‘खामियाँ’ और खूबियां’

Swami ji said…

” हालाँकि यह दोनो शब्द … ‘खामियाँ’ और ‘खूबियां’ एक ही अक्षर से शुरु होते हैं….परन्तु दोनो शब्दों के मायने मे बहुत अन्तर है …’ And , each one of us , human that we are, are bound to be a combination of both – weaknesses and strengths…’ हम सब मे खामियाँ और खूबियां दोनो होती हैं…’
Fortunate are those – ‘जो खूबियों से लैस हैं…’ – who are strong, positive and cross the challenges of life with a ‘never – say – die’ frame of mind. But what about those whose weaknesses out – number their strengths ? What kind of an attitude do we bear for such family members, friends or relatives? Do we make it evident to them that they are on our watch list ; our critical eyes
constantly assessing them ; making them feel like worthless objects being subjected to silent censure by us !

When did we become so unkind – so devoid of compassion ! Why do we zero down on a person’s failings and talk only about them ? ‘खामियां सब मे होती हैं…उस इन्सान की जो खूबियां हैं, जोअच्छाईयां हैं ,उनको देखो..’Focus on his strengths ; make him aware of them, if , he is oblivious to them – as his weaknesses have dominated his strengths. He will most certainly have a few. Rather than reminding him of his weaknesses all the time – why don’t we loan him our strength ; let him know that ‘together’ we can try and help him overcome his frailty. Instead of whispering about his flaws – let us be vocal about his positives. Reach out to him with your kindness and caring words.

‘हम मे से कई शारीरिक खामियों से भी झूझते हैं ‘ … People suffer with physical disabilities, mental health issues and addictions, and, naturally, most of them are aware of the imperfection that is prevalent in them. A few, at times, could remain in denial about the problem that they are faced with.They struggle – either to be better or to muster up the needed strength to cope with the condition and affliction that unfortunately has got the better of them.The last thing they need is – in the face rejection – from us. It is not even pity that they are looking for ! All they need from people around them is love – unconditional and complete – acceptance and understanding of the effort being made by them to battle through the rigours of life with their physical or mental shortcomings. Sadly, it is this emotion, that most of us are unable to provide them with ! We need to feel and bear love for them ; appreciate their endeavours to put up a fight – ‘अपनी खामियों ke khilaaf ‘ – and laud them genuinely for their efforts.

We must not dwell on the shortcomings of our fellow beings, but, rather focus on the smallest fragment of strength, positivity, flair or talent that exists within them, and, exhort them to present it to outsiders – fearlessly. We should strive to see beyond the superficial surface and look deep into the souls of those around us who need to be made to feel stronger – with something that costs us nothing – selfless love.

For it is only when we take the time to appreciate and cultivate the strengths of others that we can truly help them overcome their weaknesses. Let us, therefore, be compassionate and understanding, like a gentle breeze that nudges the butterfly’s wings towards the light – and help them realise their true worth.

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  1. Very apt message for today.
    Let’s empathise with others and that is another name for love.
    Jai Gurudev

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