” ‘कर्म’ करते हुए क्या हम ‘स्वार्थी’ बन जाते हैं ?”

Swami ji said…

“Other than that particular duration of time when we are asleep, the remaining hours of the day when we are awake, find us in a state of physical motion – ‘हम सब कोई न कोई कार्य या कर्म करते रहते हैं।’ We are either involved in some physical activity, doing something or the other , or , are lost in thoughts pertaining to the action that should be taken by us in the ensuing situation or focussed on what we are supposed to do in the near future. ‘कर्म’ and we go hand in hand. We are so used to ‘it’ that we feel ‘कर्म’ is just an action, a deed that is to be done by us – best done, when it suits our mood and is beneficial for us. After all, how many of us can claim to be selfless – putting the welfare, issues and requirements of others above ours? Are we aware of the ‘nature’ of the thoughts that we harbour, the intent of our ‘कर्म ? Do we analyse ourselves while doing our ‘कर्म …’ हमारी भावना कैसी है जब हम कर्म करते हैं ? क्या हमारे कर्म करने के पीछे हमारा स्वार्थ छिपा है ? चाहे कर्म छोटा से छोटा हो या बड़ा , कर्म निस्वार्थ होना चाहिए…” Does selfishness seep into our actions? Kya hum ‘karma’ karte huey apna ‘swarth’ aur laabh dekhte hain ?”

“The entire purpose and meaning of our ‘कर्म’ is lost the moment it rests on a weak structure of duplicity and selfish, vested interest. ‘कर्म’ – when done for others should be done with a joyful mind, love in the heart and a pure soul. What could be more saddening than the sight of children making a pretence of loving and taking care of their old parents – when their actions make it clear that they are weighed by a heavy burden – and with hearts devoid of genuine love or affection for their parents , they are forced to bear this responsibility – simply because of the lucrative factor that tempts them – the hefty inheritance that awaits them on their parents’ departure from the world. Do we actually think that God is not aware of what goes on in the inner recess of their selfish minds and hearts !”

“Similarly, it would be wrong on the part of parents, if , they were to provide quality education and the best of everything for their offspring – with an ulterior motive – that irrespective of the challenges that the children face in their own personal lives, they are duty bound to take care of their parents as they grow old. There is no point in compelling the younger lot to take care of their old parents. If good values have been instilled in our children , they will always do the right thing. “क्यों बच्चों को कहते हो कि वह तुम्हारे बुढ़ापे का सहारा हैं ? क्यों उम्मीद बांधकर रखते हो बच्चों से?” As parents, we have to do our duty of raising our children , but , when we do this -‘ यह निस्वार्थ भाव से होना चाहिए …’ – without any expectations.”

“We are willing to wine and dine our bosses for a promotion in the most expensive hotels , but , the thought of parting with money to feed the poor could make us blanch. Why are we such selfish hypocrites? ‘कर्म ‘ when done by us for anyone with a selfless, noble intent can take a completely new dimension. We simply have to make an earnest effort to replace the physical form of the person we are serving – with the form of our ‘इष्टा’. We will immediately feel a divine shift in our intent as the ‘कर्म’ then becomes spontaneous and joyful, offered in the service of the Almighty with a loving heart and a soul that is purified further as it looks for nothing in return – no benefits, no dividends…when divine love for all precedes everything else, making us selfless for that time period at least.”

“We must strive to transform ourselves from ‘saadhaks’ to ‘ni:swaarth karmyogis’, so that if ever someone remembers us, we are remembered for our selfless ‘कर्म ‘…”

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  1. Thanks Swami ji for the loving reminder.
    Serving society with selfless love give all the energy we need.

    Jai Gurudev

  2. We are nothing but merely a puppet of God, whose thread is in hands of Almighty. Even a leaf of large or small tree can not wave without His air.
    Truly said “do righteous karma and leave rest to god”.
    Swamiji is loved by His devotees due to His selflessness. His smile is Pure divine love.
    Jai Gurudev

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