Swami ji’s Sandesh… ” ‘ईश्वर’ पे भरोसा और विश्वास रखने से ही हमें हिम्मत मिलती है…’

Swami ji said…

‘Have faith in God.’ ‘Everything will be fine !’ These are words – said to us – whenever we are in times of difficulty. Are these comforting, soothing words said – superficially – just because they are supposed to be said ? Or are they said from a heart that sincerely believes in the truth of these words ? Do all those people who try to apply balm on our agitated nerves – themselves believe in the deep significance underlying these words ? Have they practiced and experienced the ‘true’ effect of these words in real life situations ? Is it their unshakeable faith in these words – ‘ Have faith !’ – that makes them say it, or, do they say it because they’ve grown up hearing these words being said around them all the time? Do their voices have conviction when they say so, or , is there a tinge of doubt , uncertainty in their voice when they say – ‘ Have faith’. But, if , this is the case – then why is it so?

If we look at our personal experiences, we will understand ‘why’. In moments of darkness, when life is seemingly difficult – it might be extremely difficult for most of us to have faith in someone , or , in something that we have not experienced ever before . For most of us, blinded by ‘maya’, it is very difficult to believe that there is someone – who we have never met physically ; never had a conversation with face to face – is ‘the’ only one who ‘can’ and ‘will’ make things right. It is only during such moments that – our belief in God – to whatever extent it might be – is severely questioned and tested by the ‘logical mind’.

Many a times, whatever little faith, belief one has developed in God – breaks away in times of severe distress. But, the statements still stand – ‘Have faith in God.’ ‘In God we Trust.’ To start having faith in God, right in the middle of a crisis, could be next to impossible and could also be laughable to the sages of old. But, to be truly able to have such faith, and, to gain strength from it – we must start somewhere.Thus, for the non – enlightened souls, the best way forward is to muster up courage and strength. They must battle with the mind and ignore its alarming, chaotic thoughts.They must, if needed, forcefully, submit themselves to God. Even if they cannot feel His presence, they must place their trust in Him and wait patiently.

Just like in every other field – mastering the art of having complete faith in God – also needs practice. Ironically, our past ‘karma’ does ensure that we run into deep, troubled waters time and time again – and thus gives us ample opportunities – to repose our faith in God repeatedly – which we must do with firm conviction. Many attempts will have to be made to perfect this skill.
It is bound to be challenging in the beginning. The mind will be restless and fearful. It will tell us that prayer is a waste of time and that our doom is near. In fact, the mind will only recommend hasty, unplanned action – one after another – making us behave like a crazy person. But we must resist. We must first tell ourselves – ‘ Since God has brought us into these circumstances; He will guide us away from these too.’ We must patiently wait for His guidance. We must pray to Him for guidance. Only then will we be able to think straight, and , do what is best for us, keeping in mind the conditions in which we find ourselves.

Gradually, with time, we will begin to be less and less fearful. The mind will gradually cease to panic in times of ‘uncertainty’. When the road ahead is unclear, we can simply meditate on God – with a mind and heart filled with faith and devotion – and ask Him for guidance, and, it will most certainly emerge in some form or another.

We will then realise that we can also do the same with the smallest of our worries. Complete surrender to God will put to sleep the smallest of niggles in the mind. We will realise that faith must be placed in God – not just in troubled times, but, also in those that seem good. Yes, undoubtedly, we will face losses in life.There will be setbacks for sure. We will lose loved ones, and, will also have to leave loved ones behind. But, how we emerge from these – whether with God or without Him – believing completely in His divine will or by losing faith in Him at unexpected losses, tragedies – depends completely on how deep rooted is our devotion to God and Guru ; our implicit belief in His teachings and Him…’ ईश्वर’ पे हम कितना भरोसा और विश्वास रखते है …’

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  1. “Just like in every other field – mastering the art of having complete faith in God – also needs practice.”

    Jai Gurudev

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