“भगवान की योजना हमेशा सबसे अच्छी होती है …”

Swami ji said…

” If any of us were asked as to how would we expect our lives to unfold – we would, in all likelihood, present our lives as a journey, which would be marked by a series of achievements and successes only. None of us would mention or talk about any struggles, mishaps, etc. as we take it for granted that…’ Humare saath achcha hi hoga…’ That is how we generally view life and want to live it that way. We only want ‘that’ which we perceive as good and beneficial to happen to us. We treat life like a series of bus rides – only interested in reaching certain bus-statons – and are irked and disappointed if we do not reach where we want within a certain period of time or ‘miss’ our station altogether.”

” But, living life in a state of impatience, restlessness and agitation, for the next ‘big thing’ to happen, is a poor way of spending the short time that we are blessed with on Mother Earth. All of us have been told that…’सब्र का फल मीठा होता है ‘ ; yet, we barely exercise restraint when faced with struggles and frustrations. We feel unfulfilled with the days that go without a ‘win’. We seem to overlook the fact that the moments of lull and quiet are just as important. The days of failure and assessment, drawbacks and rejection are all the more important for our growth and development – in both the spiritual and physical realm.”

” We all know that God has a plan for us. Yet, we are impatient to know about our future ; what is in store for us and want God to reveal all and give us all at the earliest. Instead, we must look within and ask God to guide us – to tell us through His various divine ways – what we must do, what we must work upon and correct in our ways, so that we are able to live a life that He wants us to live. One’s aim in life must not be only to ‘gain’ all the time , but , to seek ‘happiness’ in whichever situation he finds himself. If we solely look to ‘gain’ some materialistic pleasure everyday – our lives would be much like that uncomfortable bus ride, filled with meaningless moments, unable to decide on our final stop. But, if we look for ‘happiness’ – internal happiness, we will learn to appreciate and live every moment with joy and fervour knowing that He has accorded that particular moment to us – ‘ chahe woh dukh ka ho ya sukh ka.’ Such is the life that God wants us to live – this is His plan of giving us ‘Heaven on Earth’.

” For the spiritual seeker, the ‘guru’ provides the manual to live a heavenly life on Earth itself. The ‘guru’ does not want to ensure the disciples’ material successes for the sake of just that, but, to enable a spiritually fulfilled life too, as he will be able to focus on God and ‘guru’ without constantly worrying about the next meal that he has to provide for his family. Many a times, what we want and crave for, is to possess in ‘excess’, and , forget that what we are provided with by Him is ‘enough’ to ensure that we can focus on our spiritual development too. We must be wary of this confusion created by the mind’s greed.”

” God’s plan for us is to be happy, content and take out some time to remember Him, and, that is what we must strive to be – with complete faith and a sense of surrender to His divine plan, as , His plan is the only plan that works. The day we are destined to meet a particular ‘guru’…the sacred day on which we receive the ‘guru – mantra’ from Him…and the auspicious days on which we receive ‘guru – gyaan’ is all ordained by our Lord and Master.”

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  1. How soothing is the thought ” HE has a PLAN for all of us”
    Let’s live in this thought and live our lives in bliss.
    Jai Gurudev

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