‘गुरु – शिष्य’ का रिश्ता ‘अटूट’ hota है…

Swami ji said…

“The blue print of every thought and every action of ours; every word that is said by us ; who we meet, we like or dislike; every ‘karma’ that is added by us to our ‘karmic’ account in our lifetime is drafted and prepared by our Creator. It is our ‘vidhaata’ who decides, stamps and seals…’ हर दुख जिसका हमे सामना करना पड़ता है , हर सुख जो हमे भोगना होता है और जिस ‘गुरु’ से जिस ‘भक्त’ को ज्ञान प्राप्त होना होता है…’ ‘Jis tarah विधि के विधान को कोई नही बदल सकता, usi tarah kis guru se kaunse shishya ke taar judne hai, yeh bhi ‘vidhaata’ pehle se hi nishchit karke rakhte hain…aur yeh rishta atoot hota hai…”

“We form and establish close relationships with many people in our lifetime. Filial relationships; friendly relationships. A few relationships – so precious that the mere thought of losing them; the passing away of a dearly loved one, appears to bring the world crashing down on one. Time, the great healer, that it is, fills the void and wounds over a period of time and the bond that had appeared to be unbreakable, once, does break in a way as the demanding rigours and routine of everyday life, shortly begin to take precedence over everything else, and, the past becomes a bitter sweet memory “

“But, the spiritual bond of pure, divine love that connects and binds the souls of a ‘saccha sant’ and a deeply devoted ‘bhakt’ is unbreakable. Nothing can ever break this bond. Death too cannot break this invisible, spiritual divine bond. A ‘guru’s ‘physical’ eyes may have shut for the outer world when He attains ‘nirvana’, but, His ‘Real’, divine vision continues to remain fixed lovingly on His devotees. ‘Ek ‘saccha sant’…ek ‘sadguru’ apne deh ko tyaag ne ke baad bhi har pal apne bhakton par nazar rakhta hai , har pal unke saath khada hota hai, unhe achche – burey ka gyaat dilwaata hai! ‘ ‘He’ continues to keep a watch on His devotees all the time , and , more so during those unguarded moments when they are fast asleep. Silently, ‘He’ continues to create a thorn free path … ‘Apne bhakton ke kalyan, unnati aur pragati ke liye!’ This bond is to be experienced personally – to be believed.”

“The words that are said by a self realised, enlightened ‘guru’ to His devotees while ‘He’ is in His physical form should resonate vividly after ‘He’ takes ‘samadhi’ too; thus, further strengthening the spiritual connect between ‘guru – shishya.’ ‘Words’ – deep, relevant and sincere that had motivated, inspired and provided courage to His devotees while they had frantically tried to juggle their worldly duties ; words which had given them a sense of calm and peace… ‘ Mere bete , tum chinta kyun karte ho! Mein hoon na! Mein har pal tumhare saath hoon! Apne aap ko kabhi akela mat mahsoos karna !’ ‘ Always remember the law of nature and apply it to your everyday life –
यदि खेत में बीज न डालें जाएं, तो कुदरत उसे घास-फूस से भर देती है ! ठीक उसी तरह से दिमाग में अगर ‘सकारात्मक’ विचार न भरे जाएँ, तो ‘नकारात्मक’ विचार अपनी जगह बना ही लेते हैं !’ ‘Kabhi niraash mat hona ! Sab achcha hoga ! Tumhara ‘guru’ hone ke naate ye mera kartavya ban ta hai ki main har kshann apne ‘bhakton’ ko prerit rakhoon , prerna doon, ki samay ki mushkilon ke saamne kabhi haar nahi maan ni hai…Hummey samudra ki lehron se prerna leni chahiye ; not because they rise and fall , but , because after ‘falling’ they ‘rise’ again. And, that is what ‘I’ most certainly expect from my devotees.”

“A deeply devoted ‘bhakt’ will continue to experience the presence of his ‘guru’ through the divine vibrations, visions and voices that the ‘guru’ blesses him with and uses to communicate with him after shedding His mortal robe. ‘His’ invisible Hand is always outstretched to help His ‘bhakt’ in moments of despair and difficulties; to hold him back when he is about to fall into a pit of greed and desires; and the same ‘Hand’ will lead a keen ‘bhakt’ lovingly, towards the path of spirituality, at the end of which, he will hear his ‘guru’s promising voice say …”मैं तुम्हें मोक्ष दिलाऊंगा … “

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  1. So very true!!!
    Jai Gurudev!
    Om Shri Swami Ajaye Gurudevaya Namah 🙏🙏💐💐

  2. Beautiful message!! So touching … Brought back all the bright memories of our beloved swamiji 🙂🙂🙂

  3. Pujaniya swamiji.
    Main apki aawaz sun sakta hun. .
    Aap ka haath mere sir par hai, mehsoos karta hun..

    Baarambar pranaam.

  4. The bond of Guru and his desciple is the ultimate.The Guru is always there to help his desciple from any calamity. He is always there to protect you from any problem .How truly this guidance is given in the message. It has a deeper meaning if you go through the Paragraph again and again u will definitely find new meaning of it.Thanks Swamiji for guiding us again and again.

  5. Such a wonderful and blissful message by our beloved Swamiji. He is always present in our hearts and omnipresent.

    Thank you very much Swamiji for all the love, affection and blessings you are showering on us.

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