“झूठे ‘अहम” व “जिद्द’ की गांठ मे मत उलझो …”

Swami ji said…

” ‘मैने’ ये किया … ‘I’ did this ! ‘I’ achieved that ! – if said once in a while by us, to highlight the amount of hard work put in by us , and , to motivate ourselves further – can work wonders for our personal growth and self – confidence. But, when the same words are said repeatedly with even a slight trace of self-praise and arrogance, they can have a toxic effect and sound a man’s doom at the hands of his own ‘झूठा अहम”. When success is celebrated as solely a personal achievement, and , progress becomes a yardstick of one’s own abilities , without giving due credit to those who have helped us reach that position, be rest assured then that – ‘ हम झूठे ‘अहम” की गांठ मे उलझ रहे हैं।”

” It is thus important to pay heed to the words – ‘ Pride comes before a fall ’ – but we seem to have formed a kind of a disconnect with the principal truth of these prophetic words.These words were meant to serve as a gentle reminder to all of us – of the perils of giving in to the pull of complacency, smugness and high headedness that ‘हमारा ‘झूठा अहम ‘ can lead us to. We fail to see the wicked pleasure that ‘अहम’ derives when it sees us behaving the way it wants us to. And, the worst part is that the problem doesn’t end here.”

” झूठे ‘अहम को पाल कर हम जिद्दी भी बन जाते हैं … as one negative quality triggers the growth of another negative characteristic quick and fast. Once our inner being is tied in the knots of ‘झूठे अहम ‘ and “जिद्द’ हम इन गांठों मे उलझते ही जाते हैं … as it becomes next to impossible to untie these knots ; the firmness of which refuse to loosen their hold on us and make us think in a twisted manner. Only one thing matters to us then. We must have our own way – always. Once we’ve said something ; asked for something – it has to be done, followed to the last detail and fulfilled. Do we realise that life cannot be lived this way ? Why should we force our thoughts on others and then take it personally if others are not willing to do things as desired by us ?The net result is that we are upset with all those who are strong enough to say ‘no’ to us and we allow cracks to develop in our relationship with others … be it family members or friends.”

” Dare anyone try to contradict us and our ‘झूठा अहम’ goads us to take it as a personal insult. It beguiles us into believing falsely that the entire world could be wrong and ‘we’ are always right. And , we much like lame sheep obey the ‘conscience’ silencing commands of our ‘झूठा अहम’ and gradually begin to grow ‘जिद्दी’ as we start believing that there is no one like us ; we are always right and we can do no wrong. Ever. Can that really be possible ?”

” A man’s ‘झूठा अहम’ और उसकी ‘जिद्द’ are his worst enemies as they take away all his goodness and turn him into a person disliked by many. An ego-controlled mind causes us to indulge in destructive actions bearing disastrous consequences. One’s speech becomes authoritative when it should be kind. What should have been humble requests become entitled demands. Slowly but surely, a superiority complex comes about. We believe we are above our fellow brethren.We are quick to point out people’s mistakes and shortcomings to them, but, are not open to the idea of accepting any flaws in ourselves.”

” ‘ जिद्द ‘ karni hi hai toh ‘Ishwar’ ke darshan ko paane ki जिद्द karo … Unke dikhaye huey ‘satya’ ke maarg par chalne ki karo… Har haalat mein ek achcha insaan ban ne ki जिद्द karo…” If we want to be stubborn, then we should emulate the stubbornness of all those great men who refused to deviate from the path of honesty and renounced all the pleasures of the world for their spiritual awakening.”

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  1. Emulate the qualities of great personalities, our Swamiji’s words should be remembered all the times to achieve ultimate goal of life.
    Jai Gurudev

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