” ‘गुरू – वाणी’ मे आस्था होनी चाहिए …’

Swami ji said …

” All are equal in the eyes of the law of ‘karma’. Even, the great sages, and, powerful kings of old, could not escape from the fruits and consequences of their ‘karma’. Good or bad – all the manifestations of one’s past ‘karma’ have to be experienced in this lifetime.There is no escape from this – ‘chahe woh ‘राजा’ ho ya ‘रंक’…’ It thus becomes important that we strive to perform good and pious actions as the fate of one’s soul depends solely on his ‘karma’ – good thoughts , deeds and words.”

” Although we do have a fair understanding of the word – ‘karma’ , yet, in a strange way we pay a deaf ear to the immense significance of it , by continuing to behave in a manner that suits us at a particular moment of our lives. We pretend to be oblivious to the outcome of our ‘karma’ ; bad ‘karma’ in particular. It is as though we find it so easy and convenient to let lies after lies tumble out of our mouth, concoct one story after another, commit fraud – knowing very well that it is so simple to speak the ‘truth’, to be honest and be above deceit. But, being the complicated lot that we are, we opt for the treacherous path without blinking an eyelid, somehow convinced that this route of short cuts will benefit us more. The noble path of righteousness and honesty doesn’t hold any appeal for us.”

” In this dark world of मोह-माया, a Guru’s teachings are like lamps showing his disciples the way towards the divine light of enlightenment. These teachings appeal to us to let our ‘good’ and ‘pure’ side emerge. A sadguru extols honesty, hard work, humility, discipline, other noble virtues and guides us to imbibe these in us.”

” But, life, as we know, is an amalgamation of good and bad situations – a sea of numerous crests and troughs – highs and lows. During the good days, even a thief can be generous and giving; yet, it is during the bad days that even an illuminated soul can question the word of God. Similarly, in trying and tough times, devotess and students often face situations where ‘doing the right thing’ seems further more painful and sometimes even illogical. It is in such times that the struggle between fight and flight appears. The ‘fight’ against the urge to cave into one’s self – serving, self – centred nature that often leads one to take decisions and actions that are selfish and inherently wrong.”

” To win this ‘fight’ a disciple must have faith in his Guru’s words when He reassures him with words which are not empty, but , ring with commitment and promise when He tells the ‘bhakt’ … ‘सब अच्छा होगा…’ ‘अमृत बरसाऊंगा।’ ‘तुम चिंता क्यों करते हो मेरे बेटे ।’ मै सब कुछ ठीक कर दूंगा।’ One must focus on only the Guru’s words and ignore the fears of the mind. Yes, this is much easier said than done, but , this is a disciple’s own personal struggle – the result of which dictates the direction his spiritual life takes in future.”

” One way of doing this is by remembering at the end of the day the smallest of blessings that one’s Guru has bestowed upon him. One must try to remember that a Guru is always there for his disciples in one way or the other. We must see that a Guru always provides a solution at the ‘right’ time and even the ‘bad times’ do not truly hurt us. It is the stress and tension that we let our unguarded minds create that make the experience ‘bad’. The trials and tribulations of life will definitely take place, but , a Guru ensures that we emerge from them unscathed and stronger. If a disciple simply remembers this about his Guru, he will remain unfazed and not commit bad ‘karma’ even in the most difficult circumstances.”

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  1. Swamiji is always with us. His divine assurance… Bete mein hoon na, tum chinta mat karo.. This keeps ringing in our mind n heart. He is taking care of each one of us. Jai Gurudev 🙏

  2. ‘सब अच्छा होगा…’ ‘अमृत बरसाऊंगा।’ ‘तुम चिंता क्यों करते हो मेरे बेटे ।’ मै सब कुछ ठीक कर दूंगा।’ Parnaam Swamiji 🏵️🌸🏵️🙏🙏🙏

  3. Swamiji thank you for always being with us and showering your blessings. Give us the strength to follow the right path 🙏🏻🌺🙏🏻

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