” सच्चे संत हमें केवल ‘समझाते’ ही नही हैं, परंतु हमें ‘समझते’ भी हैं…”

Swami ji said… ‘ They just don’t understand me !’ ‘ Why can’t they understand me?’ – is a cry straight from the heart – when we feel that we have been misunderstood by those, in particular , who matter the most to us, and, who – we, assume, should be the first ones to understand us. We are left wondering as to why are they unable to understand us at all – our temperament ; our habits ; our shortcomings ; our perspective. There are bound to be differences between each one of us, and , it is these differences that should be accepted and understood by all. We blame others for not understanding us but, then, don’t we wear an identical hat of – lack of understanding others. In all honesty, if we want to be understood by others ; we need to understand them first. All of us bear a typical characteristic of being judgemental – and that perhaps explains the root cause of unhappiness in many of us. All relationships that we share and have with others – rest on the pillars of understanding and acceptance of others. The minute there is a tremor in these pillars – cracks develop in relationships due to our inability to accept people the way they are ; in our failure to distinguish the differences between them and us and by putting an end to drawing unnecessary comparisons all the time between people. Only then could there be some scope for improved and increased understanding between all of us. Parents are heard complaining, very often, about the difficulties they face in comprehending their children and vice versa.They admit , sadly , that all attempts made by them, to make their child see perceived wisdom and goodness in the world – is mostly met with stiff resistance from their child’s end. Children at the same time infer that their parents have little understanding of them. Whatever be the provocation – for causing such an unfortunate sequence of events between parents and children – and in many other relationships – ‘ जब लोग एक दूसरे को ना समझ पाते हैं ,और ना ही समझा पाते हैं …’ – whether it is due to lack of respect , lack of trust – it ends up causing great distress for the concerned people equally. Wouldn’t life be wonderful if this wide rift of – mistrust – could be bridged by giving a patient hearing and trying to understand one another – for harmonious relationships between all ? However , among all the relationships that we live through in this lifetime – one relationship in which – we seem to fare better than all other relationships is – the divine relationship that develops between – a ‘सद्गुरु and His ‘शिष्य. The divine, pure love that a ‘saccha sant ‘ bears in his heart for a ‘सच्चा भक्त – on being experienced by the devotee – not only makes him lay his heart out in the open before his ‘guru’ – but he is also willing to listen, obey and adhere to his ‘guru’s’ instructions. The reason for doing so is plain and simple. The devotee begins to understand , over a period of time , that there is nothing that he will be able to hide – about himself – from his ‘सद्गुरु’s divine sight. No thought, no sin , no desire – nothing about the devotee – can remain hidden from the ‘सद्गुरु’.The ‘गुरू’ has no material expectations from his devotee and from the moment ‘He’ sets His eyes on him – He accepts him the way he is – with all his attributes and weaknesses – and from that moment the ‘गुरू’ takes his devotee’s responsibility on himself. Much like a mother who loves her child unconditionally, the ‘गुरू ‘ too loves his devotees equally , and , once ‘he’ has placed his hand on his devotee’s head…’ और जब एक बार अपने शिष्य का हाथ थाम लेते हैं…’ never does ‘he’ forsake him after that. The weaker the devotee ; more resolute is the ‘गुरू’ to lift him from the depths of darkness. ‘He’ is well aware of the past and present ‘कर्म of his devotees – which have made them the way they are in this lifetime. ‘He’ understands the complexes they suffer from and guides them to overcome, not only, their complexes, but also, their shortcomings. A devotee, who in the past had assumed, that all roads of life led only to material pleasures – is willing to be introduced and being led to the beauty of the spiritual path – on being directed by his ‘गुरु to do so. Wasn’t Guru Dronacharya aware of Eklavya’s desire to make ‘him’ – his ‘guru’ and learn archery from ‘him’ ? Guru Dronacharya had committed ‘himself’ to Arjun, and, thus, asked Eklavya for his thumb as ‘गुरू dakshina’. Didn’t Shri Krishna eradicate the confusion ; the dilemma that raged in Arjun’s mind, at the thought of raising his weapons against his cousins, at the Battle of Kurukshetra by imparting ‘ गीता ज्ञान ‘ to him ? ” ‘गुरु’ से बड़ा हितेषी हमारा कोई नहीं हो सकता – क्यूंकि वह हमें ‘समझते’ भी है और ‘समझाते’ भी हैं…”

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  1. How beautifully Swami ji has been guiding us.
    ” To make someone understand you , you must understand someone first ”

    Jai Gurudev 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

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