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What is wealth to us ? What do we understand by the meaning of the words being wealthy – ‘धनवान’ होना? For most of us today wealth is synonymous with money, cars, houses, jewellery, and other possessions. In fact, to think of wealth as a means to anything else would seem unimaginable to almost everyone around us. Society always measures a man’s worth on a materialistic scale. Great respect is given to those who have surplus wealth and unlimited assets. If we could hear ourselves talk the way we do – about wealthy people – the reverential tone, the hushed voice with a mix of admiration and jealousy – as we describe what they have or possess – we would most certainly be embarrassed later. In fact, when we talk or discuss about the rich and famous , it appears as though we are talking about our heroes ; our role models.

But , this is also the truth about us. Modern day heroes are the wealthiest of businessmen, actors and sportspersons. Their swanky cars, expensive clothes, sprawling mansions – inspire the youth to work hard to accumulate their own wealth.The dreams of people today are all about possessing the same things and having luxurious and comfortable lifestyles.

But , where do we place God in all of this? Today, He , is mostly reached out to when one looks for wealth for his own benefit frantically. Most of the prayers He receives from us – are but requests – to be granted more money, more land, more of everything. In such a world, the soul ; the spirit have only a diminishing value. The urge to possess more has outrun the need to know – oneself.

But , perhaps we need to take a step back and see why we behave like this ; what makes us behave like this. It is because our mind is not at peace. We have convinced ourselves that we can only be happy when we ‘possess’ something. This approach is bound to cause misery.True wealth of course, is having ‘happiness and joy’, ‘peace of mind’ – but , we are miles away from these – aa we have somehow learnt to relate happiness purely with earning money and accumulating possessions. Yes, lack of money can truly be stressful, but , excess of it can not guarantee happiness and a solution of problems. Money cannot buy us emotions. Houses can shelter the body, but , they cannot shelter the mind and soul. So, perhaps it is time we prayed to God to show us, how we can truly achieve ‘peace’ within. Perhaps He can tell us, guide us towards what we need to be truly wealthy.

Isn’t good health – wealth? Are we not willing to give away all our money in order to be healthy again, or , to see our loved one recover from a dreadful disease and be safe and sound once again? Isn’t ‘knowledge’ wealth – for without it – it would be difficult to navigate the different places around us ?Why then do we let ourselves develop a tunnel vision just for materialistic possessions?

In all
probability , it might not be possible for us to understand on our own – what ‘true’ wealth is ! Does wealth and wealthy refer to people with millions in their bank account , or , to those who have a bare nominal amount in their accounts ?Neither will actually ever know. If there is anyone who knows anything at all about this – then it is only God and ‘guru.’ The only thing that we can do is try our best to follow their guidance and directions unfailingly. If we develop the skill to listen to Him ; to challenge ourselves to follow the path towards which He guides us – we are bound to find true wealth. And, maybe, that is what we all should pray for – His blessings ; His presence in our lives ; His Hand on our head. Because once we have all of this – there is none wealthier than us.

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