” बदला लेने की भावना से सबसे ज़्यादा नुक्सान हमारा ही होता है…”

Swami ji said…

“‘ How dare that person speak to me like that?’ ‘How could they treat me that way?’ ‘What do they think of themselves? I will sort them out. I will not spare them.’ Vengeful words filled with hate and venom echo in our mind, deafening out all logic and reason. And, from that ill-fated moment, when we vow to neither forgive nor forget the person who has wronged us – for either doing or saying something that we hadn’t liked – our decline begins. Our downward fall is swift and detrimental to our spiritual growth, as from then onwards our thinking and morality gets corrupted. The negative energy we release ; the uncaring manner in which we compromise our values – as we begin to navigate on a journey most useless, self destructive and dark – as it is based on ‘बदले की भावना’ .. seeking revenge and crossing swords with those who have hurt us , knowingly or unknowingly. “

” It cannot be denied that most of us are sensitive and emotional. This makes us prone to being easily hurt by the unexpected rude behaviour of others around us – be it a scornful look, being ignored or passed over or the fact that someone deliberately disagrees with our opinion. It could just be anything that touches our sense of pride. And, we take these acrimonious actions to heart and promise ourselves that … ‘हम बदला लेकर ही रहेंगे।’ But, not once do we think – ‘To what avail, to whose advantage are we embarking on a revengeful course of action ? As individuals, we most certainly will not gain anything by igniting this spark of negativity within us. As a matter of fact , we could get engulfed in the fire of hate lit by us and be ravaged by it.”

” If we were to think with a calm, peaceful mind and question ourselves – ‘ What would we truly gain by constantly thinking of ways and means of bringing down the other person ? Our transformation from happy , positive individuals into unhappy, sour beings – only to experience a sense of satisfaction on humiliating them later ? Is it worth it ? Would we then be any different from those who have misbehaved with us? Why let them feel that they are winners as not only have they taken away our mental peace , but , they are also responsible for bringing about a drastic change in us which is harmful for us in every possible way ? Who is affected the most by this distasteful way of thinking ? Who ends up wasting all his precious time by plotting and thinking of hundreds of ways of belittling and insulting the person who had heaped insults on us…”हम अपना सारा समय ये सोचने में लगा दे ते हैं की मैं उसके साथ ऐसा करूंगा और ऐसे बोलूंगा…” We rant and rave in anger and wish misfortune to befall them. Such obnoxious, inhuman thoughts, if not restrained and checked, can scar the mind and soul for good. Precious time that should be utilised in taking God’s name is instead wasted in planning revengeful acts.”

” The strongest men are those who do not let the wrongful words and actions of others directed at them fill their hearts with poison. It is said that when Yudhishthir finally reached Swarg Lok ( Heaven), he was astounded and angry to see the Kauravas already present there – enjoying themselves. He was perplexed as to how – those very people who had caused him and his family much grief could enjoy Heaven in the afterlife. He was then told by the Gods, that his anger was unfounded – since the Pandavas had already killed the Kauravas in the war and regained their kingdom on Earth, they had already made the Kauravas suffer for their misdeeds. Yudhishthir too was only carrying within him anger and animosity that was no longer relevant.”

“We too must ask ourselves from time to time whether holding a grudge is truly necessary. Perhaps it is better to let bygones be bygones. Such reasoning will help us unburden ourselves from the primal need of vengeance , and , instead enable us to become better human beings and focus more on evolving spiritually. “

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  1. Thanks Swami ji for the timely advice.
    Forgiveness is a great virtue.
    May Swami ji instill in us the virtue of forgiveness.

    Jai Gurudev

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