” ‘अनुमान’ लगाने से ज्यादा बेहतर होता है ‘अनुभव’ करना…

Swami ji’s Sandesh…

Swami ji said…

The world today is filled with numerous opportunities. There are a plethora of things that one can pursue and do. In fact, compared to earlier times, there are considerably more options and things to take up today.
Yet, even in times of abundance, have we truly progressed? Do we as individuals live life pursuing more hobbies or picking up more skills than our ancestors? How many of us can actually say that we have learnt something new in the last five years ; acquired new skills, or , imbibed new routines or habits? Very few of us could answer this in the affirmative.
The reason is very simple. We are all prone to ‘paralysis by analysis’. Whenever our interest is kindled in something – we look it up; research more on it; talk to people about its benefits, compare it, consider it etc. etc. ‘हम चीजों का अनुमान लगाने लगते है…हम ये भूल जाते हैं कि हमारा
अनुमान” गलत हो सकता है…”

We do this many a times and fail to understand that our assessment , our judgement could be wrong – and it would be better to experience whatever it is that could benefit us and help us evolve – ‘उस चीज़ का ‘अनुभव’ करना, अनुमान’ लगाने से ज्यादा बेहतर होता है…’ to ‘do’ it ; to implement it ; to experience it.
Be it exercise, yoga, different courses, morning routines, healthy nutrition and diets – all of us do show interest in different things. We are well aware of the benefits that such activities would provide us with. In fact, we are walking encyclopaedias when it comes to preaching others about the positive effects of these activities. Yet, we rarely put these sermons into practice. This is because we have ‘assessed and analysed’ a lot of things in life, but, not practiced them or implemented them…” हम भूल जाते हैं कि अनुभव बहुत zaroori होता है और कभी गलत नहीं होता …”

And the reason for this is simple. It is our weakness of being so easily distracted by things that we wrongly feel could be more beneficial for us – that prevents us from doing something new. We have some kind of a mental block that makes us wary of trying anything new. Sometimes the time is not right ; sometimes the place is not right. Somehow, we always look for excuses to postpone or cause a delay while beginning something new.

The same challenge is faced by the spiritual seeker. One reads books on spirituality. One listens to holy men on television. ‘Gyan’ is even assimilated and accumulated by us through us. Yet, it is hardly put into practice. One can maybe even relate with the peaceful state that the mind would experience after meditating – yet, we are barely able to meditate. We say, without batting an eyelid, that at times we are unable to find even ten minutes in a day to meditate ; but , find all the time, to watch numerous videos that preach the benefits of meditating on our gadgets. Rather than indulging in all the above activities – we must strive to ‘do’ in earnest.

Experience -‘ हमारा अनुभव ‘ –
is the greatest teacher. One can only excel in life – firstly – by facing life head on – instead of hiding from it , and, secondly, by trying to ‘prepare for it’. The spiritual seekers must simply – ‘begin’. They should abandon negative thoughts – which make them feel that the spiritual ‘process’ is complicated – and simply begin with basic steps – anything that they are comfortable with. God can be remembered anywhere , anytime – so we need to keep that in our mind – and remember Him whenever this divine thought occurs. It could be while crossing the street ; while falling asleep – anytime is absolutely fine. If we are busy at work – let us take His name while working. But, start we must – as only then can we truly begin our spiritual journey. Gradually with time, we will come up with our own process, or , with our own routine to keep ourselves focussed on the path of spirituality… We need to remind ourselves that – ” हमारा ‘अनुमान’ ज़्यादातर हमारे मन की कल्पना होती है…और हमारा ‘अनुभव’ हमारे जीवन की सीख।”

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