“ ‘आस्था’ और ‘दृढ़ निश्चय” हमें सफलता प्राप्त कराते हैं…”

Swami ji said …

” In life we often hear people talk enviously about other people’s talents and skills and how their gifts have made them successful. On other occasions they refer to one’s lineage and attribute it to their success. People very rarely attribute hard work and determination to someone else’s success in life. Yet, when it comes to their own life and experience, they lament how hard they have had to work for whatever little they have achieved.
The reason for this paradox is quite simple – ‘Hard Work is Hard’. To acknowledge another’s success as a result of hard work and determination leaves us with the question of whether we too are making the same effort or not. And, that is a question many of us would want to avoid putting to ourselves.”

” Yet, in life it is ultimately faith and determination that pull us through. Instead of questioning our circumstances, we must have faith that we are where we are to perform God’s work. We all would love to live in grandeur and comfort; yet, we all are in different conditions and times – sometimes to our liking and sometimes not. Instead of raising a hue and cry about it, we must believe that we are being watched over by God and must act in a way that would please Him. Shri Hanuman did not question his fate nor curse his luck while combing the forests in search of Goddess Sita at the request of Shri Ram. He instead put his faith in Shri Ram and even leapt across to Lanka. We must put ourselves in His shoes. Shri Hanuman must also have had to gather courage, reaffirm his faith in Shri Ram, and then without being daunted by how far Lanka was, decided to leap across the deep and wide sea. We too have to often take a ‘leap of faith’ like Shri Hanuman. We must have faith in God and in our ‘guru’s’ blessings on us and take on hardships and challenges of the unknown.”

” We should also learn from the grit and determination of Shri Ram. With nothing but a handful of clues, He crossed forests and a sea searching for Goddess Sita. He too could have been saddened by His fate. He too could have felt the pain and suffering as anyone else would have in similar circumstances, yet, He persevered on. Not once did He ever think of giving up his search for His beloved wife.In today’s day and age, after a few setbacks, we give up on our dreams and ambitions. We tell ourselves that it is beyond us to achieve the ‘lakshya’ that we had wanted to ; give it up and tell ourselves that we must move on to achieving something else. Shri Ram’s successful search for Goddess Sita is a testimony to how forbearance and determination can make one succeed in the most daunting situations.”

” For the spiritual practitioner ; faith and determination alone can make him stay focused on the spiritual path and take him towards his final goal of attaining enlightenment. Faith in the ‘guru – mantra’, the ‘guru’s’ words, His teachings , and , determination to practise His teachings will surely illuminate us with the light of self – realisation one day.”

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  1. After reading this message of Swamiji , I am reminded of this old song ” Tadbir se bigri hui takdir bana le….apne pe bharosa hai to yay daav laga le …laga le daav laga le ”
    How appropriate !!!
    Jai Gurudev

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