Swamiji’s Sandesh – ‘Aapa khona…’

855e6b3a-b85c-405d-a6fa-82d6ed3bc380Swamiji says …

“Strong emotions of anger, frustration, sadness and negativity rise within us at the snap of our fingers ! It takes one split second for us to erupt, get blinded by an upsurge of emotions, so despair-filled, and volatile, that one forgets to pay heed to the comforting, ticking sound of the moving needles of a clock, that desperately tries to reassure us that – ‘Time changes constantly, and so will it for you!’ But, so possessed are we by the oscillating emotions within us, that we allow that ‘something’ within us to snap, and more often than not… ‘log apna aapa kho dete hain, aur kuch bhi anarth kar baithtay hain!’

“How can man be so weak that he finds it easier to be enslaved by such hyper, mercurial emotions of despondency and alienation? But again, for a strange, peculiar reason he trusts these harbingers of tension more implicitly, than the encouraging words of family, friends, and relatives; and swims in them like a fish in water, unaware of its horrendous consequences! ‘Insaan kyun apna santulan kho deta hai aur apne dimaag se kaam nahi karta?’ When and how does he decide for himself and come to an illogical conclusion that all is lost – forever, the moment he sees his fortunes plummet and take a downward spiral at a point in time!”

“When faced with unforeseen challenges, immensely difficult circumstances and while walking a razor thin line, we can’t take the first short cut and commit an act so dastardly that – ‘Aadmi pachtaave ke laayak bhi nahi rehta hai! Aisa karna galat hai! ‘

“What we need to do immediately is to maintain our equilibrium and ensure that we do not lose our mind over issues that have been unnecessarily magnified by us – as it is the state of our mind, in such circumstances, that matters the most. Why do we take it for granted that a situation which appears to be grim at a particular moment, is irreversible, and that things can never get back to normal?”

“Destruction, disease and death, – will be witnessed by all of us at some point in our lives, but, somehow we take it for granted that ‘I’ as an individual, and ‘my’ loved ones will never be touched by any of these ‘certainties’ of life! If we think rationally for a minute, we will realise that it is impossible to evade cosmic plans that await each one of us!”

“And what about our ‘karma’? – and the fruit of our ‘karma’ that we must reap? We seem to miss out on this issue completely! ‘Karma’ – not only of our present lifetime, but also of the ‘karma’ that we have accumulated over the past births… ‘Insaan ka jeevan karmon ka khel hai!’ – but we refuse to hold any accountability for the part that had been played by us – ‘paap kartey huey…’ But we take no time at all in blaming God for every mishap and problem that is faced by us, and want to wash our hands clean from all the misdeeds and wrongdoings that have been committed by us in the past births! Doesn’t every ‘karma’ of ours play a pivotal role in deciding the pleasures and pain that we experience in the following lifetimes?”

“Every moment of our life is nothing, but a screen shot of every ‘paap’ and ‘punya’ that has been added to our karmic actions over innumerable cycles of birth and death! Are we aware of the ‘paap’ – the sins, various acts of crime that we had indulged in our preceding lifetimes. So how can we say confidently- ‘ Hum ne koi paap nahi kiya hai iss janam mein!’ and question – ‘Why has this grave misfortune befallen me?’- and rather than holding the fort like a courageous warrior- ‘apna aapa kho dete hain… Insaan ko aisa nahi karna chahiye!”

” No, we can’t give up just like that! We need to remember that our faith can move mountains, and it is this faith alone that gives us the insight to understand – that we have to learn to fight our own demons, all by ourselves, single-handedly. Unpredictable circumstances could lead us to a situation when despite the other person’s earnest attempts to help us, it might not be possible for anyone else to stand by us during an unimaginably demanding period of our life, and ‘we’ alone are left to fight the war; as it is meant to happen that way…’aur chahate huey bhi koi humari madad nahi kar sakta hai’…as our karma wills it so…’

“It is during such moments that we need to accept that it is ‘karma’ that takes over, completely; not only ours, but also the ‘karma’ of only those with whom we are yet to settle our karmic account – and we should be glad to see our combined past ‘karma’ play out in this lifetime, and rather than questioning God, we should thank Him for giving us an opportunity to work out our past ‘karma’, in the present moment- arm ourselves with resolve, fortitude and determination; fight against all odds; tackle the situation with belief and intelligence… ‘aur aapa khoney ke bajaay’- emerge strong and victorious.”

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  1. Life is a challenge,meet it. Rightly advised by Swamiji that we should have courage and determination to face n fight against all odds. Having strong faith in self and faith in God , one can meet all the challenges. Thank you Swamiji for such beautiful message.

  2. We can not turn the past karnaa, but the present life is in our hand, hence the constructive, positive & spiritual karmas of this birth can make us more comfortable, affordable and bearable.
    Jai Gurudev.

  3. Om Gurudevo Namaha What a wonderful teaching at this time of life.When people are fighting for survival. How apt is this beautifully explained. With Swamijis kripa and Guidance one really grows up in faith.In todays world i have learnt how to fight with situations,it is very easy to say and difficult to practice meditation,dhyanam,chanting and studying and encouraging others how to overcome our situations for an ordinary person like me .But with his holy blessings and grace i have learnt a part of it but not mastered on it.How truly said life is a cycle of birth ,sufferings and death.If we wish to free ourselves from this cycle of the same we need to get enlightenment in this lifetime .How can we do that.as swamiji said by controlling our emotions. We really need to balance our life and believe in the mystic power which is inherent in all of us.We all have the potential to tap our mystic truth by chanting the name of the creator.We all need to stop running after earthly desires and learn to accept the fact of life that what we have to suffer we will suffer because of our past karmas and what we have to enjoy we shall enjoy and appreciate our environment we should always count our blessings and keep an equilibrium in our lives which is extremely difficult in today’s situations. Let me quote a beautiful metaphor of waves on the ocean from somewhere i read”birth is like a wave appearing on the surface of the ocean-the life of the universe-while death is submerging back inti the ocean.”when we start understanding this we start walking towards the holy path.As per todays sandesh this is what is my understanding about life.so lets all fight courageously with our situations and stop blaming God for it,as we are responsible for our own karmas.God did not ask to create the karmas we did it own our own.We ultimately have to reap what we sow.We all can lesten our Karmic Retribution by doing good deeds being compassionate and helping others instead of feeling helpless and miserable that we do not leave the scope to improve ourselves abd polish ourselves and our souls by chanting his name.Our action and thoughts are the features which creates our Karma so lets work on them and be positive in life with the grace of pojniye Swamiji. Swamiji please keep on showering your blessings on us so we all follow the path of enlightenment and be victorious in our lives.
    Thank you Swamiji for such a beautiful sandesh.
    Om Gurudevo Namaha.

  4. Thanks Swamiji for blessing all of us with such an eye opening and divine thought.

  5. How much we may try, but we cannot change the cosmic plan. And we cannot understand it either. ‘His’ plan works according to our karma only. The karma that accumulated from countless past births!!
    Though we cannot undo them, we can definitely change for the betterment now.
    As our Swamiji has assured us, if we workout our past karma, we’ll definitely emerge strong and victorious!
    Thank you Swamiji…for your unceasing love and guidance….

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