“अच्छे ‘कर्म’ और सच्ची ‘भक्ती’ – ‘ध्यान’ के लिए महत्वपूर्ण है।”

Swami ji said …

” The divine beauty of meditation ; the spiritual wealth that ‘dhyaan’ enriches us with – can only be understood when one begins to devote some time to meditation. Meditate on God or ‘guru’. The time spent in isolation, when one tries to be in a state of external ‘maunn’, notwithstanding the ‘maunn yuddh’ that breaks out internally between positive and negative thoughts – is the time most sacred – as we try to be one with Him during these moments. It is the internal strife that battles within us, that needs to be subjugated and controlled. Believe me , when I say, we are capable of dousing out the fire of rage and envy with a few drops of spiritual nectar that He showers on us , when He sees us making a humble, but, honest effort to know – who we truly are, where have we come from and where will we finally go – through meditation. “

” It takes years of practice to master and conquer the divine challenges of the spiritual path of meditation. There are days when one feels and senses the presence of God or ‘guru’ within the first few seconds of meditation ; but, then there could be days when inspite of our repeated, furtive efforts, we are unable to feel proximity to God. It is during days and moments like these that we need to reflect on and analyse the manner in which we had conducted ourselves during the day. What positives and negatives had we done through out the day ? Had we done something wrong deliberately – knowing very well that what we were about to do was wrong , but , had still gone ahead and done it , silencing our conscience that had tried to protest against the bad ‘karma’ that we were about to do. Had we knowingly hurt someone with our searing words, uncaring about the destructive effect they could have had on that person ? But, we had continued to rant and rave, heedless of the humiliation that we were heaping on him. Do we for a moment think that our ‘अंतर आत्मा’, which is a witness to such harsh behaviour from our end, will be at peace and allow us to experience God’s presence anywhere close to us.”

” But , when our ‘karma’ is noble and good – ‘ हमारी रूह’ that is further purified by ‘humare achche karma’, enables us to see the glory of God or ‘guru’ as He manifests His divine form and love for us in ways, which can only be experienced to be believed, while meditating.”

” All of us pin our hopes on achieving some target or the other , and , on acquiring it , our happiness knows no bounds. We praise the greatness and glory of The Master , worship Him, offer prayers and meditate on His name with great faith and devotion, glowing in the comfort that He is always around us, paying heed to our fervent appeals and fulfilling our wishes.”

” But, does our faith and devotion in Him waver when our desires and ambitions are not met, as and when, we want them to.We have a tendency to question His magical powers and ask ourselves whether our faith in Him – complete and absolute – is actually worth it. Can a mind as doubtful, distracted and suspicious as this think of nurturing ‘ bhakti ‘ , leave alone ‘sacchi bhakti ‘ and centre itself on God out of pure love , devoid of desire even for a few seconds. The Supreme bliss and divine joy that is experienced while meditating cannot be measured in terms of wealth , but , the wealthiest person is one, who has succeeded in cleansing his ‘soul’ from all the impurities that had accumulated over it , in the previous lifetimes, by meditating – earnestly and religiously, and , is recognised by His Creator as being worthy enough to be merged with Him – thereby attaining liberation from the never ending cycle of life and death.”

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    1. Listen to the conscience. Do good karmas as inspired by our inner conscience. Love all and serve all. When we do this , then meditation happens spontaneously.
      Jai Gurudev

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