” ‘श्रेष्ठता’ जन्म और परिवार से नही, बल्कि अपने ‘कर्म’ से प्राप्त होती है…!”

Swami ji said…

” More often than not we hear grand proclamations – ‘ I am of royal blood! My father is a leading industrialist of the city ! My mother owns a chain of salons !’ We hear such utterances being made, not only by others, but by us too, when we get carried away and are in a rush to create an impression on others about our wealthy lineage or the ‘bankable’ name that our family has or even the power that the family name wields. And, then we wait eagerly to see the impact that our weighty words have on others. The satisfaction and pleasure that we derive on seeing some kind of recognition and acknowledgment from them makes us feel good – needlessly. During such moments we tend to forget the extremely meaningful words…’ What’s in a name!’ These words should actually serve as a reminder that it is not only our birth or the name of the family in which we are born that ascertains and reflects ” ‘हमारी ‘श्रेष्ठता’ as an individual, बल्कि हमारे कर्म, हमारी कला और हमारे गुणोंं से ‘श्रेष्ठता’ प्राप्त होती है!”

” Anything in excess can never be good for us. Neither fame nor fortune. The pleasing thought that we belong to a family which has lockers filled with all that one can dream of, can be very comforting and reassuring, but, it can have a detrimental effect on us too. It can make us lethargic, less imaginative and at a loss of innovative ideas – as we can always feel that the rock solid support that our family has provided us with in the present, will continue to take care of us in the future also. And, thus, there would be no point in us trying to be enterprising. In such circumstances, the thought of upskilling ourselves in any field might not interest us at all, as we could be happy with the picture pretty scenario in which God has placed us and continue to enjoy our ‘prarabdh’ without raising a finger.”

” But is this how one would like to live his life? Twiddling one’s thumbs ? Doing nothing ? ‘ जन्म तो सभी लेते हैं किसी न किसी रूप मे।’ But, not for a minute should we forget that our existence on Earth is remembered by the ‘karma’ done by us – our deeds, actions and thoughts.”

” इंसान तभी श्रेष्ठ बनता है, जब वह पवित्र ह्रदय से नेक कर्म कर्ता है, अपनी कला में निपुण होता है, अपनी कला की वजह से एक अलग पहचान बनाता है और अपने गुणो से सबको प्रभावित करता है।’ We have to carve an identity for ourselves ; to create a name for ourselves, rather than falling back, and, depending on the name and fame of the family to which we belong. One’s life can only be called exceptional if one has succeeded in touching the lives of those who had forgotten to smile; puts others before himself and is remembered for his selfless service to mankind.”

” Can we ever forget Duryodhan’s fateful end in the Mahabharata ? Born to Dritharashtra, he was certain that he would be crowned King, as he saw it to be his birthright. But, his lineage, of which he was extremely proud, could not help him, in any way, in the end. He saw all that he coveted, slip away to the Pandavas, who with humility, sacrifice and great effort earned their right to rule the kingdom. Wasn’t Duryodhan’s ‘karma’, his arrogance, stubborness and greed responsible for his downfall ?”

9 thoughts on “” ‘श्रेष्ठता’ जन्म और परिवार से नही, बल्कि अपने ‘कर्म’ से प्राप्त होती है…!”

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  1. Yes it’s not just the family lineage but one’s own karma / efforts and decisions also that define and shape one’s personality.

    Jai Gurudev

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