Swamiji’s Sandesh…. ‘Chinta’ nahi, ‘chintan’ karo…’


Swamiji says…

” Man’s favourite pass-time seems to be fretting and worrying. Worrying about ‘what’ is known only to him! It could be either about his present life – the prevailing conditions in which he finds himself; or, it could be about his future that is unknown to him…his life ahead of which he has no idea ; but worry he must…as for some strange reason it makes him happy, content and confident , that after investing so much time in just thinking and analysing about his future – some good will surely come out of it, and things will work out perfectly for him – the way he wants life to shape out for him. But will only worrying needlessly make things fine for him ? Doesn’t he need to focus on solving his problems first?”

“The human mind is capable of great creativity. It can think of the most ingenious things in fields as diverse as art, machines, scientific theories. Yet, it is also capable of imagining that it is besieged with problems – problems that it feels are so real, that it keeps people petrified and plagued by these ‘problems’ the entire night. Even in the most normal circumstances, the mind, at times, fabricates its own stories that have no relation to the past, present or future, but we accept them as real, true and feel that we have been touched by them. Man has always feared the unknown.”

” ‘Jeevan, ek sangharsh hai …’ and the earlier we understand this, the better and easier it becomes for each one of us to accept, face and solve problems that come unexpectedly – simply out of nowhere, at various junctures of our life. A certain amount of anxiety about the wellbeing of one’s family, education, career, relationships and finances rises within each one of us, and it is bound to happen that way, but can worrying perpetually about these issues, if they somehow fail to follow the course created by us, truly help us and make us feel strong, either physically or emotionally !”

” Pointless and excessive worrying is exhausting and can drain us of all positive energy. Is it possible for a tired, fatigued mind that always sees its bearer – weighed down by the burden of his over imaginative problems – visualise, even for a fraction of a second, the same person walking with a straight back and look squarely, beyond his problems, at the solution that his ‘working’ mind has thought for him? The ‘thinking’ mind needs to be reprimanded and told sternly to quieten down – as its constant churning and whining, drowns the sensible voice and words of the ‘working’ mind.”

” We must learn to put worries aside and rather concentrate on, and enjoy the tasks that lie ahead of us. A successful attempt should be made by us every day – to ensure that we do not allow worries to get the better of us , but instead develop the art of abandoning the dreadful fear of these so called problems, that we feel, have a strange knack of finding us wherever we may be.”

” The chaotic turmoil and turbulence caused by over- thinking about one’s problems only leads to loss of one’s inner peace, and this needs to be quelled at the earliest. After all, how much can one worry about a particular thing ! What is one gaining by making himself so unhappy ! One has to find the root cause of the issue that is troubling him; think of ways of attending to, and solving these problems without letting them dominate and overpower him. The exhilaration and confidence that he experiences – ‘chintan’ karne par…’ are much more rewarding than all the time that had been wasted on ‘ ‘chinta’ karne par…’ and once he realises that self- motivation had worked wonders, he sees himself as a new, rejuvenated person with the ability of handling problems by finding solutions, effectively and efficiently. His perspective and attitude towards life changes completely.”

“A free, clear, uncluttered mind makes us feel fresh, alert, and energetic and we learn to accept problems as pre-cursors to a joyful, happy life. And this is the best way to treat our worries. Yes, they will come…but one fine day they will go away too. They hover around us – but we must keep our minds calm – and be on guard lest they distress us unnecessarily.”

“A face creased in smiles and a forehead free of furrows of worry and anxiety is a sight of joy for all – and all of us can radiate a similar warm glow of happiness, once we refuse to submit to stormy ‘chinta’ and devote time to result – oriented ‘chintan’.”

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  1. Very true Swamiji, instead of getting worried for any thing or any situation in life we should always think how it can be done.

    Om Shri Swami Ajaye Gurudevaye Namah 🙏🙏🙏💐💐💐💐

  2. Jai Gurudev
    Truly said.
    Unnecessary Chinta drowns us into the bhavsaagar , but Chintan liberates us from chinta.
    A CHINTAN face is a sure way to success as it exudes positive vibes.
    Vice versa for CHINTA face.
    Jai Gurudev

  3. चिता मरने पर जलाया जाता है ,किन्तु चिन्ता जीतेजी जलाती है । only solution to this is ‘chintan’….to think of a solution to come out of d problem. Hari naam chintan se prahlaad ne kya paaya tha, aur Hari naam chintaa se Hiranya kasyapu ne kya khoyaa tha….ye sabi jaante hai.
    It is always better to take refuge in Guru’s charan and lead a ‘chinta mukt ‘life.
    Sri Gurave namaha.

    1. चिन्तन,मनन और अध्यन।
      मैं स्वामी जी के चरणों में नमन करता हूँ।

  4. Swamiji’ s face is always with a charming and radiant smile which gives us so much strength and peace to our minds besotted with any problems .
    Thank you Swamiji for boosting our morale once again with such positive words of advice to keep praying than worrying ..

  5. While it is difficult to stop worrying but one must endeavor to take charge of the mind & steadily overcome by taking ACTIONS.


    In fact, it is action that alleviates concern and dissipates worries. Take more actions when you feel that worry is creeping in to steal your time.

    Thank you Swamijee by enlightening us with your pearls of wisdom.

    Grateful as always !

    Vineet and Puneet Sawhney

  6. Om Gurudevo Namaha.It is very difficult task to overcome the process of Chinta,for human beings but with grace of Swamiji i think we all have started mastering to stop worrying and work with our minds constructively. A very beautiful example of creativity and positive thinking i am going to narrate.
    During this time of Pandemic we all have been protected by the grace of our dearest Swamiji,not only that but with his beautiful and thoughtful sandesh every Saturday Morning ignites a new spark in all of us
    Which has given rise to positive thinking followed by realizing our inner potential and creativity.
    In these four Months of Pandemic we all can vouch that with the devine blessings of our Guru we all have illustrated our potential on Swamijis group.Everyone has created Masterpieces in forms of writings,Making Videos,Singing Leelas of Swamiji,Composing Bhajans and Arti.Even creating sketches of Swamiji. Isnt it true.
    I have learnt one thing from all of you is that we all have inherent talents but with his grace we need to tap it and work on it so that we all can overcome Cinta and start working on our Chintan.Accept as life comes to you as everything is preplanned and destined. You can only change it by taking action and doing good karmas in this life time.So we can Rejoice the pleasures gifted by our Guru .We all are extremely fortunate to be connected to each other by his grace .
    I owe my gratitude to Swamiji who accepted me as whàt i came into the Darbar the very first time and really changing my life into Joy and feeling of Contentment. He has taught me how to live and has shaped my life into positivity by always being present in my mind Heart ,body and soul.It would have really been impossible without him to see this change in me.
    Swamiji please always be with all of us.your blessings are a boon in life so kindly keep on showering your blessings on us and keep on enlightening us with your wonderful teachings.
    Dhanyawad Swamiji for being always with us.
    Om Gurudevo Namaha.

  7. When we have our dear Swamiji with us then we don’t have to worry. Only chanting His name , His chintan, is required to live happily.

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