‘ Vichlit ‘

Swamiji says …

‘Man gets disturbed and distracted at the drop of a hat. He is plagued with doubts about all that he aspires to achieve in life; is dejected at the first sign of failure – ‘aur jaldi vichlit ho jaata hai!’ ”

“To a certain extent, it is normal and natural for us to be this way, but it would be unforgivable, if we were to submit spinelessly to these negative emotions, repeatedly – time and time again – without putting up a fight – allowing them easy access into our heart and mind.”

“The result …
We’d be another one among those, who succumb to weakening and paralysing thoughts within a matter of seconds, letting themselves be subjugated and ruled over, by debilitating dark thoughts – oscillating helplessly between the deep sea and the shore !”

“Thoughts – thousands of them – rise in our mind every single day. Worthy, morale boosting and confidence building notions are accepted and implemented by us immediately, but do we outrightly reject thoughts that are weak, impractical and self-destructive ! Do we avoid pursuing these vagrant thoughts on realizing their worthlessness? Or do some of us pamper them, as they appear to be intriguing and different, unaware of the dire consequences that we might have to face, for doing so, at a later stage in life?”

“It is when we are able to free ourselves from the tentacles of these unwanted thoughts, that we feel liberated, free and at peace – as life can become a living hell , otherwise – ‘jab baar baar mann vichlit hota hai!’ We cannot just sit and watch negative thoughts embed their roots firmly within us, but must uproot them immediately, ensuring that they’re unable to grow further.”

“We can excuse ourselves by admitting that it is natural for each one of us to experience these emotions sporadically; but, it would be inexcusable to defend ourselves by saying, that we had no time to protect our mind from the gigantic tidal waves of all those thoughts ‘ jis se hum vichlit ho jaate hain ! ‘ – which flood it , leaving us floundering, as we are unable to exercise any control over it and veer it in the right direction!”

“Are we incapable of retaliating in a strong, sensible manner to the threat of an imminent invasion by distracting, distasteful thoughts – ‘bechain karne wale khyaal!’ – or capitulate on being outnumbered, and allow them to germinate, grow in abundance and run amok on our being…and then cry foul by saying weakly – ‘Look , what have I become ? ‘ ”

“We become what we think we are ! The mind is very gullible and feeds on the nourishment that we provide it with. A healthy diet of sunny, uplifting, motivating thoughts will keep it energized, raring to go and far away from pessimism and hopelessness – ‘ aur humey vichlit nahi honay denge ‘…but a poor diet of unfocused, distracting and delusional thoughts can imprison us mentally, and we easily become prisoners of our own morbid, dark thoughts, leading us on a nightmarish journey ‘jisme ghutan hai , paagalpam hai!’ – and nothing can be worse than that !”

“Some individuals are so severely affected by this restlessness – the constant churning and tussle of distressing emotions and discomforting thoughts within them that – ‘ vichlit karne wale bhaav, unn pe haavi ho jaate hai aur unki pareshaani badh jaati hai !” – and they start suffering from depression. Disinterest towards all that life has to offer them, makes them want to turn away from life itself, and nothing can make them get involved and interested in the joy of living – ‘ Unka mann kisi bhi cheez mein nahi lagta hai…’ and it is here where they must put in everything to move their mind away from all those wandering thoughts that make them insecure and dis – oriented.”

“The unrest and constant clamour of chaotic thoughts within their mind makes them so restless that, at times, they are at a loss to understand as to what is that they want to do with themselves – lie down, sit or stand, run and escape ! But then the question arises once again … Run from what? From who? It is not possible for one to run from oneself. Their behaviour leaves others puzzled, as, at times, they are furious either with themselves or, are alternately, enraged with others.Then, there are times when they blame themselves, squarely, for the situation in which they find themselves, and on other occasions, take others around them by surprise, by blaming them for their miserable state.”

” Once in a while, this problem takes such a dangerous turn, that sufferers of this condition, lock themselves in their room – with these ‘vichlit karne wale’ thoughts as their sole companion – intent on committing suicide or, at times, even killing others. Should this be the purpose of anyone’s life? Does anyone have the right to end his life – a life, precious and valuable, gifted to him by God, or take lives of others just because it suits them ! The very room which was their haven at one stage, sadly, starts closing down on them, making them feel claustrophobic, and they run out of this room, looking for an escape – route. But there is none – as they simply can’t escape from their disquieting thoughts ! ”

“To make matters worse and more convoluted for themselves, they look at everything and everyone around them with suspicion, and are scared, wary and fearful of themselves too, as they are unsure of their next action and reaction ! Immediate steps should be taken to overcome an emotional crisis of this kind before it is too late, or else, the uncontrollable mind could turn them into nervous wrecks and destroy them completely.”

