” ‘ज़िन्दगी’ विडंबनापूर्ण है …’

Swami ji said…

” It is very difficult to define life. If It is complicated and complex, it is colourful and comforting too. If, life’s surprises are fascinating and funny ; its shocks
are frightening and formidable. None of us can throw a challenge at ‘life’ and say mockingly – ‘ I know you !’ ‘I understand you !’ A few learned men, who, made an attempt to understand ‘it’ by reading every word of the Holy scriptures, humbly agreed later – ‘ The only thing certain about life is that it cannot be understood !’ The same mind, the same brain, that can create an application that is used by millions all over the world, is unable to understand the unpredictable nature of life. All of us are at a loss of words when it comes to stating with certainty about what ‘zindagi’ has to offer us the next day.”

” Life in itself is ironic.The contrasting nature of emotions that it makes us live through, whether we race joyfully or struggle complainingly through it, are beyond one’s understanding. One thing that cannot be refuted about life is that it takes sadness to know what happiness is, noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence. It leaves us feeling confused, doesn’t it ? What are we but puppets with our drawstrings in the hands of ‘zindagi’ – life.”

” But, amidst this confusion, not for a moment should we forget, to be thankful to God and feel indebted to Him for giving us this…’ Zindagi – jiss ke har rang mein hummein dhal jaana chahiye !’ The ‘beauty’ of life ; to be alive in the moment ; to soak in the visual beauty of all that ‘He’ has gifted us with, the blessings that He has showered us with are to be treasured; whether it is an event that we are celebrating, or, a crisis that we are trying to fix. ‘ Humara kartavya banta hai ki jis bhi stithi mein hum apne aap ko paate hain , har haal mein hum khush rahein. Dukh – sukh hamesha saath chalte hain!’ But, ultimately ‘one’ always gives way to the other, making us accept and emerge from both.”

” Similarly, a spiritual aspirant who has given up hope of ever being accepted by a ‘guru’, knows no bounds of happiness, when he is not only blessed with the ‘darshan’ of a ‘guru’ but also receives ‘gyaan’ from Him. It is the lull before the storm that makes us appreciate the difference between noise and silence. A ‘saadhak’ relates with the silence of peace and stillness that permeates his inner being, once the awakened ‘kundalini’ settles down, after whipping up a turbulent spiritual storm within him, and, illuminating him internally. This can only be understood on experiencing it. When a ‘sadguru’ takes ‘samadhi’, His absence is missed greatly by His devotees as He had helped them in understanding the purpose of their life ; the balanced manner in which life should be lived, with a smile on our face, as if telling the world…
” मुस्कुराहट इसलिए है क्योंकि ‘जिंदगी’ से न हारने का वादा हैं।”

7 thoughts on “” ‘ज़िन्दगी’ विडंबनापूर्ण है …’

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  1. Swamiji..
    Aapki bahut yaad aati hai..

    Mann ko kitna bhi samjhaun.. Aapki aawaj kanon mein gunjti hai..

    Plz. Aap har pal saath rahiye.

    Punah pranam.

  2. Swamiji is very very strong now. Swamiji is God.
    It is the feeling within the heart and mind which enables us to get closer to Him

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