‘ईश्वर’ हमारे सबसे अच्छे मित्र बन सकते है …

Swami ji said… Through out history, man’s depiction of God, has mostly been of one – who is perfect ; who is almighty ; all-conquering; ever capable. It is so, because we with our imperfections, would have found it very difficult to put our faith in anything that would have been short of perfection. Lord Ram was ‘मर्यादा पुरूषोत्तम ‘ – unwavering in his ways, resolute and dedicated to His ‘dharma’. Lord Hanuman was a depiction of strength and purity – like none other. Even Lord Krishna, who was soft in appearance, relentlessly pursued the ‘truth’ – something which we humans find very difficult to do. Such perfection, is something that man can only dream of. It is almost impossible for him to be anywhere close to the way God appeared on this Earth. Thus, it is no wonder that man always feels inferior to God. One is bound to feel small and fearful in the presence of the infinite and source of all power. But we must ask ourselves. When has God ever asked us to fear Him? When has God ever threatened us? Yes, He is all powerful and perfect, but, isn’t He all loving and caring too ? Why then, do we not look at Him as our companion? The only one who is constantly by our side. Why don’t we try and have conversations with Him like we do with our friends? It is ironic, that despite there being so many of us, society is afflicted with loneliness. We are unable to ‘connect’ with people because we are too busy ‘judging’ others or are being ‘judged’ ourselves. There are no such problems with God. He knows us better than we know ourselves, and, yet , He is the last one to shun us for our imperfections. Why then, do we not try to befriend Him? God is not just to be prayed to for forgiveness or for boons. He is, most importantly, there to guide us. If there is anyone who would like to give us honest , sincere advise ; if there is anyone who would want to stop us from taking wrong steps – it is God. Doesn’t a true friend not do this? Why then do we not try to befriend Him ? We spend so much time with our own thoughts. Struggling with decisions, struggling with thoughts of the future. Perhaps we should try and have ‘internal’ discussions with God. Admit to Him why we seek something ; what our fears are. Yes, the conversations
would not be like those that we are used to, but, trust me, we will hear answers, we will feel distinct nudges. If we want to complain about how hard our life is, complain to Him. Tell Him why it has been a rough day, and why we feel we were treated in an unfair manner. He will make us see the reason behind it ; the main cause. He will make us feel better with His words. If we are happy ; we must tell Him how good we feel and why. If we feel that we are doing something bad, let us tell Him of our struggle and He will tell us what should be done by us and show us the way out of the situation in which we find ourselves. There should be absolutely nothing going in our mind that should not be revealed to Him. He knows who we are and we should not be afraid of revealing our true colours to Him ; rather should be brave to openly admit our weaknesses to Him and seek His help to overcome them. Such a friendship will liberate us. We will be more accepting of who we are and only then will we be able to take control of ourselves and improve ourselves – just the way any good friend would want us to. We need to remember that the true nature of certain things can be experienced – automatically – just by going close to them – ‘ Jaise ki गुलाब से सुगंध, अग्नि से गर्माहट और बर्फ से शीतलता…’ In a similar manner – ‘ईश्वर से निकटता बढ़ाने से, हमें हमारा सबसे अच्छा मित्र मिल जाएग…’

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    1. How beautiful.
      Swami ji is our SAKHA forever.
      Swami ji please help us maintain this kinship

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