“अपने भीतर ‘ईश्वर’ की उपस्थिति का अनुभव करो…”

Swami ji said…

Can we even recall the number of times we had picked up the receiver of our landline phones in the days gone by ; and do the same with our mobile phones in the present time too…when we had called up or call up a friend and say with genuine affection …”
बहुत दिन हो गए मिले हुए…दर्शन कब होंगे तुम्हारे…?” We had done so in the past and do so today too – talk to, share the joys and sorrows ; the ups and downs of life with those who matter to us ; our friends – all those to whom we are very close.The minute we think of anyone – an image of their physical form – forms before us – and the very thought of those who are particularly dear to us lights up our face ; a smile tugs at our lips and as we call them up – we say – ‘चलो , आज इससे बात करते हैं…’ And, once we begin talking, our talk time could last for a very long time. Don’t we very often remind ourselves that it is extremely essential for us to stay connected with all those who mean a lot to us? And, at times, we don’t leave any stone unturned to stay in touch with them. We feel that they might feel neglected and bad , if , we didn’t make an honest effort to reach out to them regularly. Such is our determination to not lose connection and communication with those who care for us and love us – that extensive plans are made to travel long distances to meet them – if need be across the globe too.

The question that arises next is that if we are so greatly consumed with love for family members and friends ; so
conscious and aware of what must be done by us to express our affection and love for them – those who could be far away from us, then what about reaching out to Him who is seated within us – ‘ वह जो साक्षात हमारे अंदर बैठे हैं ; जो हर क्षण हमारी देख भाल करते हैं ; जो हर पल हमारी निगरानी करते हैं – हमारे ‘परमात्मा’, ‘ईश्वर’ !
Are we even aware that He is within us ; that we are a part of Him ? Do we make the same effort or any effort at all ; take some initiative to establish a communication network with Him ; one that doesn’t depend on any technology, wires and cables ; but is cordless, wireless and can be set – up on zero expenditure – as all it needs is – divine love, firm faith, prayers that are said from a selfless, pure heart ; a mind filled with devotion while chanting His name ; grateful for all His mercies ; surrendering to His divine plan for us ; letting Him know that His generous love for us illuminates us with the awareness to understand – that the point at which we are at the present moment – is only because He wants us to be there – and only there.

The more we take His name ; the more we narrate His glories ; the more we think about Him ; the more we reflect on His wondrous doings – the more connected we will feel to Him ; feel His enlightening presence within us. Once the heart begins to embrace such thoughts ; the mind too starts thinking of embarking on the spiritual journey of experiencing His divinity within us and realising that God – is not anywhere outside of us, but , is residing within us.

A spiritual seeker realises that reciting , repeating and ruminating on the sacred syllables of the ‘गुरु – मंत्र benefit him in a way so personal that they can only be ‘felt’ and understood by him. He begins to feel that God has chosen Him over many others – and that his Creator on detecting the spark of spirituality in Him – is instrumental in directing him to receive the Grace of a self realised ‘सद्गुरु’- who not only reveals the glory of the spiritual world to him , but , also makes him realise that God and the spiritual seeker are ‘one’. On receiving this love and relating with His presence within us – life becomes not only more meaningful , but, also beautiful – as we, henceforth, think twice before doing anything wrong ; develop self restraint ; and understand that – ” ‘ईश्वर’ के साक्षात दर्शन पाने के लिए , हमें सबसे पहले अपने भीतर , ‘ईश्वर’ की उपस्थिति का अनुभव करना चाहिऐ…”

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  1. Beautiful message.
    Message didn’t come yesterday. But today’s message has compensated more than that.
    Jai Gurudev

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