“अपने ‘कर्मों’ के उत्तराधिकारी हम स्वयं हैं… “

Swami ji said… “If we were to scrutinise ourselves – not through tinted glasses, but a clear, opaque lens – we would unfailingly detect some characteristics –
peculiar and typical to us. Worried constantly about the future – that is when we are not lamenting about how cruel life has been to us in the present moment – we seem to draw a strange comfort, a sense of security from the amount of money that our bank accounts hold; the number of houses and vehicles we possess; the plots of land that we have invested in – and we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that we put down the name of the nominee or nominees – the name of the person or persons – to whom we intend to bequeath all our material possessions – on our passing away. A lot of time and effort is put in by most of us in ensuring that foolproof, legally sound ‘wills’ are made by us – in the name of our rightful heir or heirs … ‘हमारे सही उत्तराधिकारी या उत्तराधिकारियों
का नाम ही हम अपनी वसीयत और बाकी कानूनी कागज में लिखते हैं…’ and we are so greatly relieved and satisfied on accomplishing the task in the right manner – by dividing our assets fairly…”हमारे उत्तराधिकारियों के बीच में…” Wealth and property, all things tangible, can both – be inherited by , or , bequeathed to one or more individuals – as it can be shared and divided among a few. Very often, so elated are we merely at the thought of an imminent inheritance – that many of us start planning a rosy future – in anticipation of the wealth that we would inherit in the not too distant time. Our involvement with materialism is so complete these days – that every other aspect of life seems to have taken a back seat. We somehow are unable to see that the ‘one’ most important thing… “जिसके लिए हम स्वयं उत्तराधिकारी हैं – वह है हमारा ‘कर्म’…” that is projected through every thought, word, deed and action of ours. We must remember that our ‘कर्म’ is that one thing that cannot be divided or shared with anyone…”इस में हमारा कोई भागीदार नहीं होता है!” Since it is we who are the doers of our ‘कर्म ‘- we alone are solely accountable, responsible and answerable – for it. No one else can be held accountable for it. Many a times, we wilfully do whatever we want to do or feel like doing – even when we know – that what we are doing or intend to do is not right, is not correct …”जो कर्म
हम करने जा रहे हैं, वो ठीक नहीं है, सही नहीं है – गलत है…” So foolishly impulsive and irresponsible do we become that we don’t even pause for a second to think …”हमारे इस ‘कर्म’ का हमें क्या फल मिलेगा…?” Rather than deliberating on the final outcome of our ‘karma’ – we rashly do or say whatever we want to – and then when we are faced with the consequences of our ‘कर्म ‘ – we question God and blame Him. We are so adept at fault finding – that we don’t shy away from openly cursing Him for all the problems and challenges that come our way. What a beautiful life we would lead if we exercised a slight amount of careful thought, caution and constraint on ourselves before doing a wrong ‘कर्म’. Aren’t we more than happy at weighing and calculating the profit margin in every business transaction that we make ; the return or profit that any investment could fetch us ? Why can’t we then also deliberate on and try to envision the results of every action made by us ? Many times, even a little bit of moral application would tell us whether our course of action is good or not. Being empathetic towards others makes us mindful of the effect our words and actions have on others. Making small adjustments to facilitate the assistance of others goes a long way in keeping our ‘karmic’ accounts clean. Good ‘karma’ of course is borne of good thought. The more we steer ourselves to think of God ; the more we seek God’s guidance and blessings in our endeavours – the better will be our actions. The more we surrender ourselves to God ; the more we request him to take over us, the easier it will be to do right.

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  1. Pranam Swamiji.
    Please bestow Your Grace upon us so that we involve God in every thing that we think or do.

    Jai Gurudev

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