” जो ‘सहता’ है, वही ‘रहता’ है।

Swami ji said … " Life is a continuous battle with हमारी परिस्थितियां - our circumstances which change their colour and nature on a daily basis with the speed of lightning. Circumstances are deemed to be so ! They are made that way. ' कभी वह कष्ट देती हैं तो कभी आनंद। कभी हमे आरोग्य... Continue Reading →

” ‘समस्या’ पर नहीं, ‘लक्ष्य’ पर ध्यान दो …”

Swami ji said… " 'जीवन में 'लक्ष्य' होनाजरूरी होता है … A goal, an ambition, a dream - gives our life a sense of direction; a well defined purpose. The climb uphill towards one's goal can never be easy. It comes with its share of twists and turns, unforeseen problems and unimaginable obstacles - all... Continue Reading →

“Act without expectation …”

Swami ji said… " ' कर्म करो, फल की इच्छा मत करो…' This is ancient wisdom that has been passed down to us through generations. Words that motivate us to focus only on our actions and not on what we might obtain as a result of them. Words that give us a new perspective of... Continue Reading →

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