” ईश्वर की दी हुई भूमिका को बेहतरीन निभाओ…”

Swami ji said…

Each one of us mean something to someone in this world. There is always some role – significant or insignificant – that we play in each other’s lives – be it in a professional setting; a social or familial construct.We are life-saving doctors, civil servants, pay masters, mentors, fathers and mothers – many times donning multiple hats at the same time. These roles and responsibilities that we have at various stages of our lives must not be taken lightly; as the ripple effects our actions produce in any of these ‘avatars’ – can have very serious consequences.

On returning home after watching a movie, we often have animated discussions about the impressive acting skills of our favourite actors. We are fascinated by their ability to act perfectly and are left wondering as to how are they able to project every emotion so convincingly on the screen. The answer is pretty simple. They follow the director’s instructions to the last detail and put their heart and soul in portraying an excellent representation of the role that they are supposed to perform to entertain and enthral us with.

And in a way this is exactly what each one of us is expected to do. Perform the unique role allotted to each one of us by our Creator in our lifetime with keen interest , a sense of commitment , complete involvement and determination – understand that this is His will. All we have to do is listen to God’s voice in our heart which is constantly directing us – telling us what is the right thing to do ; the correct way to ‘act’. Afterall, he is the the script – writer, producer and director of the role that we are destined to enact in our lifetime for the extremely short span of time – during which we flicker in this infinite.

So, we too must listen to ‘Him’ and adhere to His instructions obediently – as He not only helps us by defining our goal clearly before us – but also enables us develop thoughts that are streamlined towards our goal – and thus enable us to play out our roles perfectly. As parents, we must be deeply conscious of the the manner in which every word , mannerism and behaviour of ours is observed and implemented by our children. We are their role models and they look up to us for inspiration and guidance. Instead of only telling them to be good, we must be ‘good’ ourselves to lay out a blueprint for them to follow. As employers we must be fair and reward our employees – recognising their hard work and contribution. As spouses we must be honest and responsible. We must put in everything we have to be the best – par excellence – in the role that has been allotted to us by Him.

There are days when we feel disgruntled. We feel that we can be much more than what we are in life. We feel shortchanged by life. We look at the roles of others and wish we could be in their shoes. We remain dissatisfied and develop a negative attitude towards our own responsibilities. We might feel resentful while taking care of our ageing parents – on seeing our friends free of any such responsibilities. As an employee we might secretly laugh behind our bosses certain that we would surely do a much better job than him. The list is endless, and it is succinct to say – that many a time – the grass seems to be greener on the other side.

But we must be mindful of falling into such traps for this is what makes us lose focus. Like in any job, it is only by performing well in ‘one’ role that we earn the right to be promoted to another role. Even if we might not seem highly consequential, or , important in the bigger picture, we must strive for perfection in carrying out our responsibilities. God judges us all equally. What only matters to him is whether or not we followed ‘His’ script with a sense of surrender, determined to play our part perfectly , validating His faith in us to adapt to the role ear – marked by Him for us.

Shri Hanuman was all powerful and knowledgeable. He could have won over many kingdoms with His valour.Yet , not once, did anyone ever hear Him complain about anything – as He played the divine role of being Lord Ram’s ‘sevak’ – a role closest to His heart. So committed was He to the role that God had desired Him to play – that He devoted Himself completely to the service of Lord Ram. We must draw inspiration from His selfless service and consider our role and responsibilities as being sacred and holy and perform them as service to God.

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