” ‘ईश्वर’ की योजना में अटूट विश्वास रखो …”

Swami ji said…

Life can never be easy. There are bound to be problems, difficulties and obstacles. Failure is inevitable. Successes will be far and few. The so called ‘happiness’ derived from the material world will be fleeting. Such is the nature of the illsuionary world we live in.

In all this, it is only faith – faith in God and ourselves – that can keep us moving forward with a smile on our faces. Despite where we are in life, the conditions in which we live – there are always some difficulties that we face. These can be on the personal or the professional front. When we emerge out of one difficulty – another challenge will most certainly look us in the face shortly.This is bound to take a toll on the spirit and make the mind weary. Yet, it is here that faith can help us. Belief in our dreams, belief that God is very much there looking out for us – is what can make us rise again and take our challenges head on.

But having faith in God is easier said than done – even for the spiritual practitioner. In the fight against despair and dark thoughts, faith is the weapon that must be wielded to tame the restless and doubt filled mind. But just like a sword must be sharpened from time to time, faith in God, too, needs to be reinstated and restored by us, at the earliest. It must be nurtured and developed; filled in the reservoirs of the mind like rivers fill a dam.

The way to do this is through rigorous, regular reflection – to realise how God works His miracles around us. We must be thankful to God for every opportunity He presents us with. Even in the smallest of successes, we must realise and be grateful for all the things that He arranges to fall in place for us at the right time. We must
acknowledge that despite our best efforts, there are a hundred things beyond our control which could go wrong, but, it is by God’s grace that they don’t. It is when we make ourselves humble and subdue the ego – that we realise the magnanmity that God has for us. It is then that we truly begin to ‘believe’ that God is guiding us and looking out for us; and that belief is what turns to faith in times of uncertainty. Despite swimming in the unknown, we simply ‘know’ that God will ensure we reach the safety of the distant shores, no matter how treacherous the seas could be.

Faith in God, faith in Guru is exhilarating and liberating. As long as our actions are borne of no ill will, we will not be scared of the results and will be confident that nothing bad will truly come off them. We will not be plagued by uncertainity, but , will look forward to the journey and wonders that God has in store for us. Even when facing our difficulties alone, we will not feel abandoned and lonely – such is the power of faith and belief in God. His divine plan for us – known only to Him – is the best for us.

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