” जो ‘सहता’ है, वही ‘रहता’ है।

Swami ji said …

” Life is a continuous battle with हमारी परिस्थितियां – our circumstances which change their colour and nature on a daily basis with the speed of lightning. Circumstances are deemed to be so ! They are made that way. ‘ कभी वह कष्ट देती हैं तो कभी आनंद। कभी हमे आरोग्य रखती हैं तो कभी रोग देती हैं।” Their meandering role makes them just touch us and move on without turning back to see the impact that they leave on us – whether we are smiling or fretting.’ अनूकुल परिस्थित मे हम प्रसन्न होते हैं और प्रतिकूल परिस्थित मे हम मूह लटका लेते हैं।’ Such is our habit of having things go our way. But is that the way God’s most intelligent creation supposed to behave ? If we look deep within us, we know the answer to this question. We know that we have no control over our circumstances which tend to waltz by us. But, what certainly is in our control is the way we react to them; and respond to their unexpected nudge. The ‘परिस्थित’ could be an unexpected bonanza out of the blue or a sudden calamity that moves the earth from under our feet and leaves us shaken. Well! If we can extend our arms outwards to accept the boon with glee and happiness, then why do we wince and flinch on being faced with an ailment, a tragedy or unexpected and adverse circumstances.”

” Much like the cycle of life and death, the wheels of circumstances too keep on moving; spinning out good or bad, favourable or unfavourable days. ‘हमे इस बात को गांठ बांध कर रखना है … that our ‘प्रारब्ध’ will give us only what has been earned by us in our previous lifetimes. We are accountable for the circumstances which appear to come out from nowhere and it is then that we either declare an all out war to overcome them with great stress and tension or learn to flow with the turn of events that disclose themselves of their own free will to us. In the end, it doesn’t really matter how many battles have we won or lost. The only thing that matters is the manner, temperament and behaviour that was displayed by us while we fought the adverse circumstance like a lone warrior – sensibly and intelligently – and learned some life changing lessons and survived the ordeal with forbearance and faith in Him.”

“The best way to handle परिस्थित irrespective of the fact whether they are sweet or bitter – is by accepting them as naturally as the glory of a sunlit day and the darkness of a moonless night – ‘both’ giving way to each other from time immemorial. We must learn from Mother Earth which endures and suffers the killing heat, devastating storms, destructive earthquakes and its soul ravaging floods… but it endures quietly and then doggedly begins the process of healing and recuperating. Similarly, we too should be reservoirs of peace and joy and develop happy and spiritual minds – understanding once and for all that happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them…’और जो भी हमारे साथ हो रहा है, वह हमे सहना ही पड़ेगा…’ as it is only then that we will be able to survive.”

” ‘ जीवित रहने के लिए… being merely
physically strong is not good enough. We have to be mentally tough too – to endure, to keep going forward ; applying every skill to emerge victorious from the चक्रव्यूह that life in a way is – with a sense of complete surrender in His Divine plan for us.”

” Shri Ram is the epitome of stoicism in the face of ever changing destiny. Be it as a King or a forest dweller, He never compromised on His principles and behaviour with others. He was just as kind, benevolent and understanding when He was in need of help from others or when in a position to assist others. He did not let destiny define Him as a person. Similarly, a spiritual practitioner should also remain impassive to his ever changing ‘takdeer’ or destiny. He must learn to smile, accept and enjoy life in all circumstances , as his spiritual journey is one, which cannot be postponed by providing weak excuses of bodily suffering and lack of determination. ‘Moksha’ bahut kuch seh ke hi milta hai … “

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    1. Yes…
      Equanimity is the core value.
      Shri Ram has shown with His own example. He faced all ups and downs that all of us face in our lives. But He faced them with equanimity. That’s the key

      Jai Gurudev

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