“ ‘सत्य’ छुप नही सकता…”

Swami ji said..

” We live in the ‘kalyug’, where deceit and treachery are rampant. We are not what we appear to be on the surface. We are capable of saying very sweet, honey laced words to a person , while entertaining
wicked thoughts about him at the same time. These days a man’s word has little value , and , his honor – even less. Cases of scams and theft dominate news headlines regularly. It is believed that beneath great wealth lies a great crime.”

” Such surroundings and beliefs make it difficult for anyone to believe that they can get to anywhere in this world by being a good old ‘truth sayer’. And, this is true to a large extent. All of us speak a lie , or , hide the truth, or , mis-represent a fact, at some point, in a day, to move forward with our lives. Being cent percent truthful seems impractical and self – destructive in today’s competitive world. In some cases, it seems justified to speak a lie, than to speak the truth. This is what we tell ourselves to feel less guilty. Sometimes this is done at work to get out of a tough spot , or , with a family member to avoid a tumultuous situation. While our ‘wisdom’ might tell us that such ‘good, well intended lies’ can do no harm, we should be mindful that it is only God who can truly judge our actions and their effects.”

” But, the true danger from such suppositions is that this acceptance of falsehood creeps into our own behaviour. Slowly, but surely, we begin to tell ourselves lies. Whenever, the small voice of truth in us speaks up and tries to remind us that we are lying, the loud noise made by untruth and lies – drowns out the honest, truthful voice within us. This is where true danger lies. Once we play a deaf ear to the honest voice , it becomes easy for dishonesty to rule over us with ease.”

” A smoker, fully aware of the consequences of smoking, convinces himself with endless excuses of – why smoking cannot hurt him , but , hides from the truth that he is addicted to smoking. An alcoholic tells himself the lie that the drink that he has at the moment is the last drink he will ever have – but, hides from the truth that he has no control over himself on seeing a bottle of liquor in front of him. A weak student always tells himself that he will start studying seriously from the next exam – and refuses to accept the fact that he is distracted and is prirotizing other things over studies. Even a kleptomaniac hides from the truth that he will be caught someday and will have to face the consequences of his dishonest actions. We must stop living in denial mode and stop feeding lies to ourselves.”

” The ‘ truth ‘, however, like medicine, is bitter. But, ‘it’ is what cures us of all evils. Often, it is someone else who sheds light on the hard hitting ‘truth’ about us – from which we have been trying to hide. A co-worker or a senior might highlight our professional drawbacks which we might never have tried to address ourselves, despite being fully aware of them. A parent or sibling might call out to our poor behaviour that we have never tried to work on. In such situations, our ego is hurt, our self-esteem takes a hit. But, we must also find liberation in such situations. We must eat humble pie and face ‘our’ reality.”

” A good way to begin working on knowing the real ‘ us’ – is to sit in silence and reflect. We must listen to what bothers our heart. All the years of lying to ourselves and deceiving ourselves, often , makes us deaf to the one voice that matters the most – the voice of our heart – which never lies and much like a judge, ticks a right or wrong on the nature of every action we take. Listening to the heart’s concerns will make us aware of what we need to do. For some, it might mean taking greater care of their health by giving up their wrong habits ; for others it might mean to stop stealing ; for the third person, it might mean coming out clean, to family and friends, on matters they had hidden from them in the past.”

” While the process could seem hard, impossible and arduous in the beginning ; seeking a life of truthfulness by first being honest and truthful to ourselves – about ourselves, will give us purity of mind and joy in spirit. Always remember – ‘Truth’ cannot remain hidden, it shall always prevail in the end….’सत्य’ चुभ सकता है पर ‘छुप’ नही सकता…”

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  1. Facing truth seems unpleasant, but it rewards us with relief. It rewards us with joy. It rewards with bliss. Let’s pray to Swamiji to give us the courage to face the truth. Then only we can enjoy blissful life.

    Jai Gurudev.

  2. Om Gurudevo Namaha, how beautifully Swamiji has explained.I wish people could face truth in this kalyug
    There would not be misery in today’s world if one could base her or his life on truth.I really don’t understand why people have to lie when they know what are the disadvantages of speaking lie.
    I know one thing and have firm faith on it Satyamev Jayatev..Truth always win whatever may be the situation. Today I swear that I have been truthful till Date because of Swamijis blessings and my life is much peaceful than sooo many people I

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