“Why does a man give up easily, without putting up a fight when circumstances and situations get slightly difficult for him ? Why does he stop doing his ‘karma’?”

Swamiji says ….

Man should learn from the tenacity, determination and single-minded pursuit displayed by ants, insects and the tiniest organisms that exist … their ability to remain undaunted, fearless and calm during the most trying and demanding situations that are faced by them. They do not let a sense of hopelessness and despair engulf them as rather than quitting, they begin the uphill task of rebuilding their nest … place of shelter that is mercilessly destroyed by nature’s fury.

Man, on the other hand, magnifies his problems to such humungous proportions that he gets fatigued on merely thinking, visualising and imagining the severity of the difficulties that are created more by him ‘mentally’ … and he relents and succumbs willingly to weak thoughts of failure, pessimism and despondency and simply stops doing his ‘karma’ , blaming everthing else … his fate , destiny … but himself … for the ills and misfortune that are faced by him.

At times , he finds solace in blaming his self – realized ‘guru’ for having been inept at not making him wade smoothly through the vast and wide ocean of life and places the entire onus of his ‘unfortunate’ and ‘tragic’ state on his guru. He becomes idle, aimless and stationary … like a stagnant pool of water … that in time accumulates mud and grime in it. He forgets that he should be like an ever- flowing, gurgling, fresh spring of water that spreads cheer and refreshes everyone with its sweet water … and not aim at being like the vast ocean which, irrespective of its mammoth size, is of no use due to the saline water that it possesses in abundance.

When the tiniest organisms can put up a brave front and work on uphill tasks courageously, why can’t man be infused with enthusiasm and positive energy to confront the challenges that come his way … with the same vigour and faith and prove that he is worthy of being called God’s most intelligent and marvellous creation!

30 thoughts on ““Why does a man give up easily, without putting up a fight when circumstances and situations get slightly difficult for him ? Why does he stop doing his ‘karma’?”

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  1. So beautifully said by Swamiji, its a real truth that man behaves more irresponsibly than even small creatures in this world and imposes blame on others for his failure. We need to awaken!

  2. Swamiji is an every moment inspiration.
    He is truly , the truth, the light and the way..
    (Guru govind dou khade, kake kahin paye..?)
    Koti pranam swamiji..
    I love you.

  3. We should learn from the odds circumstances and put a brave fight to deal with it. By giving up is easy but wrong method. Never ever blame others for oddity of life.
    Best example is the small ants which never get fatigue even after falling number of times, she climbs and reaches the destination
    Nice and practical message by Swamiji.
    Jai Swamiji

  4. Thank you Swamiji for such a wonderful message. You teachings are always inspirational and strengthens us.
    Pranaam Gurudev 🙏🏻

  5. Beautiful message of reality conveyed in very simplest form.. when a man is happy, he easily forgets almighty.. when he’s sad and tested, he starts the blame game by questioning his Guru.. moreover he routes his anger by demanding Guru’s response for facing such testing situation.. Guru on the other hand, blesses him during times he was ignored, and removes the hurdles when approached for sorrows… Again, man forgets Guru until he envisages another episode of sorrow.. This cycle of blame and fame has been beautifully narrated by Swamiji above… Jai Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha

    1. Om gurudevo namaha. Very heart touching message. It’s so beautiful, after reading this i feel so fortunate that I am blessed to have such a wonderful guru who is source of my life and a great mentor. Swamiji knows very well I have gone through so many phases like this. At that time he has only been a support to me. He’s the only one who takes my troubles on him and make me cheerful, happy, hopeful and on the top of everything he has taught me how to survive n fight. Not only that, he has always given me the confidence to struggle n win. All my credentials go to my guru, my mentor, my life which is Swamiji. It’s not only me it’s my daughter also who has been groomed by swamiji. I feel on the cloud nine to say that I simply adore him and I will always keep doing things what he wants as he is the one who makes me sail, through the rough sea. I owe my gratitude n life to him. Thank u swamiji. Aapko koti koti pranam.

  6. Thank you swamiji for making me realise this truth and I promise to work harder and keep calm in all situations. Pranaam Swamiji 🙏🏻

  7. Thank you swamiji for making me realise this truth and I promise to work harder and keep calm in all situations. 🙏🏻

  8. Thank you Swamiji for enlightening all of us with such an eye opening and self awakening message 🙏

  9. One of the best situational analysis I have come across.
    Only a true Guru can enlighten on such a subject. It also speaks about Guru – Sisya relationship. Guru is not here to fulfill all our needs, legitimate or otherwise.

  10. Thanks Swamiji for reminding us that we are spark of the Divine and we should behave befittingly.

    Aum Swami Shri Ajay Guru Devaya Namah

  11. It is worthy to be unsuccessful by doing karma, rather than sitting idle and doing nothing.
    Achievements will follow if we have determination, will power, which everyone receives in form of Guru’s blessings.
    Jai Guru Swami ji

  12. पुरुषार्थ मनुष्य का गुरुकृपा का अस्त्र है, जय गुरूजी

  13. Such an inspiring and enlightening message by Swamiji 🙏🙏🙏 much needed power booster!!!..Thank you again Swamiji..promise to follow the path shown by you.🙏🙏

    Rajesh & Tanu

  14. Beautifully said and a message that man has completely become oblivious to.

    Om Swami Sri Ajay Guru Devaya Namah!

  15. Life is full of ups and downs. No one’s life runs smoothly. It is against nature. If we observe the lives of Avatar purush Sri Krishna, Sri Rama and Maa Sita, then we come to know about life’s nature of difficulties and how to come out of it bravely. Taking Ishwar’s ‘bhavya naam’ continuously, we can lead life effectively even in adverse situations. Giving up is cowardice. Never stop doing karma and sit idly. Our Sadguru is there to help us at every step of life. So, why lamenting on failures?!
    In Bhagavad Gita didn’t Sri Krishna say…कर्म बिना तो शरीर की यात्रा ही संभव नहीं।
    स्वामीजी की अपार करुणा से हमें हर हफ्ते जीवन को सुधारने का इतना बढ़िया अवसर प्राप्त हो रहा है… कितने भाग्यशाली हैं हम!!
    सदा आप के श्री चरणों में कोटि कोटि नमन स्वामीजी।

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