Swamiji says …

“You are acquainted with the process of learning from that very moment when God infuses ‘life’ … ‘prana source’ in you. At birth , you learn to adjust your eyes to the brilliance of light in which the universe is bathed…and open them, finally, on your own accord. The umbilical cord that connects and attaches you to your mother … develops a bond so strong… physical, emotional and mental with her that a kind of self-learning makes you aware that she is your mother and enables you to single her out and respond only to her as your mother.”

“During your formative years your parents sow seeds of noble values and ‘sanskaars’ in you… teach you the difference between right and wrong and to be honest and truthful. They prove to be your greatest educators as you are introduced to life-skills by them, step by step, as they lovingly and patiently prepare you for the future that awaits you. Teachers educate you in school in various subjects and you gain theoretical and practical knowledge and you eagerly learn all that is taught, as your aim is to excel at academics. Coaching by private tutors hone your academic skills further at a certain cost. Lectures by professors who are experts in their subjects make you skilful and prepare you for your professional life. Different people from diverse fields educate you and empower you with knowledge that will make you carve a name for yourself in society and to earn your bread and butter. The list of people who have played an integral part in making you what you are today is long.”

“But the same cannot be said when we talk about an individual who is to be initiated and receive ‘diksha’ …the sacred ‘mantra’ …the syllables and sound of those magical words that are whispered in your ear … directing you onto the mysterious spiritual path… can only be imparted by ONE … The One Chosen to be your spiritual Teacher, by The ‘Neeli chatriwala’ … in the form of a ‘self realized’ Guru and you have the rare, golden opportunity to gain ‘True knowledge’ from Him and realise that your ‘internal’ cleansing by the Guru-ma is as much important as the ‘external’ cleansing of your physical being. The spark of spirituality latent, within you, can only be fanned by Him, as He alone has the divine ability … a gift given to Him by ‘vidhaata’ …The Absolute … to awaken you spiritually … and He smilingly takes upon Himself your ‘karma’ … good and bad … as He transfers spiritual knowledge in you. As he is The One who has seen God, heard Him and felt Him, he enriches us spiritually and we start understanding that we are nothing but a part of the ‘Divine Light’. The Chosen One is enlightened and quenches your spiritual thirst … answers your unanswered queries …
Who Am I ? Where Have I come from ? Why have I come here?
Where will I go? And only He can acquaint you with the Truth.”

“Remember to perform every ‘karma’ of yours in such a manner that very soon you too could be initiated and receive ‘diksha’ from a ‘sachcha sant’ … a self -realised soul.”


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  1. Different ways of and several tutors are there for learning, but spirituality can be gained from One self realized Guru only.
    True elaboration in this message,
    Jai Swami ji

    1. मिलता तो बहुत कुछ है इस ज़िन्दगी में, बस हम गिनती उसी की करते हैं, जो हासिल ना हो सका ॥ “प्राप्त ही पर्याप्त है”

  2. Pranaam Swamiji 🙏🙏🌸🌸 Thank you for being our mentor and guide..our spiritual upliftment would not have been possible without you!!!

  3. It is our greatest bliss, that we are taken care by such a GURU in every moment of our lives. Pranam Swamyji.🙏🙏🙏

  4. Swamiji.
    In shabdo ne ruh Ko Chu Liya…
    AAP aur Kewal AAP hi hain ..SAB taraf..

    Sachmuch….AAP ke and se yeh Jiwan Sanwar Gaya…


  6. Thanks Swamiji for enlightening us with the most important aspect of life and being always there with us!!!!!
    Om Shri Swami Ajay Gurudevaye Namah🙏🙏🙏

  7. स्वामी जी को बारम्बार प्रणाम है। स्वामी जी ने मुझे अपना सानिध्य दिया , मुझे अपने से जोड़ा। यह मेरे जीवन का एक गौर्वान्वित सौभाग्य है।
    स्वामी जी के चरणों में नमन करता हूँ।

  8. Swamiji is both my worldly as well as spiritual Guru.
    Jagat and Jagdish go side by side when Swamiji is with us.

  9. At each stage of learning – elementary, middle, high school, university we come across various teachers equipping us with the subject knowledge but the ultimate Gyan of “Self Realization” can be imbibed only by Guru.. lucky to have Swamiji to guide us in that path… Jai Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha

  10. Manav kitna bhi shikshit ho lekin Guru gyan ke bina to diksha pa hi nhi sakta
    Pranaam Swami ji

  11. To have a spiritual guru is the result of punya acquired over innumerable janmas.
    It is not in our hands to have a guru and take deeksha from him.
    When God is pleased with us he will attach us to a sadguru to lead us to that divine path, until we merge into the divine light. After taking deeksha from Guru, it is the duty of the devotee to follow strictly on the path laid by the Guru.
    We, the devotees of Swamiji should lead our lives in such a manner to make our Guru proud.
    I pray to Swamiji with folded hands to give us all the strength to adhere to his shiksha.

  12. *साचां प्रेमिया पर कृपा थारी, रोज करे सिणगार*

    *केसर तिलक लगावे थारे, इत्तर की भरमार*
    ॐ स्वामी अजय गुरु देवाय नमः

  13. There are so many people to give advice and tell so many things but there is only one person who can give us true advice and show us the right path who is only one and one person our dearest Swamji.

  14. Om gurudevo namaha .How truely said there are thousands of people who will come and give us advice and try to show us the path, but there is only one person who can guide us and impart best of knowledge to show us the direction to attain enlightenment .Swamiji is one of them who’s is constantly working for our benefits selflessly. He is the only person who can always give us right advice, without him life would be impossible. Whatever he says has lot of meaning and essence I truly believe in what ever he says, I have experienced Soo many things in my life. He has always imparted us with true knowledge to attain happiness it only depends on us how seriously we take what he is true Sadguru of my life who is driving my life to achieve all the goals whatever he thinks is best for us. I owe my life and gratitude to him for making me such a different person. His one word also means a world to me. I am extremely blessed to have a Guruji like Swamiji. Om gurudevo namaha.

  15. Om Swami Ajay Gurudevaya namah🙏🏻
    Thank you Swamiji for accepting us as your disciple 🙏🏻🌷🙏🏻

  16. The teacher teaches for a specific period of time whereas the Guru continues to guide his disciple 24 hours of the day both through the medium of words and beyond them. A Guru takes care of his disciple in any catastrophe while a teacher is not concerned about the student’s personal life.

    The Guru acts as the intermediary between the soul and the Supreme. The blessings of God come through our guru who speaks and act on behalf of God.

    Thank you Swamiji for always being on being our side to protect and guide us.

    1. Seeking such Diksha has been the eternal quest for a true seeker of spiritual path.. I sincerely pray that Swamiji blesses all of us with such a boon.
      Pranam Swamiji.

  17. Swamiji ko Shat Shat naman. Thank you Swamiji hume apni sharan mei lene ke liye. Om Swami shri Ajay Gurudevaya Namah🙏🏼🌹🙏🏼🌹🙏🏼🌹🙏🏼

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