! They maintain that the professional future of their children rests completely on their rank in the merit list. A child is rebuked mercilessly for failing to obtain that ‘one’ mark which could have enabled him to maybe get a scholarship or to have his name embossed on the school roll of honours for posterity. Why have we developed this kind of a thought process? Why can’t we appreciate the result that the child has obtained and encourage him that with continued persistence and hard work he will certainly secure that one ‘life changing’ mark the next time! Why do we not gauge our children on the basis of their ‘character’ and the ‘principles’ on which they build their lives; but rather judge them on their performances in tests and exams!”

“So great is the focus of today’s parents to ensure and see their progeny secure a seat in the Hall of Fame, that they seem to completely forget that – ‘Humari bhumi ek ‘tapovan’ hai jahan ‘gyan ki Ganga bahti hai !’ Ours is a great nation ; the land of which has witnessed and borne testimony to the exchange of sacred words between ‘Bhagwan’ and ‘bhakt” – between ‘ Guru and shishya’ … the golden words of which, resulted in the creation and compilation of an abundance, a reservoir, a treasure of True knowledge in our revered epics … be it the Ramayana or the Gita! How many parents take upon themselves the responsibility of imparting even a fraction of knowledge from these treasures to the younger generation? Children are blamed for every wrongful act made by them, but do parents today take out some time from their personal hectic schedules to instil ”sanskars’, values, principles – ‘neki ke, sabhyata ke, ‘satya’ ke apne bachchon mein… Apne kartavya aur zimmedari ka jab bachche ehsaas karenge, tabhi toh woh jivan mein achche insaan banenge!”

” Kaafi baar bachche agyaanta mein galti kar detey hain !’ But …’ Yeh agyaanta bahut pehle hi hatai jaa sakti thi …’ if their parents had inculcated sound values in their children, guided them correctly… and made them aware that sincere ‘puja’, ‘prarthana’ can achieve miracles … aur ‘aadhyatmikta’ can help them in establishing a direct connection with God. The delightful amalgation of good schooling and True knowledge would compel the darkness of ‘agyaanta’ to vacate their minds and, instead , encourage the rays and light of ‘gyaan’ to purify, cleanse and illuminate their young minds, and make them aware of the True purpose of their lives.”

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    1. Om Gurudevo Namaha. Swamiji aap ki kripa hamesha bani rahey.It is such a wonderful message and very enlightening message.With your blessings and siksha imparted i have always learned soo much and imbibed it in my life.It has always helped to groom my daughter and my children as a teacher .Your knowledge has always helped to grow both in my personal and professional life.In this journey of my life i have achieved many laurels just because of Swamijis grace as i am in an educational line.I have realized that with parents working,have no time to impart education or values but with Swamijis kripa i have been been fortunate enough to impart best of education to my students and children present at home which has really helped me to give best of the values and education to my students who are now Doctors,engineers,pilots and are all settled well and with the devine grace of Swamiji my kids are also doing good.I have always followed his guidance and happy to say what i am today and where i stand in my life is all grace of our dear Swamiji and his unconditional love.
      Through out my life and till my last breath I will never begrudge my life.I owe my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to our priya Swamiji.
      Guru kripa hi mera sahara hai.
      Om Gurudevo Namaha.

  1. Definitely , educare that is education in human values , is far more important than education itself.
    Pranam Swamiji 🙏

  2. Very true Guruji 🙏🙏 In the beginning I was very particular about marks but slowly realised that these marks have no role in our practical life. Values are more important for any human being to grow. Thank you Guruji for this beautiful and motivational message 🙏🙏

    1. Very apt sandesh Swamiji.. im trying to impart your preaching to my child and with your blessings, im sure he will be successful in life.. Jai Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha

  3. Asato ma sadgamaya
    Tamasoma jyotir gamaya
    May I proceed from untruth to truth and darkness to light.
    Ignorance is darkness. When we are absorbed in Divinity, it must stir our hearts. Whatever we are doing whether it is worshipping God, meditating or any other activity in daily life..the undercurrent of love and light should continue throughout all our activities, while we remain completely aware of the highest goal in life.
    Pranam Swamiji for the divine knowledge you are bestowing on us….

  4. ॐ असतो मा सद्गमय।
    तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय।
    मृत्योर्मामृतं गमय ॥
    स्वामी जी के चरणों में नमन है।

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