” सोच विचार कर के ही शब्दों का प्रयोग करो…”

Swami ji said… When we look at or think about others, we are not really surprised at seeing,or, realising that each one of us is an intriguing, fascinating combination of different emotions. Emotions – typical and distinctive to each one of us – that run strong in us – make us interact and deal with people – the way we are made, emotionally. Our behaviour , attitude, beliefs – clearly reflect our emotional characteristics – and that is what makes others – either walk towards us or turn away from us. There are some of us who are so emotional , so direct , forthright and straightforward that we are what we are – inside out – and speak out our mind , aloud – without thinking of the consequences that our clear , honest and direct words could have on others. Then there are a few among us who get so carried away by their emotions of happiness, anger or grief – that they make the mistake of – “आनंद में वचन दे देते हैं, क्रोध में उत्तर दे देते हैं और दुःख में निर्णय ले लेते हैं …” We must remember that the weight of words is measured in gold, and, thus words that are said by us in any situation – do not become meaningless or worthless – but, rather, heal than hurt ; mend than destroy ; convey love than hate. With a little bit of self – control and restraint we can master the skill of using the right words at the right time – thus hurting no one around us. Words once said can never be retrieved or taken back. Utmost caution needs to be exercised with words while we speak – with all those – with whom we have some
relationship or another. Words – incorrect , inappropriate and wrong – said at the spur of the moment – can hurt a person so deep – that regret or repenting over them later – proves to be useless. Misunderstandings that can never be resolved, end up lasting for a lifetime, and, all the goodwill and affection that one had borne for the other is washed away – that very instant and becomes a thing of the past. The power of words – the effect that they have on others – somehow has always been taken lightly by us. In all likelihood , we fail to see the value of commitment in the words that are said by us while making a promise to someone. A spiritual seeker should understand the sacred nature of the words when he says – ‘Gurudev, yes , I will ! ‘ and promises to obey a certain instruction – ‘aadesh’ that his ‘guru’ issues to him for his personal spiritual growth and improvement. How unfortunate would it be , if , we were to make a promise in our ‘guru’s presence – just to please Him and then completely forget to abide by it and make it an integral part of our life on a daily basis from then onwards.Why make a commitment that we are unable to keep ? If we were to reflect, in isolation, on our verbal reaction to others, when we are angry and enraged , and , although we might not admit it – we would actually hang our heads in shame. The contempt and impoliteness in our rude words to, maybe, even an unsuspecting person who might have bumped into us accidentally – could make us feel terrible later ; but then what is the point of being apologetic , unless and until, we promise to transform ourselves into better individuals. Many a times, when we see grief – stricken people around us faced with an unexpected tragedy, we are so greatly affected and overwhelmed by their sorrow – that we decide to stand by them as a pillar of support, and, be with them through thick and thin forever – but then what happens to that hasty, emotional decision of ours shortly – ” कुछ ही समय में हम सोचते हैं कि अपने ऊपर हम ने ये क्या जिम्मेदारी ले ली और अपने निर्णय पर पछताते हैं…” This is how fickle we can be – even to the words that were said by us – to ourselves. Let us remember to be careful and mindful of the words that are used by us while speaking and communicating with others.Hurtful words that had been said a long time back by someone to us are, strangely, never forgotten by us.Relationships that had been built over years are destroyed forever, within seconds, when we use words that cut and wound so deep – that those relationships can never be healed or repaired in future. Why should we ever do that ?

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  1. Pranam Swamiji.
    Thanks for the advice and we pray to you for granting us the strength to abide by your advice.
    Jai Gurudev 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Jai Gurudev, give us the courage and bearing strength to absorb the adverse words.

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