” ‘गुरु – ज्ञान’ को रोज़ के जीवन में उपयोग करें…”

Swami ji said…

Every incident, occurrence, happening, or , interaction that takes place in our life ; plays out the way it does – was meant to happen that way. The element of surprise or shock, smiles or tears, elation or woe – every emotion experienced by us – had to happen that way. Recall the times when, against all odds, fate suddenly shifted in our favour, delivering us from the brink of defeat to the heights of triumph – all of it was fated to be so.

Everything that happens and takes place in our lives is providential – planned much in advance by the Almighty. Nothing happens by chance. No meeting is coincidental. We cross paths with every ‘soul’ – every individual who is destined to enter our lives during our sojourn in this mortal realm. But, apart from all those we meet and greet – be it in our personal and professional lives – the ‘meeting’ most sacred, holy and divine is when an individual’s – “भाग्य” और उसके kai janmo के अच्छे ‘कर्म’ उसे एक ‘सच्चे संत’ के द्वार पर ले जाते हैं… ‘गुरु’ भी अपने ‘सच्चे भक्त’ का बहुत समय से इंतजार
कर रहे होते हैं। जो divy तार ‘गुरू’ और शिष्य को जोड़ते हैं, वह उस नीली छतरी वाले की मर्जी और तय करे हुए समय पर ही मिलते हैं।’

The ‘Guru’, on accepting a devotee, takes upon himself the responsibility of ensuring that… “उनका कोई भक्त दरबार से खाली हाथ नहीं जाए।” He knows what his devotees want and he gives them what he knows is the best for each one of them. “एक ‘गुरु’ भी अपने भक्तों के प्रेम से बंधा होता है! एक आत्मज्ञानी ‘गुरु’ अपने भक्तों को सात मांओं का प्रेम देते हैं’… and much like a mother – cleanses their ‘being’ , but, he focuses on purifying their ‘inner’ being – अपने ‘ज्ञान’ से, अपनी पवित्र नज़र से.” It becomes the duty of the ‘guru’ to share his knowledge with his devotees – and after doing that, he leaves it to them – whether they are willing to embrace his teachings or remain unaffected by them and forget them within no time at all. Nothing would give a ‘guru’ greater happiness, than to see his devotees, eagerly, put into practice his words and teachings at the earliest.

Often times, those of us who are fortunate enough to have a ‘guru’ – are given a small instruction by the ‘guru’ – that appears to be seemingly insignificant on the surface. While, in the divinity of the sacred moment , we eagerly agree to abide by our ‘guru’s aadesh’, as time passes by, we do not pay much heed to it. We remember it, but, do not do much about it. We fail to realise that a task that was deceptively inconsequential – had been significantly given to us by the ‘guru’ – as it was most suited to us. We fail to realise that our ‘guru’ might have created a tailor-made solution for our problems; might have given us the ‘key’ to unlocking our own happiness.

After the Pandavas emerged victorious in the Kurukshetra war, they visited sage Vyasa to seek his blessings. Curious to know as to how they had succeeded in achieving victory, the sage posed a question to them. Arjuna, filled with pride, boasted that it was his skills as a great warrior – that had secured their triumph – and that Krishna’s role had been limited. This response did not sit well with Vyasa, who was disappointed by Arjuna’s arrogance, and , ingratitude towards Krishna. In a fit of anger, the sage cursed Arjuna that he would forget all the teachings that had been imparted to him by Shri Krishna on the battlefield.

This tale serves as a cautionary reminder of the consequences of disregarding one’s ‘guru’s’ teachings. After all, if , forgetting these teachings is deemed punishment enough, why would a spiritual seeker willingly inflict such a penalty upon himself by failing to follow and imbibing the wisdom imparted by his Guru? Would a worthy devotee find it demanding to walk the path shown to him by his ‘guru’ ? ‘Kya ‘satya’ ke marg par chalna , ‘nek karma’ karna’ , meethi vaani bolna, ‘aatyadhmikta’ ko apnana – bahut mushkil hai…’ Would it not be akin to walking off a cliff – inviting certain doom ?

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