” ‘ईश्वर’ के ‘मोह’ मे तर जाओ …”

Swami ji said…

” It is often said that we must listen to our heart , for, it is from here, that the voice of truth emanates and guides us through the haze of ‘मोह-माया’. But, not all actions and decisions must be made from one’s heart. For it is the heart that suffers most – when love turns to attachment and longing. In such cases, the heart is the one that is blinded – disbelieves logic and reason – and misguides our journey of life.”

” ‘Moh’ – attachment – renders even the most powerful, the most capable – incapable of thinking soundly and acting wisely.
Attachment to anything and of any kind does not serve anyone well. In the epic – ‘Mahabharat’, the filial head – ‘Bhishma pitamah’s undue attachment to his ‘pratigya’ and family actually lead to sorrow all around. ‘Ganga putra’ – Bhishma pitamah – all knowledgeable, the strongest of warriors, became a slave to his own attachment for his family. First, his love for his father, Shantanu, and , need for approval from his step-mother, made him take a pledge of celibacy that would ultimately subject Hastinapur and its residents to a weak lineage of Kings for generations. He would again, for the sake of his family – wrongfully kidnap Amba from her ‘swamayamvar’ and then abandon her to fend for herself. Time and again, such a learned and strong man would take repeated mis-steps out of ‘moh’ for his family.”

” Even today men steal, defraud and deceive for the sake of their ‘family’. But they forget that one’s ‘karma’ is one’s own and that they will alone have to face the consequences of their actions. Feeding one’s own family by stealing from the mouth of others has never brought any good to anyone. But ‘moh’ for their loved ones makes them see no wrong in what they are doing ; and since all their love is centred on their families, they fail to see to see the course correction signal that ‘He’, who loves them the most, is trying to send them.”

” Attachment comes in many forms. Sometimes, it is simply the attachment to the way things are around us – even though they might not be conducive to our well-being. Unfound sentiments can often make us get stuck in a rut and not allow us to make any change in our lives. We do not move from old, dilapidated homes that are hazardous to our health as we are emotionally attached to them. We are not willing to let go of untrustworthy people, from our lives, as sometime in the past, they had been good to us. We will suffer forever – for the sake of sentiment and attachment ; rather than experience the temporary pain of detachment , and , finally experience the joy of freedom of the heart and mind.”

” Attachment to money and wealth is the greatest destroyer of man.
‘ हम वस्तुओं के मोह मे ही डूबे रहते हैं।’ Even as one grows richer than before in terms of worldly possessions, he , strangely, remains insatiable and longs to procure more for himself. The thought of possessing more is what fires his body and mind. A sense of dissatisfaction at not having made enough and of losing a fraction of his assets takes away his peace of mind. He tends to forget that ‘ईश्वर’ के ‘मोह’ मे तर jaane se joh sukun aur shanti milti hai ; vaisi khushi kisi bhi vastu ko praapt karne se nahi mil sakti hai …” Happiness during such ‘materialistic’ moments is fleeting ; whereas experiencing oneness with God gives us everlasting happiness.”

” Attachment to this physical world is the biggest impediment in our spiritual growth. Family, wealth, power, pleasure – all these keep our mind pre-occupied and distant from focussing on what should be most important to us – God. ‘ ‘मोह’ केवल ‘भगवान’ का होना चाहिए । ‘ We must strive to keep God in our thoughts all the time, so that our actions also become good and pure. Thus, we must guard ourselves from the trappings of ‘moh-maya’ for objects and all things transient in nature. We must find ways to keep remembering God even when we are immersed in our dealings with the physical world around us. Whenever we sense that we are making decisions and committing actions driven more by emotions, a discontent and restless heart ; rather than with a sound peaceful mind – we must stop and reflect on our own spiritual state. We must reconnect with the Supreme through meditation and prayer and have an honest conversation with ourselves. It is only through such repeated practice that we will find our way out of the tangles of this worldly illusion and attain spiritual bliss.”

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  1. मोह में फसना है तो. ईश्वर के मोह में फसो… तर जाओगे… प्रणाम स्वामीजी 🙏🙏🙏

    1. How beautiful !!!
      ” Ishwar ke moh mein tar jaoge aur sansar ke moh mein doob jaoge”

      Jai Gurudev

  2. Attachment with God will lead to liberation . Jai Gurudev 🙏 Thank you so much dear Swami ji for your guidance.

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