” ‘ईश्वर’ की आवाज़ अपने भीतर शांत भाव से सुनो…”

Swami ji said …

Talk we must – and man’s penchant to talk is known to all – be it relevant or irrelevant ; meaningful or meaningless
talk. Infact , it doesn’t take us too long to express our surprise on coming across a man of few words – quiet , reserved – as we fail to understand – what is understood by him – that it is better for him to speak only when his words are better than his silence. We whisper among ourselves – ” कितना कम बोलता है ये !” Those of us who are verbose and garrulous – don’t spare such people – comment even on them – as the vast majority of us – love to hear our own voice – at every given opportunity – and, if , we don’t get an opportunity, we simply create one for ourselves – by speaking out loudly, whatever plays on our mind, even when categorically told not to do so.We don’t pause for a minute to think whether what we are about to say ; do we really need to say it or not ! At times we speak just because we have to. It is more of a habit with some of us. Would it be wrong to say that , maybe , some of us love our own voice so much – that we are more than willing to drown the voice of other people, by speaking loudly and assertively most of the time ?

The din in which we live – with bedlam and babel of noises all around us ; it completely obliterates the sound of the soft , gentle ‘inner’ voice within us – which can only be heard – when one is quiet and at peace. The voice that comes from deep within us – from the stillness of our inner being – and, if , we are perceptive and wired to that voice – we cannot fail to hear His voice – the voice of God – which not only guides us and directs us to do the right thing – but also protects and shields us.

Our ‘अंतरात्मा’ is – and was always supposed to be still , at peace – happy – not elated by success nor perturbed by grief ; undisturbed by any kind of development that takes place in our day to day lives – focussing on giving each individual – the insight and strength to understand the nature and true purpose of life – which is to do good ‘karma’ in each lifetime and purify our ‘soul’ further so that we may merge with Him finally.

The senses of ‘saadhaks’, spiritual speakers, in particular, should be finely tuned to the minutest of vibrations and voices that arise and are generated within them. In solitude – which they must understand is not loneliness – they must touch, realise and experience this divine stillness, His presence within them – hear His Voice which speaks to them ; encourages them ; reminds them – not to be disheartened – when inspite of repeated attempts to meditate – the results according to them are as good as being fruitless. On detecting the first signs of weakness and thoughts of abandoning the spiritual path float in our mind – He unravels the beauty of the spiritual world ; steering us to new heights of spiritual bliss – making us reconsider our hasty decision of retracting from the spiritual path.

Many a times, one is woken up from deep slumber by His Voice – as He alerts us, cautions us to the perils and pitfalls that await us ; the good and favourable that can be looked forward to by us. ‘His’ generosity is boundless and on feeling our silent gratitude for Him , He responds by revealing to us His glorious divine forms – be it of the ‘Creator’, the ‘Preserver’, the ‘Destoyer’ and also of the female energy – ‘शक्ति’. We must have faith in the words of a self – realised ‘guru’ , a ‘सच्चा संत ‘ when He tells us emphatically and confidently – ‘मैं तुम्हारा ‘ध्यान बढ़ाउँगा..’ ‘मैं तुम्हें आध्यात्मिक पथ पर ले जाऊँगा…’ ‘ मैं तुम्हें ‘मोक्ष’ दिलाऊंगा …’ as He has been chosen by the Almighty to be His Voice.

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  1. Jai Gurudev
    The voice of Guru can only be heard when there is total silence of mind and senses.

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