“Stay motivated. Stay encouraged ! Learn from every challenge and difficult situation that comes your way.” ” Prerit raho ! Har kasht se, har mushkil se , har pareshaani se prerna lo !”

In Spanish

“Mantente motivado. Manténgase animado ! Aprenda de cada desafío y situación difícil que se le ocurra”.

In Japanese


`Yaruki o iji shite kudasai. Hagemasa re tsudzukete kudasai! Anata no michi ni kuru arayuru kon’nan ya kon’nan’na jōkyō kara manabimashou.’

In Urdu

“حوصلہ افزائی کریں۔ حوصلہ افزائی کریں! ہر چیلنج اور مشکل صورتحال سے سبق حاصل کریں جو آپ کے راستے میں آتا ہے۔”

Swamiji says …

” Life can never be picture perfect. We may want it to pan out before us – on our terms and conditions ; a ‘dream’ life that we can live
according to our wishes and desires ; where everything is timed accurately – in sync with the needles of our watches , but life , to be honest , is anything , but like this – as it keeps the element of surprise and mystery that it has for each one of us , concealed , and reveals them to us , at the time considered appropriate by it. We may want it to be an idyllic, a ‘happy’ only space, peaceful and pleasant , but that is not the way it is.”

” The events and happenings that we experience and live through , during our lifetime , are not in our command and control. Life is simply what it wants to be. It travels at a breakneck speed on highways when it wants to and , all of a sudden , applies brakes at speed – breakers. It is unpredictable and intriguing. It unfolds different shades and emits varied fragrances , every single day of our life. It could be dull , drab , grey one day ; but exciting , vibrant and colorful the very next day. Sweet , one minute – but bitter the very next. Uneventful , one second , but challenging the very next second. It stuns us by gifting a bouquet of breathtakingly beautiful red roses on a particular day , and shocks us by throwing brickbats the very next day , at us. It tests us , tries us and tires us , but we have to nurture an indefatigable spirit , and remain calm , as we look at the brewing storm with confidence, assured that we will face it boldly, fearlessly and emerge a winner.”

” A lot depends on how you handle moments of crisis and challenge. You can either suffer and make a big hullabaloo about your ‘kasht’ … problem or try to think of ways and means of attempting to solve the issue. You can’t give up without a fight. If you look around with an aim of motivating yourself and finding a solution , you will not have to look very far , as Mother Nature – the greatest teacher can teach you a lot – silently , but effectively and emphatically. You must be familiar with the sight of a leaf that has fallen from a tree – withered , dry, forlorn, dejected … lying lifeless on the ground , sure that it could never again , reach the height that it was accustomed to , when it was alive – a vital part of a strong , big tree. But when a strong gust of wind chooses to embrace it lovingly , swirls it up high in the air along with its current , makes it rise and reach out to the sky once again – can you imagine the elated state in which it would be ? Try to relate with the happiness that the leaf would be experiencing on being taken to such great heights once again. Similar should be the case with you. When you are down and out , faced with a problem – a complicated situation that faces only a dead end , remind yourself of that leaf , and promise yourself that no challenge is insurmountable – and you too want to rise to the occasion, meet the challenge, overcome it and prove a point to yourself that you have learnt a lesson of great significance from it .To develop the skill of staying motivated , encouraging yourself to instill a ‘never say die’ attitude … and to try to attend to the demanding and disturbing issue , once again , with a surge of new found confidence. Never make the mistake of just sitting with a problem – scared and agitated. Work methodically and systematically towards finding a solution to the problem.The question of accepting defeat and surrendering without trying should just not arise ! You haven’t taken birth to just fade away ! ‘Jeevan ko utsah se jiyo !’ “

” Once you’ve tackled the problem and tasted sweet success , savour the sweetness of it . Feel invigorated , recharged, celebrate the moment of your well deserved glory. Understand the value …the meaning of this life that you are fortunate to have been blessed with. You should promise yourself to always stay motivated and encouraged. Age is immaterial. Your attitude towards life should not be determined by your age. It becomes on you to remain enthused, energized and excited about life whether you are a child , an adolescent , an adult , middle – aged or an elderly person …till the last moment of your breath. Look at the spellbinding beauty of Nature all around you and draw strength from it. At the same time reflect on all the calamities that it causes and endures … earthquakes, storms , floods …
destruction and devastation … but once its fury is spent and anger abated , it once again begins its healing , nursing and repairing process. It faces the challenge … the uphill task of rebuilding itself with great faith and belief in itself.”

