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” We live in a world where people only want to be heard , but, do not want to bother themselves by listening to the views of others around them; where people only want to be seen airing their opinion, but, refuse to see other’s perspectives. Their self – worth is so inflated that they cannot comprehend anything beyond themselves. That is the ‘ego’ at work – leading us to our doom and destruction.”

” Our ‘ego’ can lead us astray by playing devious tricks with us – one of which is by making us stubborn. As an obstinate fool – one cannot bear to hear anyone challenge his views or course of action. The ‘my way or the highway’ attitude rules such a person’s behaviour. Such people are convinced that only their actions will bear fruition, or, that only they have a clear understanding of any and all situations.Their ego dances with glee on seeing them have their own way all the time and encourages them to behave like stubborn mules.”

” Being stubborn or obstinate is not wrong in itself. If one is stubborn for a positive cause, while working towards his goals, his ambitions, then that obstinacy is a wonderful characteristic to possess. But, to be blinded in one’s own admiration and abilities , and , thus disregard other’s opinions is a recipe for self- sabotage. Such obstinacy is also a result of always wanting to be proven right – and the fear of being wrong.”

” An obstinate person is his own enemy. Such a person is unable to accept his mistakes, let alone an error, and, thus cannot improve ; and, if, one cannot improve, then he is bound to live caged within the rigid confines of obstinacy and in misery as ‘अक्सर ‘ज़िद’ को पकड़े रहने से, ‘हाथ’ और ‘साथ’ दोनो छूट जाते हैं।”

” We must beware of becoming ‘हठी ‘ – stubborn. Success in life can also breed ‘जिद्द’ in us. Strangely, we are greatly enamoured with this streak of stubbornness in ourselves, with our aggressive attitude and become over – confident about our overbearing behaviour , as , our ‘ego’ deludes us into believing that it is only ‘we’ who know and can do everything right. Thus, the moment we find ourselves getting annoyed with suggestions made by others ; the moment we find ourselves saying ‘No’ to others’ ideas even before hearing them out; or, the moment we catch ourselves ‘tuning out’ when someone else speaks or presents their views – we must know that we are catching the ‘flu’ of stubbornness.”

” Even if it annoys us, even if it makes our false pride wince – we must make an attempt to listen to the suggestions of others. We must be attentive listeners, pay heed to the views of others and learn something new and different from them. We need to do things that feed our ‘soul’ and not our ‘ego’, but, by being stubborn are we anywhere close to attaining this ?”

” Children can be a victim to stubborness. Their young minds often learn – wrongly – that constant crying and yelling can always get them what they want. Doting parents, out of blind love for their children, give in to their children’s tantrums. As they grow up, a habit of being rewarded for their stubbornness, grows in these children, turning them into hard-headed adults who are diffcult to deal with. Their stubborness ultimately becomes their greatest handicap, and, ultimately costs them their friends and well-wishers who find all their efforts and good advice wasted in the face of obstinacy.”

” A spiritual seeker’s definition of stubbornness takes a completely different meaning , when he refuses to let anything , and , anyone come in the way of his single minded steadfastness of seeking God – otherwise, ‘ज़िद’ – obstinacy in any other form for him, would be much like wearing a blindfold even in the brilliance of God’s divine light.”

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    1. Being stubborn to find God is welcome whereas stubbornness is suicidal otherwise.
      Thanks dear Swami ji for morning enlightenment
      Jai Gurudev

  1. Dhanyawaad Swamiji for your constant guidance and blessings 🙏🙏🙏🌺🌸🏵️. A very important lesson to imbibe in one’s life.🙏🙏

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