” जीवन सुख – सागर है, दुखों का पहाड़ नहीं …”

Swami ji’s Sandesh …

Swami ji said…

We live in a society which appears to be firmly entrenched in the roots of desires ; thrives on plentiful …’ जहां इच्छाओं का कोई अन्त ही नहीं है…’ and derives false strength from mottos such as – ‘ The more the better’; ‘ Never be satisfied’, ‘ Always ask for more’ and ‘Greed is good’. We celebrate excesses and are embarrassed of moderation and restraint. There is no such thing as ‘enough’, and , anyone who doesn’t want ‘more’ is looked down upon as weak, insignificant and a person not worth reckoning with.

Breathing in an environment that is saturated by
such narratives and ideals – the mind also begins to focus on ‘gains’ and ‘profits’. There is a constant pressure to look for more ; to assess what is lacking and how to acquire it. What one has managed to get in the present moment becomes inconsequential , and , what one doesn’t have – is – what drives our further actions in the materialistic world. Such an approach – unmindful of where it will lead us and what it will turn us into – does eventually lead to material gains … ‘ chahe apna sukh gavan ke.’ Man seeks not just to satisfy his and his family’s immediate hunger, but, also to satisfy their wishes and wants – for far into the future. He seeks not for just his lifetime but for generations after him – irrespective of the consequences that it has on his physical and mental being today. But is this not the mentality of a hoarder? ‘ वो कल के सुख के लिए आज दुःखी रहने को तैय्यार है !’ Can there be any peace in such a constant state of hunger and dissatisfaction?

It is crucial, thus, for us to find a balance. A point at which we can say to ourselves–’This is fine for now. I shall enjoy what I have – now ; and, if the need arises, I shall seek more.’ ‘जो तुम्हारे पास आज है, उस में तो सुखी रहो…ऐसा लगता है कि हम दुःखी होने का कारण ढूँढ ते रहते हैं ‘ – running after material possessions.

How then can we find such a balance? What we need to do is to put on a practical lens in life. We must question ourselves off and on – What is that we seek and why do we seek it ? Why do we need the latest phone? Will it make our life truly better and more comfortable ? Or, have we bought it just to show the world that we are better off than them? Is what we seek something to satisfy our vanity or a requirement? And, yes, sometimes even vanity and appearances are a means to an end in the society around us. Our profession might need us to maintain certain appearances, and , thus satisfying such demands are well justified. But , we must be aware of when we are falling into the rat race and making our lives miserable…’दुखी ‘ in order to present to others that – ‘ हम सुखी है , बहमूल्य, महँगी वस्तुओं के साथ…’ Only we would know about the lengths to which we’ve gone to project this false image of ours to the world.

The spiritual seeker must seek to gain ‘pleasure’ from his current state. He must not just ‘make do’ but ‘make the most’ with what he has. Such an approach towards life gives a sense of fulfilment and gratitude for what one has…’और वह हर क्षण सुख की अनुभूति करता है.’ His happiness and feeling of bliss is not dependent on any recently acquired possessions and for being recognised by others because of them. It also gives one the vision to see what is truly lacking in his life and what he actually needs to secure – with a clear, positive mind – as he knows that what he is embarking upon will be the best for him. In such a state, we do not feel hard- pressed for anything, but , instead are able to act purposefully with a sound aim and a happy mind. The more we honestly seek to answer the question – ‘Is what I have today enough for me?’ – the more will we start seeing how inconsequential materialistic things are in our life. We will begin to achieve more with less, and , our attachment to materialistic and worldly affairs will burn away. The stress of not having this or that ; the fear of being looked down upon and judged with a snigger – all of these will disappear making the mind lighter and the soul happier. The more we learn to enjoy with what we have ‘now’, the more confident and self-assured we will be in ourselves – and the more fruitful and beneficial will be our actions not just to us but for everyone around us.

We must remember – “जब हम, जीवन में जो मिला है , उसका आनन्द लेते हैं और प्रसन्न रहते हैं – उस मे सुख है…और जब हम , जो हमारे पास नही है , उसकी चाहत करते हैं और परेशान रहते हैं…वह दुख है…”

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