Few excerpts by Swamiji on Sat-guru


Who is a Real saint (Sat-guru)?

The one who helps you reach God! Meet and merge with God. One who makes you understand who you are and be able to discriminate between this body and your pure soul (Ruh).

Sat-guru is the one who lifts you from darkness to light. One who guides you how to move ahead in life through rituals first and then takes you on the spiritual path; in the right manner and in the right direction. Ritual is a must initially (which acts as an aid), to be able to concentrate and focus, where after, gradually, one moves on to the spiritual path to finally achieve self-realisation. Satguru is one who transforms sadness to happiness, helplessness to hope.

Swamiji says – I’m the one who gives you the strength to overcome any obstacle in life no matter how big it is. A saint never supports you in the wrongdoing, never supports “adharma”. Always helps you move in the right direction, take informed and wise decisions and not indulge in anything which is against humanity, against ethics.

Swamiji has always supported to serve the cause of society. He says that the one who has adequate means in life should contribute to the society (Samaj) as well. Contribution to the society can be in simple ways which are in sync with an individual’s lifestyle.

To overcome the cycle of life and death, one needs to have a Guru and follow the path shown by him. Guru’s main objective is to spread the message of God and to guide his devotees to the right path. It is the duty of the devotee/receptor to learn from the teachings of his Guru. A true saint/Guru never deviates from his path of righteousness, and always abides by it. He never takes away what he once grants irrespective of anything. He is the giver and not the taker. He will shower His blessings on his devotees always. He never accepts anything from anyone and is above worldly obligations.

Swamiji says that one does not necessarily need a healthy body to achieve the grace of God. The grace of God can be won by mere immense love for him. He doesn’t need anything but a devotee’s unconditional love for Him. Swamiji explains this through a short and simple yet profound story.

“There was once a Saint who was passing through a forest with his disciples. They heard distant voice saying “Thank you God for giving me everything. You are great. You are wonderful. I am blessed to have your grace.” These ardent declarations made the Saint and his disciples curious and they decided to follow the sound of the voice to meet the devotee. They were shocked and stunned beyond belief to find the source, a man with no limbs, just a head and a chest! He looked content and peaceful and was still happily lost in expressing his gratitude to the almighty, when he noticed some shocked faces looking at him. He welcomed them with a smile, and that was all they could do to hold back their unshed tears. The Guru, asked in an emotional heavy voice “Dear man, I cannot help but wonder how you are so content given your less than able physical state. What is it that you feel, that we full-bodied people are bereft of? How and where did you find such devotion and gratitude?”
The man smiled and said “What is there that I should ‘not’ be grateful of? God gave me a heart to love, lips to pray, and mind to intellectualise the right from wrong! What more does one need?”

His answer brought a rush of unstoppable happy tears to the passers-by. They learnt the most beautiful lesson. God does not love one less or more based on his physical attributes. It is just a mere mortal disposition! God loves and gives without measure. All He craves for, is love! Pure, unadulterated love! 

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  1. We should be always greatful to the Almighty God for what he has given us. The Almighty has given us Sat Guru. Swamiji, He is the messenger and mother of God.
    I bow in your lotus feet Swamiji.

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