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Swami ji said…

How many of us can truly say that we are genuinely happy in the success of others? Or are truly pleased to see others achieve something that could not be attained by us? Can we honestly say we are delighted to see an exponential growth in someone else’s fortune ? Of course, there would be a few among us who could say with complete honesty that nothing gives them greater happiness than seeing others succeed and realise their potential. Sadly, the number of such well-wishers remains small and only a few of us can claim to rejoice with all sincerity – without a pang of envy or resentment – in the feats and accomplishments of others.

Jealousy often sets in early in our lives – be it between us and our siblings or our friends. From a young age, we find ourselves in competition with those around us – at home, school , or , in the playground. And , when someone else gets more attention, is more popular or liked, we can’t help but feel envious. Age has nothing to do with this emotion – as most of us ‘feel’ it within us during all phases of our life – as children , adolescents and adults.

But, do we ever pause and introspect when the all too familiar emotion of jealousy creeps into our psyche? It is a negative and hostile feeling that surfaces instantaneously upon hearing someone’s boastful proclamation of triumph. Unless that person is dear to us, the primary emotion that engulfs us is – jealousy. It is regrettable that we often surrender ourselves to this envy whenever we encounter someone else’s success, especially, if we view a particular domain as our exclusive forte. We cannot fathom being surpassed, outperformed, or , overtaken by any one else and jealousy ensnares us easily. We appear powerless to restrain it – and allow it to deplete our energy and transform our outlook into one that is bleak, negative, and sombre.

But , perhaps , it is worth considering that giving in to jealousy is the easy way out , for most of us. While it is baffling to see the way in which jealousy tends to sneak up on us so easily – almost without us realising it – we must train the mind to check itself , when it sees our heart being engulfed in the flames of envy. Instead of resenting the good fortune of others, we must try to observe and understand what they have done right to deserve their success. We should, in such situations, be motivated to learn and emulate the exceptional traits that made others more accomplished than us and excel in a field of their choice.

Jealousy stems from the ‘ego’ – as it is that which greatly values and desires worldly success and validation. When we allow jealousy to take hold of us, we are essentially surrendering to our ego and closing ourselves to any further spiritual development. However, we can choose to transcend this negative emotion by cultivating awareness and mindfulness in our thoughts and actions – and be free of jealousy and filled with love for all.

Finding peace and contentment in any and all situations is what we must strive for, if, we are to rid our hearts of even the slightest trace of envy. We must stop measuring our own lives’ worth by seeing what others achieve and acquire. We must make ourselves more humble and accept that wherever we are in life – it is solely due to God’s grace and our previous ‘karma’. So, it is not in our right to feel bitter , when God rewards someone with what they have earned and deserved in His eyes. ‘ ‘ईष्र्या’ ki aag mein hum khud hi jalte hain…aur sabse zyaada nuksaan apna hi karte hain… ‘ईष्र्या’ ne Duryodhan ko andha bana diya tha…Ussey antt mein kya mila ?’

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    1. Pranaam Gurudev 🙏🏻. Give us the strength and courage to follow your teachings and right path in our life

  1. We should try to find the qualities which led them to achieve what they have achieved. That will be a positive response than merely getting jealous of them. Remember that jealousy harms us only and not them.
    Jai Gurudev

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