“A life that would otherwise have sparkled and shone brightly, begins to fade into oblivion, haunted by unpleasant memories, past regrets and inconsequential worries, that only accelerate his anxiety levels further. Man has to draw strength, the fighting spirit needed, from within himself to overcome these challenging phases with grit, fight against all odds and prove to himself, above all, that he can once again be calm, collected, composed and emerge a winner – by making life joyful, worth living and letting everyone know that happiness, though fleeting in nature, is here to stay with him for good.”

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  1. True in today’s world this is the exact nature of most of us.

    Om Shri Swami Ajaye Gurudevaye Namah 🙏🙏🙏💐💐💐

      1. To control the negative thoughts, the only remedy is taking the sacred NAAMA of the God repeatedly and continually. Guru krupa has a great role to play even to chant. We cannot express in words , how blessed we all are to have Swamiji in our lives as our SATGURU. Atleast we are assured of meaningful life, coz though we may cross the line, He is there to put us in line again.
        Thank you so much Swamiji for being there with us always. Shat koti vandan to your lotus feet.

  2. Thoughts play major role in our life. Channelising and making it positive keep us healthy n happy, which is very important. Thank you Swamiji for guiding us once again.

    1. What we become , depends upon what we think.
      Thanks Swamiji for holding our hand and guiding us through this world.

  3. Thoughts will always spin the mind, with guidance of spirituality and self practice, one can overcome the odds of life.
    All is possible if individual is in regular touch of Reverend Swamiji.
    Jai Gurudev

  4. Thank you Swamijee for sharing these pearls of Wisdom.

    Our mind is the foundation.The happiness of our life depends upon the quality of our thoughts.
    Positive thoughts radiates positive energy and vice versa.

    With Gratitude !

    1. Pranaam Swami Ji
      Thank you so much for showing the light of positivity 🙏🙏

  5. Thank you Swamiji for guiding us with so relevant teachings.

    Grateful as always.

  6. Om Gurudevo Namaha. We all are blessed to be a part of Swamijis Darbar,as we all have a very strong karmic bond amongst with each other and our blessed by Swamijis Grace..so true he has stated that negative thoughts reflects on our personality. Negative thoughts influence our mind and body very soon as we react to them very fast and start behaving in a weird manner.Negative thoughts does the work of devil’s,so we all need to work on it by meditating and doing jaap.Its basically focusing on positivity and letting the brain train to think positively. We are so fortunate our dearest Swamiji/Gurudev/Prabhu to be always be with us and keep on guiding us to become good ,strong individuals in faith.
    Swamiji is the life within us who keeps us preaching at the right time that none of us should get dissuade by negative thoughts specifically at this time of crisis of Pandemic and harm ourselves or someone else.
    As we are blessed by Swamiji and as he is always showering his blessings and love on us I am sure it does not let any negative thought enter in our minds.As all my brothers and sisters mentioned we can chanelize our negative thoughts that’s beautiful. But how?
    We all need to train ourselves not to think negative as we are blessed to have everything in life.A disciple who has a Guru is very fortunate ,lucky,happy as he has achieved the ultimate thing in life .Everybody does not get the fourtunevof having a true Guru who is always working day and night only for our welfare which is imparting knowledge and protecting us from all the evil.
    Whenever I see his sandesh I get goose bumps as his preachings are always related to human tendencies according to what’s happening in the world. He has taught me how to live and face the situations in life.He immense sorce of courage and showing the true path.meditation and chanting has really helped me to grow in life and be positive. From a pessimistic person.I have 720vdegrees changed into an optimistic person.
    Swamiji has always shown the right path to walk on it’s always an eye opener .Positive thinking can really change our world it teaches us to walk on the path of righteousness. As he said by thinking negative we get restless and really don’t know what are we doing?Meditating and training our mind not to give birth to negative thoughts and just think positively is not difficult as Swamiji is always there to guide in one of us in his unique way Positivity gives rise to good thinking,being a good human being and when you develop these qualities and have control over your thoughts you stand differently in the crowd.His teachings have always inspired me to become a good ,loving and passionate human being.It does not stop me from writing about him.I know it sometimes loses its touch.last but not the least I would like to state –

    When you find a true Guru
    And obey all his sayings then
    You are going to become the
    Pole star in millions of stars
    Present in the sky
    That’s the power in blessings of a Guru.
    All my gratitude to Swamiji to help me showing the right path always.You have been a source of inspiration and you have been always showering your love and blessings on each one of us.
    Jai Gurudevo Namaha.

  7. धैर्य हमें स्थिरता देता है।जीवन की वास्तविकता से सामना करने की शक्ति देता है।विचलित होने का सीधा अर्थ है हार।
    स्वामी जी के चरणों में नमन करता हूँ।

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