‘संतुष्ट’ जीवन’

Swamiji’s said…

” Discontentment arises from within – a growing dissatisfaction, with our circumstances and life conditions, that gnaws at our heart and mind. The mind perceives what it experiences in the world as unsatisfactory and constantly longs for more. There is a constant urge to ‘attain’ more. Yet, curiously enough, we never realize that it is the mind that is suffering, and, thus , it is the mind that needs to be cured – and not the everchanging external that one experiences.”

” However, we all go on struggling to ‘better’ our lives – by looking to make more money, live in bigger houses, ride in fancier cars and visit exotic locations. Yet, after every achievement, every elevation in one’s standard of living, the same discontentment finds its way into our hearts. For there is always something more, something better that the world has to offer. And, again, the mind is agitated and convinced that only when the next ‘goal’ is attained, will we be truly happy and satisfied.”

” Ultimately, our ‘mental being’ becomes a slave to the world around us. If it is not in the form of recognition for possession of the most expensive physical objects, there is a need for social acceptance then. We look for approval from those around us for our looks, clothes, behaviour, etc. If we do not feel appreciated enough, we again fall into an abyss of depression and darkness where we loathe ourselves for not being ‘good enough’.

” The question that arises then is – How can one be content ?
Contentment can be attained by simply counting one’s blessings. If we are able to move freely, have friends and family who care for us, and have enough to eat – then we must be grateful for being in a state that millions of others still dream of. While it is important and necessary to have goals, one must learn to live with the uncertainty of realizing all of them. One must learn to find satisfaction in trying one’s best and leaving the rest to God. It is those who ‘live’ life to the fullest without complaining, who take pleasure in the journey of life, in the sights and sounds of life, who adventurously go through the dips and turns ; they are the ones who find true contentment. Those who pass through life in search of materialistic treasures are bound to be in despair.”

” We must learn from the saints and wise men who have always seen that which they possess as abundant and beyond sufficient. If there is to be any discontentment in life, it should not be for what one has not obtained, but rather for what one has not been able to give to the world around him. Our time in this world is limited ; we must use the time we have here for our spiritual betterment. Disenchantment and discontentment only take us further away from God.”

” Believe me when I say that nobody and nothing can make you feel content and genuinely happy unless you are determined to feel so ; are willing to be happy within you ; with the scenario that life has placed you in ; when your heart and mind overflow with gratitude for God’s plan for you and this thought alone makes you feel blissful and happy. ” ‘संतुष्ट’ जीवन सफल aur सदैव श्रेष्ठ होता है , क्योंकि सफलता सदैव दूसरों के द्वारा आंकलित होती है जबकि ‘संतुष्टि’
स्वयं के ‘मन’ और ‘मस्तिष्क’ द्वारा…”

” The bubble of ‘make – believe’ in which we live creates a wrong perception in us that our level of contentment is associated directly with our success and is dependent on the applause, analysis and appreciation that we receive from outsiders and other external , superficial factors. This is the biggest mistake made by most of us. Discontent that we are – the desperation to create and present a deceptive image to the world makes us wear a crown of thorns, bearing the pain inflicted by the needle like thorns and fake a smile ; rather than live life with a content heart and mind, understanding that contentment is not about always getting what one wants , but , to appreciate, love and live in gratitude with what one has – with a genuine smile on his face ; one that is straight from the heart.”

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    1. What a statement !!!
      “If there is to be any discontentment in life, it should not be for what one has not obtained, but rather for what one has not been able to give to the world around him.”
      Thanks Swamiji for guiding us forever.
      Jai Gurudev

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