” These very traits of faith and self – belief can be discovered by you , when you walk on the path of goodness and honesty , and realise that the inner strength …the motivation … encouragement … is all within you , and you need to awaken them from the state of lethargy and disuse in which they are lying. You must learn to live life the way it is to be lived … in a state of joy , bliss and thankfulness.Take pleasure in the smallest things that life has to offer to you …that can bring a smile to your face and make you happy. You cannot behave like the vanquished, but on the contrary, you have to develop the attitude and mind of a victor , and rise like the Phoenix from the ashes , again and again , if need be , to motivate and encourage yourself to succeed , so that you are able to finally reach your destination – ‘apni manzil tak pahunchoge’ – and believe me , you most certainly will succeed.”

Swamiji’s message translated in Spanish

” La vida nunca puede ser perfecta para la imagen. Es posible que deseemos que salga ante nosotros – en nuestros términos y condiciones ; una vida ‘sueño’ que podemos vivir de acuerdo con nuestros deseos; donde todo se cronometra con precisión – en sincronía con las agujas de nuestros relojes, pero la vida, para ser honesto, es cualquier cosa, pero así – ya que mantiene el elemento de sorpresa y misterio que tiene para cada uno de nosotros, oculto, y nos los revela, en el momento que considere apropiado. Tal vez queramos que sea un espacio idílico, “feliz” único, pacífico y agradable, pero no es así como es”.

” Los eventos y acontecimientos que experimentamos y vivimos, durante nuestra vida, no están en nuestro comando y control. La vida es simplemente lo que quiere ser. Viaja a una velocidad vertiginosa en las carreteras cuando se quiere y, de repente, aplica frenos a la velocidad – interruptores. Es impredecible e intrigante. Despliega diferentes tonos y emite fragancias variadas, todos los días de nuestra vida. Podría ser aburrido, sombrío, gris un día; pero emocionante, vibrante y colorido al día siguiente. Nos sorprende regalando un ramo de rosas rojas increíblemente hermosas en un día en particular, y nos sorprende arrojándonos ladrillos al día siguiente, a nosotros. Nos pone a prueba, nos prueba y nos cansa, pero tenemos que nutrir un espíritu infatigable, y mantener la calma, mientras miramos la tormenta cervecera con confianza, nos aseguramos de que lo afrontaremos con audacia, sin miedo y saldremos ganadores”.

” Mucho depende de cómo manejes los momentos de crisis y desafíos. Usted puede sufrir y hacer un gran hullabaloo sobre su problema o tratar de pensar en maneras y medios de tratar de resolver el problema. No puedes rendirte sin pelear. Si miras a tu alrededor con el objetivo de motivarte y encontrar una solución, no tendrás que mirar muy lejos, ya que la Madre Naturaleza – la mejor maestra puede enseñarte mucho – en silencio, pero de manera efectiva y enfática. Usted debe estar familiarizado con la vista de de una hoja que ha caído de un árbol – marchita, seco, desamparado, abatido … acostado sin vida en el suelo, seguro de que nunca más podría, alcanzar la altura a la que estaba acostumbrado, cuando estaba vivo – una parte vital de un árbol fuerte, grande. Pero cuando una fuerte ráfaga de viento elige abrazarlo con amor, lo arremolina en lo alto del aire junto con su corriente, hace que se eleve y llegue al cielo una vez más – se puede imaginar el estado etupedo en el que sería ? Trate de relacionarse con la felicidad felicidad que la hoja estaría experimentando al ser llevado a tan grandes alturas una vez más. Similar debería ser el caso con usted. Cuando estás abajo y fuera, ante un problema – una situación complicada que se enfrenta sólo a un callejón sin salida , recuérdese esa hoja, y prométete que ningún desafío es insuperable – y tú también quieres estar a la altura de la ocasión, afrontar el reto, superarlo y demostrar un punto para ti mismo que has aprendido una lección de gran importancia de ella. Desarrollar la habilidad de mantenerse motivado, animándose a inculcar una actitud de “nunca digas morir”… y tratar de atender el exigente e inquietante tema, una vez más, con una oleada de nueva confianza encontrada. Nunca cometa el error de estar sentado con un problema – asustado y agitado. Trabajar metódica y sistemáticamente para encontrar una solución al problema. La cuestión de aceptar la derrota y rendirse sin tratar de simplemente no surgir ! Usted no ha nacido para simplemente desvanecerse !

” Una vez que hayas abordado el problema y probado el éxito dulce, saborea la dulzura del mismo. Siéntase vigorizado, recargado, celebre el momento de su merecida gloria. Comprender el valor … el significado de esta vida con la que tienes la suerte de haber sido bendecido. Deberías prometerte mantenerte siempre motivado y animado. La edad es irrelevante. Tu actitud hacia la vida no debe ser determinada por tu edad. Se convierte en usted para permanecer entusiasmado, energizado y emocionado por la vida si usted es un niño, un adolescente, un adulto, medio – edad o una persona mayor … hasta el último momento de tu aliento. Mira la fascinante belleza de la Naturaleza a tu alrededor y saca fuerzas de ella. Al mismo tiempo reflexiona sobre todas las calamidades que causa y perdura … terremotos, tormentas, inundaciones…

destrucción y devastación … pero una vez que se gasta su furia y se reduce la ira, una vez más comienza su proceso de curación, enfermería y reparación. Se enfrenta al desafío … la tarea cuesta arriba de reconstruirse con gran fe y creencia en sí misma.”

