” आज पैसा बड़ा हो गया है और हम छोटे …”

Swami ji said …

” Times have changed and so have we. But , then the question that arises is whether the change that has taken place in us – is it for the better or worse ! What has brought about this change? Is it a change in our value system , our life style, in our being over ambitious ? If we were to ask ourselves today – ‘What makes us happy ? ‘ – what do you think our answer would be ? The probability of receiving an answer as – ‘Money’ – cannot be ruled out completely.”

” At the same time, it is not that each one of us has made ‘money’ our top most priority, but, the fact, that ‘it’ has begun to dominate our thoughts and conversation – cannot be swept under the carpet. There was a time when life and we were very simple. We would be happiest with the smallest pleasures of life and the ‘happiness’ that we derived was ‘priceless’ as our needs were minimal and desires realistic and attainable.”एक वक्त ऐसा था जब हम बड़े थे , हमारी खुशियाँ बड़ी थी …और पैसा छोटा था …परन्तु आज पैसा बड़ा है …और हम छोटे …” And, we can see this dangerous trend pick up speed at an alarming pace. All this is happening because we have allowed it to happen.”

” Do we ask ourselves – ‘Why is money enslaving us ?’ ‘Why are we allowing money to become our Master?’ And that too, to such an extent, that we are willing to sell our ‘soul’ to the Devil if need be. Does the disproportionate shadow of wealth and gold make us feel like dwarfs, overwhelmed by the power and potential that it promises us – leaving us confused and bewildered.”

” Man, by nature, is a consumer. He has to consume basic essentials in order to survive. But with his thoughts centred totally on his personal growth, brilliant future, cutting out all competition ;
somewhere, midway, man has forgotten to draw a line between his ‘basic’ needs and greed. The more expensive the desire, the greater is his fascination for it – uncaring whether he is in a position to afford it or not. In order to keep himself and his loved ones happy, he is willing to resort to any means – illegal or forbidden to possess the unattainable.The values of honesty and goodness that were imprinted on our minds by our parents appear to be hazy and unclear now. We fool ourselves by saying – Why live in an uninteresting past if one can enjoy a rosy, luxurious present , irrespective of the fact whether the means to do so are illicit and irregular ! ‘हमारे सोचने का तरीका कितना छोटा हो गया है ! क्या हम पैसे के आगे सर नही झुका रहे है?’ “

” The disturbing signs are visible to all. We have become unscrupulous in our day to day dealings. Property and money mean more than relationships to us. We do not hesitate to indulge in shameful acts. Old parents are forced out of their own homes as their children are in a great rush to encash that property. Patience to serve elders is being replaced by impatience for money. Money is given so much of importance now that one is unable to take out time to devote to one’s physical well being and spiritual growth. We need to be cautious of the web of greed and deceit in which we could get entangled – as we are tossed about between bundles of currency – forgetting that …” जो सबसे ‘छोटा’ है, वो है हमारा ‘जीवन’, और हमने अपने ‘जीवन’ को ‘बड़ा’ बनाना है नेक कर्म करके, पवित्र विचार रख के और सत्य का साथ दे के । “

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  1. Definitely so.
    Human values are far more important than mere money.
    Let’s value himan relationship.
    Love and care is what is fulfilling.
    If we focus on this then our Guru will ensure that we get required amount of money also.
    Jai Gurudev

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