” ‘समय’ सबसे बलवान होता है…”

Swami ji said…

” In every pride of lions, the alpha male is generally the biggest and the fiercest. Yet, with time, it gets old and the aura of invincibility and domniation around it diminishes. What once seemed indomitable, becomes fragile and old, with time. In the world of sports, there are stories of many athletes, who look all set to conquer the world with their fine talent and physical traits; yet, a freak accident or injury derails all their plans and leaves them in a state of utmost
helplessness.With time, even mountains erode and the biggest of rivers run dry.”

” If we look, we will observe this phenomenon – happening again and again, everywhere in life – all around us. But despite this if we pause and consider how most of us live our lives – it would appear that we are almost certain that our ‘today’ will play out exactly in the same way ‘tomorrow’. Be it the good or the bad times – our actions, plans and decisions will belie our foolish assumption that there will be no change in the status quo of the pattern of our life tomorrow.This is where we are wrong. There will be a change.”

” It is often the case that when we hit a rough patch, we curse our luck and lament our fate, and, assume that the sun will never rise again in our dark and dismal life. Similarly, when time is favourable and good for us – it becomes difficult for us to comprehend why things could turn bad for us in any way.”

” The reason for this is that we underestimate the ever changing nature of ‘time’. With time, our surroundings, our situation – everything can and will change – sometimes, gradually ; sometimes, in an instant – but, change, it surely will.Thus, it becomes important to be mindful of this while living our lives.”

” One way to do this, is by learning from, and , observing the lives of others around us. We will see some in despair, and, some having the time of their lives. But the possibility of ‘time’, turning tables on their fate and fortune, in the near future, cannot be over – ruled. What we should glean from this – is the immense power of time to change our lives – and that it cannot be subjugated by anyone’s will. We should then think about – What we can do to prepare ourselves to face the changing moods and nature of time ? The puzzling question – ‘How can we remain unaffected in ‘mind’ and ‘soul’ by the ups and downs of life?’ – needs to find a solution at the earliest.”

” The first step is to accept that we can never know what tomorrow truly has in store for us. The acceptance of this eternal truth will cast a rein on the mind and will make us look at everything with a sense of stoicity. Our actions will then always be measured, and , not be extreme in any way.”

” We should also not be foolish to pray to God to keep hard times away from us. Even Shri Krishna had to flee from the battlefield, when fighting Jarasandh, simply because, it was not yet time for Jarasandh’s death. God himself had to respect ‘time’ and let it follow its own course. What then – are we trying to change? We should instead make the ‘mind’ and ‘spirit’ strong through meditation and reflection. We should detach ourselves from the material world – and rid ourselves of the fear of ‘losing’ things such as money, position, wealth. We must focus rather on our abilities, our skills, our mental strength ; those – that will enable us to ease through the toughest of times. If we want to ask God for anything – then ask Him – to make us capable in the face of adversity.”

” And, most importantly, we should empathize with others – in bad and the good times. We should try to share others sorrows, help whenever we can, give words of encouragement , give a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind. This will also keep us grounded and make us appreciate our own lives and thank God for all the good things He gives us. We must also celebrate others success. This will enable us to better ourselves too, and , strengthen the belief that we have a better life awaiting us.”

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      1. ” If at all we want to ask God for anything – then ask Him – to make us capable in the face of adversity ”
        Jai Gurudev

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