” Estos mismos rasgos de fe y de sí mismo – la creencia puede ser descubierto por ti, cuando caminas por el camino de la bondad y la honestidad, y te das cuenta de que la fuerza interior … la motivación … Estímulo… está todo dentro de ti, y necesitas despertarlos del estado de letargo y desuso en el que están mintiendo. Debes aprender a vivir la vida como es vivir… en un estado de alegría, dicha y gratitud. Tome placer en las cosas más pequeñas que la vida tiene para ofrecer a usted … que puede traer una sonrisa a tu cara y hacerte feliz. No puedes comportarte como el vencido, pero por el contrario, tienes que desarrollar la actitud y la mente de un vencedor, y levantarte como el Fénix de las cenizas, una y otra vez, si es necesario, para motivarte y animarte a triunfar, para que puedas finalmente alcanzar el alcance su destino – y créanme, sin duda tendrá éxito .”

19 thoughts on ““Stay motivated. Stay encouraged ! Learn from every challenge and difficult situation that comes your way.” ” Prerit raho ! Har kasht se, har mushkil se , har pareshaani se prerna lo !”

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  1. This message came at a time, that I really wanted it to. Thank you Swamiji. Om swami Sri Ajay guru devaya namah

  2. This is a brilliant message and depicts the situation I am right now in. I am confident that with your support, love and guidance this challenge would be surmounted. The analogy with a fallen leaf is so apt. To quote Winston Churchill, ‘ A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty’. Success 🙌 consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. Mountain tops inspire leaders but valleys mature them.

    Thank you Swamiji.

    Grateful, as always.

    Vineet Sawhney

  3. Life is unpredictable and many times we are put to the test by it. This is the time when we can marshal all our abilities and our willpower to taste victory. Though the level of will power, confidence and tolerance differ from person to person, this spark is definitely there in each one of us.

    Keep this spark alive within yourself and strengthen it each moment so that you can sail through the rough situations smoothly. This is what Swamiji inspire us with his pearls of wisdom to face difficult situations with courage and strength and still be happy.

    Gratitude 🙏

  4. As expressed by Saipriya and Vineet Sawney , Swamiji’s messages are timely , to the point and practical.
    Swamiji is our life coach.
    He doesn’t give dry and hollow spiritual discourse , but guides us by holding our hand and by putting himself be in our situation.

  5. Motivation is what drives you towards a goal, gets you up in the morning, and keeps you working through a task, determined to succeed when things get tough.
    Goals give you a direction to focus on. This can help you to stay motivated.
    We all have a responsibility for the greater good of our selves and planet Earth. And that responsibility is to work on ourselves, and help raise the collective consciousness. So that we can begin to thrive and heal our home, Planet Earth.
    If we are not growing and moving towards our goals and dreams, we are committing spiritual suicide.
    As our Swamiji has assured us, that we have to develop the attitude and mind of a victor,to motivate and encourage ourselves to succeed, so that we are able to finally reach our destination.

  6. ये जीवन है जिसमें हर पल नये रंग ,संघर्ष और अवसर। जिसने जितना रगड़ के जिया उतना ही सहज और स्थापित। स्वामी जी का यह उद्धरण -वृक्ष से टूटा पात कभी भी पुनः उसी स्थान को ग्रहण नहीं कर सकता,उसी प्रकार गुरू और ईश्वर से टूटा सम्पर्क पुनः उसी मूल रूप में स्थापित होना असंभव है।अपने प्रिय गुरू से सदैव जुड़े रहें (Stay connected with our beloved Swamiji).

  7. I am already feeling elated and motivated just by reading & thinking about Swamiji🙏🙏 Much needed dose of motivation 🙏🙏Thank you once again Swamiji !!

  8. Om gurudevo namaha. How beautifully u have said. I must share my experience with all of u. Swamijis teachings have really taught me to accept every challenge n except it and I always enjoy learning from it. I am grateful to Swamiji to give me sooooo much of endurance power to face all the challenges and learn from them. Honestly speaking if Swamiji was not a part of my life I would have died some 22yrs ago. The kind of knowledge he gave me, I was able to fight with the situation and learn from it. It’s not one incidence, there are multiple of events which happened in my life. With all his blessings I survived every time and learnt so much. With his blessings I will deffinately share all the incidents, which will give motivation to each one of you. Swamijis love is beyond measure my life is a gift of Swamiji. Shukriya Swamiji.

  9. 🙏🙏🙏ॐ स्वामी श्री अजय गुरूदेवाऐ नम: 🙏🙏🙏

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